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It worked! Thank you!

Yes, please send me the instructions. If would be great to make the images clickable. Thanks again!

Please email me to support@planetshine.net, because it will be mush easier to just send you a working file, than explaining how to insert the code in the right place.

Hi, I emailed you yesterday. Thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know, that Callisto has been updated and everyone who bought it before oct. 22th should download the latest version. We have added an optional twitterfeed for site footer, and fixed some bugs. Nothing major, but downloading it would be beneficial. The following files have been updated (if you have made changes, it will be easier to merge this update with your current version, instead of re-doing your changes):
  • assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid
  • assets/dark.css.liquid
  • assets/global.js
  • config/settings.html
  • layout/theme.liquid
  • snippets/footer-twitterfeed.liquid
  • snippets/sidebar.liquid
  • snippets/related-products.liquid
You can use http://winmerge.org/ or alternative software to compare and merge your files with the updated ones.

Hi – before I buy this I just wanted to check on how the subcategories are managed on the collection pages – I see they are actual collections not tags. How have you organized that on the admin side?


Hi, they are actually just tags, since Shopify has no collection hierarchy.

drat – thought maybe you had discovered some magic way to do link lists in that spot – thanks!

Hi – the website I am doing will require 6 slider images and the background to be customized. Is either of these possible with this theme?

Hi, background customization options are built in and if you decide to buy Callisto, we can help you to add the 6th slide (it’s quick and easy).

Great! Thanks for the quick reply. This looks like an awesome theme.

This is regarding the update. Adding a twitter feed to the footer was suppose to be a good thing, but just throwing it in there on the bottom of the about us and social icons is a bit sloppy. But then again this is not HTML5 so there might be some issues. I am just saying. BTW I will mail you with the link to the website so you can see what is going on

Nice work!

Question, whats the name of the font that you use in the promo images?

Awesome work. Good luck with sales.

Damn it! – I purchased the HTML version by accident :(

No refunds for the HTML version?

Oh well $15 extra for you.

Damn it! – I purchased the HTML version by accident :(

No refunds for the HTML version?

Oh well $15 extra for you.

After having my head in the theme for about three solid days here’s some commentary—

  • Colors should be controllable from the settings.
  • Background navigational aids that are images should be replaceable from Settings.
  • Navigational opacities should be controllable through settings.
  • CSS for the Checkout should Inherit the settings from the rest of the site.
  • Twitter widget logic should be broken into sidebar & homepage and both have some accessibility from the Settings.
  • JQuery slider timings information should be controlled from the settings.
  • Theme needs testing for the new Shopify version, I had to switch between the classic and beta quite a lot.
  • You inherit a few Google Fonts for just the title, why not open that up to including or using more of them in secondary titles?
  • Less tables

Unifying more of the control under Shopify’s settings would aid in rapid re-design. It feels a little bit like an HTML standalone to Shopify conversion and could use one or two more passes on the setup UX to really make it sing.

It’s not to say I don’t like this theme, I think from a design standpoint it really is lovely. Iterate and update it a bit more and end-users won’t have to break it in so much.

Thanks for taking time and writing a detailed review. We will surely keep your suggestions in mind while doing future updates.

Hey thank you so much, I love the theme, however I am having a couple of minor issues. Its not reformatting width-wise properly for mobile devices (iPhone5) its cutting certain elements off in the mobile re-size and some elements have x-axis overflow. If you could email me or comment back here I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Hi, we have uploaded fixed version of the theme to TF. Please let me know if it resolves all the issues you were having.

Thanks so much!!!!

Looks great! Thanks again

Hi, is there a way to pause the home page slider? For example, by hovering, or implementing stop/play buttons?

Hi, the slide show pause on hover can be implemented with a single one line edit. Just open Themes > Template editor > assets/global.js, search for ”$(’#hompage-slider_content’).cycle” and add “pause: 1” to the options.

Hello…im thinking buy this product but i need to know if i can put video and video embbeded on the pages! Thanks


Hi, Shopify by default allows you to embed everything including video ;)

Planetshine, thank you. It worked. You’re awesome.

you’re welcome ;)

Hi, It appears that regardless of the image size (i have equalled and or exceeded the px recommendation in the theme settings), the image that appears in the theme is a small size. How can i adjust the photo size on the homepage slider? We can’t find the setting in the admin page, is it a problem fixed by going into coding and adjusting the file size?

This picture sizing problem I THINK is also the reason for it not linking through to the product page after you click on it?


Hi, 1) The only way to change the slider image size is by adjusting the code. We could not make it adjustable via admin, because responsive-ness requires various tricks to make the slider work. Anyway here are the instructions (This won’t be too easy)

If you wish to reduce the slider height: Go to Themes -> Template editor in your Shopify admin. Open main-stylesheet.css.liquid file from your assets folder. Search for ”.homepage-slider .item” and replace the height with your desired. (line ~309) You can find the height of tablet version for the slider if you keep searching in the lower part of the document. (line ~838). Also change the height of #hompage-slider_content. Then one final thing. Open find file called blank950×330.png in your assets. Download it, resize it to your desired size, and upload it instead of the old one. You will have to delete or rename the old one.

If you wish to make the slider bigger, then: do all of the above; + open settings.html and edit data-max-height for slider_item_1_image, slider_item_2_image etc.

2) The clicking of slider items works fine for me. What kind of browser, operating system are you using?

Thank you we got it going. H

How do we add “responsiveness” to images in custom page?

Hi, it’s quite easy. Just go Themes > template editor in your shopify admin. Open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

1) Search for ”@media only screen and (max-width: 767px)” 2) Just bellow this line paste the following .post-wrapper img { max-width: 300px; } .single-full-width img { max-width: 300px; }

3) Search for ”@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) ” 4) Just bellow this line paste the following .post-wrapper img { max-width: 418px; } .single-full-width img { max-width: 959px; }

I hope this helps.

Perfect. THX


I think there’s an error in calculating the number of items, – only when selecting All in Browse in Collections, and then a specific Subcategory. However, when you select a Collection, and then a Subcategory, the number of items is displayed correctly. Can you please fix that? Thank you!

Hi, this will be included in the next update. For now you can follow these steps: 1) Open Themes > Template editor; 2) Find {{ collection.all_products_count }} 3) Replace it with {{ collection.products_count}}

Yes, it worked perfectly. Thank you!

Is this for Wordpress? I would buy it if it’s for wordpress, i’d even pay like 90$ :D

No, it’s for Shopify. http://www.shopify.com/ If you’re making an online shop, this will probably be much less painful than Wordpress.

Awww damnit… I have a pictures blog… Will you make a wordpress version of this anyhow..?

For now at least, this is not in our plans.