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Awesome and unique as always!

Thanks! :)

Cool and unique design. Your navigation choice is interesting but the fallback is a good way to cater to the traditional user. Good luck with sales!

Thanks! :)

Clean & nice! Good luck! :)

Thanks! :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks! :)

Very neat and clean. Well done!

Thanks! :)

Clean and unique!Good luck with sales!

Thanks! :)

Hi, bought the Calliope Theme but i have some serious issues with viewing on mobile. Navigation does not seem to work, nothing is clickable/scrollable/swipable exept for the video that shows up in the background as an ” > ”. Normal behaviour would be not to show the video on tablets and mobiles right? Please advise… BTW opened the themepreview on your ivang-design site and that seems to have te same issues…

iPhone (4s). Browsers: safari & chrome

Do you have a solution for the above problem?

Please shed some light on it?

hello, or I can change the email address please

$send_to = ” MY EMAIL Ok”; $send_subject = “Ajax form ”;

I get no emails. When I do a test. Line 7 should he change ?

For model HIESTA not Calioppe

I just try it, and contact form work fine. Contact your hosting provider, maybe they have some security measures for php, that can be a reason why form can’t send mail.

Hello IG,

Is it easy to set the portfolio differently? I just want the images to pop up, from thumbs to big images.



Yes, it is easy. It’s colorbox http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/ it can be image, video, iframe…

Thanks !

Hello IG!

In the about page, i’d like to have 2x six columns, centered.

Right now, if the amount of columns isn’t 16, the content is aligned on the left.

Your help would be great! Best regards

Aha, i know what the problem is. Send me e-mail, please, and i will give easy solution. ivang.design@yahoo.com

Flawless! Thank you Ivan ;)

You are welcome! :)

Hey, I know the theme doesn’t support less than IE10 I’m just wondering if there are anyways to get it atleast get it to function correctly.


Works fine in IE9

I have changed the mail-it.php to my email-adress but it does not work. here´s the message i get, need help:

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Hi Ivan!

A little issu here when i try to change the font size of the Head section of Contact page. I try to change the second line size, not the big title above.

As soon as try change the p tag for a new one, it looks like the text-align switch to LEFT instead of center. Any idea why?

doesn’t work on iphone 4/4s – safari and chrome. navigation, and no fall back from the video

is it confirmed, shaigecelter? (about the iphone 4). I would be surprised.

Hi I bought this theme and would like to use it in wordpress i started to convert it but it lost some functionality do you know if it is possible. sorry i am new to this stuff.

Hello, Really nice theme and works very well on my laptop in all browsers. I want to buy it however, I just went to test on a couple of mobile devices and I’m having some problems. On Nokia Lumia 800, in Chrome and IE, the site will not work properly. A couple of times I got the menu to open but then it just freezes up. The social icons on the home page also do not work. On Samsung Galaxy S II, menu items (when in full view) or 3 line menu graphic (when in mobile view) does not even show. When I press where menu graphic (3 lines) should be menu opens, I can press a menu item but website just stays on home page screen. Any idea what’s going on? Need to buy asap! Hope all that made sense? Thanks,

Hi, sorry to bother you again. Just another little problem I wanted to ask about. When I click into one of the projects in the “work” portfolio, the side scroll bar is hidden behind the next arrow button so I can’t scroll down to see the rest of the project content. Pressing the down arrow button on my keyboard does not work either. I am viewing the “transitions down” version of the site, as it’s the one I’d like to use, and when I press the down arrow key I can see the URL change in the browser address bar through the different pages (#workpage, #teampage etc) even though I’m still looking at the project. When I click somewhere on the project page content to tell the browser I want to engage with the page.and then press the down arrow key it will work and the content scrolls. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance, really looking forward to buying this theme and get cracking on it. Cheers