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do you know why some products do not show in the Related Products, even if they have common tags and are part of the same collection with the item in full view? Probably this question should be addressed to Shopify, and not to a theme author, but I am not sure.

Do you have a situation where all 4 related item’s slots are filled? Shopify does not really give us any way to shuffle them. Related items appear in the same order they are placed in their collections.


I’ve just noticed that View This Item in Full View does NOT work in Related Items. Can you please tell how to fix? Thank you!

I’m terribly sorry about this. We will have this issue resolved immediately and patch uploaded. Meanwhile you can fixit locally by editing your assets/global.js and replacing line 470 from this:

$(’.lightbox, .close, .quick-shop’).live(‘click’, function(){

to this:

$(’.lightbox, .close, .quick-shop > img’).live(‘click’, function(){

No, it did not work. I followed your instructions, and replaced the code, but now the descriptions are duplicated, and the images not displayed correctly.

Can you maybe write me to support@planetshine.net, and I will replay you the correctly edited file in attachment?


im highly interested in buying this theme but i would like to see the backend ( client management area ) before.

are clients able to login and track their orders ? I want to use this theme for digital services -so is it possible to mark the order as complete ,started or something ???

looking forward to your reply or a link to the backend as a registred user / client.

thanks from munich


Hi, contact us by writing to support@planetshine.net . We will give you private access to a test site. As for orders, Shopify offers reasonable order management tools, but you should check out yourself wheter they fit your needs.

Hello, I recently installed the newest theme to accommodate iPhone 5, and lost all the photos and other info, collections, etc, so then I changed back to the first theme I downloaded and everything went back to as it was before, except that now the slider is not appearing on any ipod iphone device. So do you have any suggestions.

thank you, HG

Hi, please check your email, I already replied you there.


For shipping, is there any way to charge a flat shipping fee but include an additional flat fee for each additional item purchased?

Example: ”$5 for shipping plus $1 additional charge for each additional item.”

thank you, HG

This the sort of a question that would better be replied by Shopify support, but a it seems that flat rate shipping is possible. These links might help: http://support.shopify.com/customer/portal/articles/75434-how-does-shopify-calculate-shipping- http://www.shopify.com/blog/3033052-shipping-rate-strategies-for-your-online-store

Thank you again for your help. HG

re. you replied to briewest1: Yes, it can be done with some Javascript. All you need to do is add a click even for ”.image-overlay-1” and redirect page to product. I am not sure it is the best solution, but it is no that hard to do. Do you need any instructions?

Then went on to say it’s easier if I email you the open file.

Can you email me the open file too?

thank you, HG

Hello, I’m planning to purchase this awesome theme and I have a question. I need the multiple currency drop down feature, is there any way you can help me with adding it? My current theme didn’t support this and I wanted to make sure it is doable with this one?

Thanks. That’s great news!

Hi, the update with currency drop down is up now. It will be a little while before we announce it, but you can get it now.

Wonderful news. Thanks

How do I get the popup menu for items to be the same color as the back ground on the main site?

Hi, go to Themes > Template editor in your shopify admin. Open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid; in line 17, replace “body” with “body, body .quick-shop .content” I hope this helps.

Hi again, thank you so much for the support. I have one issue though with the the billing pages, not sure if the CSS is missing because it’s redirecting me through the checkout to shopify plain pages :( cannot see the designed pages in the screenshots.

Hi, go to your Themes settings, under “additional layouts” choose “theme”. ;)

Hello I hope you can help me with following; 1. I can not see the Sign Up (next to Sign In) button where customers can create their account, is there a way to add it? 2.Is there a way to change that green color to orange? 3. I would like to make the images of products clickable when hovering over, besides the area that shows “quick shop” on top of the image. My email is yuliamiami@gmail.com Thank you!

Check you email ;)

kcmojoe, did you figure out how to move the social media icons to the top?

Moving social icons to top requires to edit some files. First go to Themes > Template editor and find layout/theme.liquid and cut & paste the social icons from footer to your desired location; Afterwards you will have to adjust CSS to position them properly. That can be achieved by editing main-stylesheet.css.liquid. I hope this helps.

Hi, Is there a way when ordering to let the user pick a SIZE or COLOR of a particular item? Example: They order a T-shirt and want it in Blue, XXL

Currently it’s only set up for “quantity” ordered. As is, I have to show a picture for each color/size offered for the same shirt or hat or hoodie etc. I think at this step it would be great if the user could pick a size and color if available too.

thank you, HG

Hi, I just replied to your email ;)

Thank you for your excellent customer service and product. HG

Hi Planetshine,

is there a way to add ‘sort by price’ option, ideally lowest to highest and vice versa? Also, just like castaneda above, I would like to have the options that he listed (especially clickable besides “quick shop”. My email is yuriba@aol.com – thank you for your great help and support!

btw, I hope you received the email ;)

Hello, I have purchased your theme and am wondering how would I go about creator a “vendor page”? In other words, if someone clicks on a product, the next page would come up and have not only this product but also information about the vendor as well as other products from this vendor only.

Hi, you should check out this topic. It pretty much covers how to do it. http://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/how-to-create-a-vendor-page-43334

In short: Use smart collections of get all vendors products; On product.liquid just get the smart collection contents and display some text about the vendor. You can try creating a page for each vendor and getting it’s contents by using common handle.

I hope this helps ;)

Is there a way to a “like”, “fav” and “pin” to each product?

Hi, there is a “share this item” link that opens a window with different sharing options. It on the right just above “add to cart” button. http://callisto-light.myshopify.com/products/basic-linen-foulard

Is there a way to add multiple images? For example I have a watch that I am selling and it comes in 5 different color variations that I’d like to show. When the customer selects the color in the drop down I’d like it to show that particular color variation in the sample image.

Hi, yes there is a feature like that. Here’s how to use it: http://planetshine.net/docs/callisto/#variants-image

P.S Sorry to keep you waiting – we are not working during holidays.

Hi, i really like this theme but need to host my own site instead of subscribing to the shopify service.

Is there a way this can be achieved?

Not with a Shopify theme. If you feel up to the task, you can choose Callisto HTML template and code your own shop. http://themeforest.net/item/callisto-premium-responsive-ecommerce-template/3171810

P.S Sorry to keep you waiting – we are not working during holidays.

Hello, we have purchased this theme and it looks great. However, we have the following issue:

When we click in any collection added in the dropdown menu, only the images of the collection are showed and not the description that correspond this collection. In other templates when we reference a collection, the descrition text of this collection was automatically showed. Is there any way to add this collection descrition?

Hi, by default we have not made an option to show collection description. If you wish to do so, you can easily edit theme to have this feature. Just go to Themes > Template editor in your shopify admin, and edit file templates/collection.liquid Insert {{ collection.description }} where you would like the description to appear. You will need to add some styling and HTML markup as well. You can add CSS styling in assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

P.S Sorry to keep you waiting – we are not working during holidays.

Instead of just “featured items showing at the bottom of the home page, can I make one item from each of my main menu list items (ie, accessories, apparel, beauty, home decor, jewelry) appear? So instead of “featured” the first box would be “accessories” and would show one product from that category, then the next box would be “apparel” and would show one product from that category, etc ….

Hi, this can be done but the theme does not support anything like that by default. You will have to code a custom solution. If you need a tutorial then this should help you get started: http://wiki.shopify.com/Theme_from_scratch