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Hi, im having problems with products that doesn’t display “out of stock” when its out of stock. Instead its still there with the Add to Cart button. So customers are coming to me asking me why they cant add to cart.

Hi, sorry about that. I will send TF the updated version momentarily, but in the meantime here a fix for you:

Go to templates/product.liquid under Themes > Template editor in your Shopify admin. Replace this:

{{ product.price_min | money }} {% if product.compare_at_price_min > product.price_min %} <s>{{ product.compare_at_price_min | money }}</s> {% endif %} <button type=”button” class=”_product-purchase-btn”>Add to cart</button>

with this:

{% if product.available %} {{ product.price_min | money }} {% if product.compare_at_price_min > product.price_min %} <s>{{ product.compare_at_price_min | money }}</s> {% endif %} {% else %} Sold out {% endif %} {% if product.available %} <button type=”button” class=”_product-purchase-btn”>Add to cart</button> {% endif %}

It didnt fix the problem, no matter how i edit the codes, even replacing the whole product.liquid from a different theme, everything stays the same

Hi, I believe, that I just sent you an email. At least the other person was also Johnny and asked about this.

Hey, I was wondering how I could assign an email address to the contact page form. Right now it just sends the email to the account holder for the shopify site. I made it so the new orders go to two addresses, but the contact form still only emails one of them.


For a more custom contact form, you should try some of the Shopify apps out there. I found this one, but have not tried it. http://apps.shopify.com/quick-contact-form

Hi, I am having a little trouble… 1) I added products to a collection 2) Added the collection to the menu

When I click the collection link via the menu, none of the products in the collection show up, until I manually select a sub-category. By default, the subcategory is set to all, which means that all products should show up, right?

Please help.

You can make new lines using the break row tag, but that will break the styling. To achieve what you want, you will have to edit the HTML and CSS of the tagline. You can start by finding “slogan” in your layout/theme.liquid. The main stylesheet is assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

there is no “slogan” in layout/theme.liquid ….

disregard plz. My issue is resolved. Thanks!

The images in the catalog view are a snapshot of the images uploaded to the main product description pages. How can we resize the images to fit in to the catalog pages view? as its chopping off some parts of what I want shown. I want them a set size inside the borders. I have attached a link so that you can see below.


To get a perfect fit you have to resize your images to be rectangular (like 400×400 px) before uploading to Shopify. The theme automatically resizes your images to fill the area, while trying to show most of it.

oic, on other themes I have edited the code, so no wonder it wouldn’t resize. I will have to set up a trial store in order to edit everything, then export it. Not a problem I’m sure.

Hi, i was wondering how do i disable quick-shop completely please? Thanks

Hi, I believe, that I just sent you an email. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Using the Callisto theme our products – bicycles – do not fit well into the square image place holders. Is it possible to change the aspect ratio to 3 high by 4 wide – retaining the current width?

I just sent you an email ;)

Hi, Lovely template, is it WordPress version?

Kind regards

Hi! This is a Shopify theme, so it wont work with WP.

Hi ,

Just purchased this theme.

I have studied the documentation but didn’t get tutorial on the following: 1. How to change all the HOVER link color (currently is #da0a7b ?) 2. How to align the main menu to the left




You can edit the link hover color by editing the assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid file with your template editor. Look for a:hover (~line 35) and edit the values there.

As for the menu alignment, the menu is currently centered using a table. You will have to remove that and update some of the CSS code. You can start with layout/theme.liquid

Hi, Potential customer with question:

On the preview website, the CATALOGUE drop-down menu item: Can it support 2-levels of depth, ie:

CATALOGUE Mens Attire Ties Shirts Womens Attire Blouses Skirts

*Well that didn’t format well! Try again:

Hi, Potential customer with questions:

1) Can you provide links to real-world usages of this Shopify theme? 2) On the preview website, the CATALOGUE drop-down menu item: Can it support 2-levels of depth, ie:

CATALOGUE Mens Attire -Ties -Shirts Womens Attire -Blouses -Skirts



1) Sorry, but we can’t give examples of our customer sites

2) You can only get one level of drop down, as it is in demo. The theme can be modified to support more, but Shopify gives really limited options of managing that.

What the hell is up with comments and their inability to process carriage returns!! Not your fault I know…


Johnny 2k2 have asked on

“how do i disable quick-shop completely”

I want to know the answer as well.

Can you release the solution here?


Hi, here are the instructions I sent him: http://pastebin.com/hWacas21


In the main-stylesheet.css.liquid, you have the following setting:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, span, p, form, input, ul, li, ol { margin: 0; padding: 0; } h2 { font-size: 34px; line-height: 38px; } h3 { font-size: 30px; line-height: 34px; } h4 { font-size: 25px; line-height: 30px; } h5 { font-size: 17px; line-height: 21px; } h6 { font-size: 14px; line-height: 18px; }

May I know what is the appropriate setting for h1? If I set it at h1 { font-size: 38px; line-height: 42px; }, which part of the theme will be affected

I think we have to do it for better SEO purpose.


You can edit the h1 font as you like, it’s not used anywhere in the theme.

Hi is support still available for this theme?

Yes, we provide support for all our products. The response time usually is somewhere between 24-48 hours and we work only monday to friday.

That is great. I just setup my shopify account and is sourcing for a great template. Looking at your Callisto as I find it really attractive. I will consider seriously as technical support is available to help us.

Hi all, I noticed this error not sure how many of you actually know this. When you click on +1 quantity to a product, the price does not change and update itself based on the latest quantity order.

The consumer must click on “update” then only the system will acknowledge and tabulate the price.

I tried to +5 quantity and straight away went to check out and true enough, the system only charged me based on 1 product price despite I clicked on +1 5 times.

Is this a bug or something if user +5 quantity to his product and straight away went to “check out” without clicking on “update”? Will the system charge the user 1 price for 5 similar products?

Hope someone could share.

Sorry, I can’t repeat this bug. Every time I tried it, I managed to buy 5 items instead of 1, without pressing the “update” button. I can assure you that the cart is made according to all requirements and best practices from Shopify.

I kinda verify that this can be improve further as I tried the demo version for shopify free theme and I added +5 quantity to the same product and purposely click on “check out” without updating the cart, and true enough, during the billing page, the system automatically sum up the total cost despite the fact that I did not click on “update cart”.

Hope some of you could verify my findings and whether is warrants any further update to the theme.


Does this theme come with color options like the Pandora theme?

It has light/dark versions, but a less powerful color editing options from admin.

So you have to manually edit all the code to customize the color scheme?

Apart from light / dark, then mostly yes.


Do this theme allow customers to select the item by “Size” ? If I already set them on Shopify.

Yes, any variants that you can define for your products, this theme can show.

Is there a way to center the homepage slider images?

Why do you need this? Are you working with images that are smaller than the slider container? You can try editing assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid and add “text-aling: center” to ”.homepage-slider .item”.

Yeah because some pictures if i crop to spec it cuts out the bulk. That text-aling:center did work, is there another way or do i just have to deal with it?

There is noting much that can be done, except using images that have the correct size and this centering trick.

Can I change the currency yo GBP?

Shopify allows to use any currencies you like, including GBP.

Thank you for your reply, that’s great!