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Very nice work!


Really Really awesome design – love it. 1 question – what happens/where is the menu on a phone? I can see how it adjusts on the ipad but on iphone I cannot locate the menu? Am i just be stupid and missing it? Good luck with a great file!

Thank you for noticing! We will fix this as soon as possible!

Glad I was not just being stupid – wonderful theme. Thanks

Nice theme! Clean and shopping oriented! I would buy from websites built on it!

Welcome to the forest ! :)

hi, the style.css file is ‘missing’ and the theme won’t install to WP for me. What is the fix? Thanks, Helen

Hi, please check you’re e-mail.

Hi, I just make a order for your awesome theme. However, when I installing this theme, there is a error message as following:

Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

I can’t install it right now. Would you please help? Thanks.

Regards, Jack

Hi, problem resolved, please ignore my previous message. Thank you!

Is there a way to 1. Make the logo image go to the center (what is the recommended size)

2. On the sliders, can I change the “read more” text to something else?

1. Yes there is. Go to template editor and open assets/main-stylesheet.css. Find section that is commented with /* main header */ (around row 262) and replace it with this: http://pastebin.com/wj4uiE7W You should get result looking like this: http://i.imgur.com/t5K8x.png

2. open snippets/homepage-slider.liquid and perform search and replace for “Read more”. There will be 5 instances.

Oh yeah and I also wanted to have the twitter feed not only on the blog but at the bottom of the page where the about me stuff is. Not possible?

It is possible. We will add this function in the upcoming update. Should be within next week. I you like we can e-mail you once it is available. You just have to give us your address. (or you can just write to support@planetshine.net and say it’s you)

Again sorry to bother.. Some issues. When I chose this theme it does not seem to be like the one listed. Really laggy and not smooth like the example. Also where is the contact link like on the demo?

The theme you see in the demo stores is the same exact that you downloaded. Perhaps you can show me your store and I can check out what’s causing your problems. Usually Javascript lags because of weaker computer, heavy images in sliders etc.

Hi Planetshine.

Awesome to hear about the update. Great. Can’t wait to use it. Regarding the lagging, seems to be my error. It is fine. The other thing I wanted to know is about the contact page. I noticed there is one on the sample. Where is that in the template?


You can make contact form by creating a new page and saving it. After that, there will be a select box, that allows you to chooste template for this page. There will be a contact form option there. I hope it helps.

Hi, I’ve just tried to install the this theme into wordpress, but it came up as ‘theme install failed’ due the theme missing the style.css stylesheet, any suggestions on what I can do?


I’m sorry, but this is a theme for Shopify platform, you can check them out here http://www.shopify.com

We are currently in the process of developing Callisto for WP and it will be ready within next month.

Is it possible to move the social media icons to the top and also add a live twitter feed to the front page? If so, I will buy it today! =-)

Yes, we can certainly help you out with that ;)

Is there a charge to do this?

We have added an extra twitter feed option for footer of the page, that will become available with the next update ( comming soon ). And we can help you with social icons free of charge.

Hi! I purchased this template and so far really like it. One question: where do I find and how do I implement the Contact Form?


Hey, thanks for choosing our theme! :) You can make contact form by creating a new page and saving it. After that, there will be a select box, that allows you to chooste template for this page. There will be a contact form option there. I hope this helps.

Yes, worked perfectly! Thank you

I install the theme and get an error “Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”“

How can I fit it ?

Hi, You probably haven’t extracted the theme. Extract (unzip) the file you downloaded from Themeforest. In the folder you will find Callisto.zip. That’s the file you should upload to shopify. Thanks for choosing our theme ;)


One more quick question: How do I do the sub-menus?

To create a dropdown menu, first decide on which menu item in your Main Menu you would like to have as a dropdown. From the Navigation tab in the Shopify Admin, create a new “link list”. The title of this “link list” must be the same as the title of the menu item from your Main Menu. For example, if you have a Main Menu with a link called “Collections”, create a new “link list” with the title “Collections”. Each link in this new “link list” will appear as a dropdown under “Collections”.

More here: http://support.shopify.com/customer/portal/articles/262961-how-do-i-make-my-dropdown-menu-work-

Hello once again. I almost got everything where it needs to be now. But, and this is a maker or breaker for my client. I want give the option for customer accounts, but the style for the customer account, login etc is non existent. Is there a way to work in a style for theme to match?

Nevermind the above. I just found I can choose theme for the customer login. Awesome.

What is with the About Us onthe bottom right over the social icons? Nothing shows from the About Us page. Shouldnt this say Find Us instead or am I missing something.

The twitter feed we use in the theme, is the same exact script as in your link, but we have heavily styled it to look Ok. But I didn’t really understand what you meant with changing the twitter feed like regular widget.

The best sellers block is just a featured category that you can set up at Theme Settings > Blog and Articles. Everything that you see in the demo page is in the theme. And a bit more since some things are hard to show (like customer section etc) ;)

Sorry about the confusion on the twitter feed. I understand you just styled it, but when I put the my twitter username in the section for it to work I noticed the tweets dont line up in box. bleeding out so I am wondering if their is something I need to do after putting the twitter username.

And to clear up what I was saying about the best-selling products section. I can see where you can select it in the theme-settings. I did change the frontpage collection to Featured. Now in the theme settings even though I select best-sellers from the drop-down it will only show the the Featured collection. This is all so confusing.

1. Can you maybe give me a link to your site so I can see the problem for myself? (You can send it to support@planetshine.net if you don’t wish to post it here) 2. Sorry about this one. There is a error in the sidebar config. It will be fixed in the update that’s comming tomorrow (if TF approval doesn’t take too long).

Speaking of About Us on the button right, can it be changed to About (without Us)?

Yeah sure, go to Themes > Template editor in your Shopify admin, scroll down to line ~245 and edit the text. Save & close.