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How do I change the background to a solid color and not what you have as a default? I do not like the texture.

Go to background section in your theme settings. You should upload some transparent image and set the color property to what you like.

I would like to change the image lightbox pop-up back to the shopify ‘zoom’ function instead. Please could you help? I don’t mind editing the code I just don’t know what to edit..

Hi, getting the zoom functionality is not a simple modification, so we not be able to help you. You should consider hiring a Shopify Expert to help you with editing your storefront. http://experts.shopify.com/designers

Was looking at wordpress, and purchased a prestashop but it wasn’t for me now i’m looking at this shopify theme, Only thing i noticed between the themes is that this theme doesn’t seem to incorporate a rate and review system? or a option to choose different sizes, colors, flavors of product. Are they included as well or would i have to purchase an app? Is there a way to show how much product is in stock and if for it to say in stock or out of stock?! those are the main ones that would keep me from purchasing this theme!


  • 1) By default Shopify has no rate/review functions. That might be achieved with app.
  • 2) You can specify opitons for products. That’s not a problem. See this: http://callisto-light.myshopify.com/products/basic-linen-foulard
  • 3) The theme shows when something is out of stock. Remaining items are not displayed, but that can be modified. (but it it not a trivial mod, will take some time&skills)

Great theme, but very bad idea with the picture sizes. Makes no sense. You want to display your clothing the way you want to and you cannot due it with this theme. All the pictures get cut off and even if you size the 400×400 you still do not get the quality needed and even then the images get chopped.

This needs to be addressed.

Forget my last post. I was smoking something.. lol

Have a few questions.

1) I want to keep the black bar around the menu items at the top of the screen as like when there is a drop down menu. How do I do this? eg. A link like home just highlights the word home, but if there is a dropdown it highlights the word and makes a dark block around it.

2) I would like to have spanned out side menu’s to drop downs. Eg Home | Components | Support In components drop down there will be input devices, cpus, motherboards etc. but i want to have a side menu that pops out of input devices that would have keyboards, controllers, mice etc. How do I get this right? Dont mind if i need to code it, just want to know how/where/example of one.

3)How do I remove the quick shop option?

4)when using a table for the description of an item, it makes tabs called properties and description. How do I set what i want these to say? and can i have say Product Specifications, Description, Product page as three tabs (even if info must be in tables)

5)the way my images are being reduced frustrates the hell out of me. How can I set it to re-size to 400×400 but still keep the entire image in that block?

6)instead of browse by collection above every collection, is there a way to implement a customer sort (price low to high, price high to low, sort by name)

Sorry for the tonn of questions, but other than those i love the theme :)

check your email ;)

Can we just use this for mobile theme with our current own regular theme?

Will it interfere/work?

It will work, and I don’t believe that there will be interference. I have never heard back from our customers with any problems, but that might also be related to the fact that this is a very rear choice.

HI there, I just bought this theme, but it give me a little bit frustrated. I followed direction from one of the post to change my images of homepage slider. Even I make image size to 944×324, somehow the theme resize my image width smaller than 944px. Would you help me ?

Hi, can you give me a link to your site – it’s a bit hard to understand the exact problem from only description?

It seems like the first slide is Ok, but the theme resize image from second slide. Help pls ?

How can I change one of the link in Main Menu into Image ? Anyone help pls ?

Thank you for your response. I got it already. One more question, how can i disable the layer which contains item price and description on Slider. I just want the slider only. I try to disable in homepage slider template and main CSS by putting them in comment selection but impossible unless I completely remove that TR in table. Is there anyway nicer to do it? Thank you Admin

You should comment out the entire ... . That can be achieved by wrapping it in tags {% comment } texts here { endcomment %}. Just in case, all that is located in snippets/homepage-slider.liquid

awesome : ))). Thanks a bunch

Hello there, I want to buy this theme but my question is this, what is the difference between the shopify and html? Keep in mind that my knowledge of coding is very limited therefore I want something that is responsive at once.



Shopify theme is a ready-to-use product that you can upload to shopify.com and start selling stuff right away. You will have to pay a monthly fee for shopify, but you will get a working shop with no coding involved.

HTML template is something that advanced web developers use to code their own shop. It’s basically a design + HTML markup that browsers use to draw the site.

If you are not an advanced web developer a better fit for you will be the Shopify version.

Hello, some pre-purchase questions please…

1. I assume background is customizable? I would like to use plain white but have a color header footer like this http://minimal-fashion.myshopify.com/ Could I easily do this within theme settings? or would I need to get into templates editing?

2. The demo product pages do not show product’s social media sharing icons. Is the feature offered?

3. Does it have a building shipping calculator? Shopify offer a variety of shipping options but it is up to the theme to display a calculator. Or you can do this with a plugin, a saved expense if the theme takes care of it.

thanks for your feedback


1. the background image is customisable, but if you wish to edit the color for header and footer you will have to get your hands dirty with Template Editor.

2. Each product has a “share this item” button/link just above it in the single product view.

3. You will need a plugin for that.

Hi, Do you have a HTML version of the theme. I would like to integrate it into one of my custom eCommerce stores.

Regards, Tushar

Pls help… I can’t find a way to ‘add sub-category pages’ under the ‘main-header’ array of navs. I see nothing supporting this in shopify admin and I need to add 2 sub-pages under the same main nav title. Also,font support. I need to edit font arrays, I added new google font link to the css but it will not show up under the themes>typography. Thank you

Thank u. Now, I did change the font but it changes globaly. How can I just change the ‘featured product price’ font type? I need to customize it a bit more & not just change the headings everywhere. Thank u

I guess spanning/tagging them or manually set new rules.

well, you can add classes to the element markup so you can select them better. I hope I understood your question correctly.

hi folks, i really love your design and i want to use it for a client’s shop. but my client wants to have a vertical navigation bar (product overview), too (e.g. on the left side). is that possible?

best wishes, lorenz

Hi, the theme does not include such a navigations bar. It is possible to add this, but it will require some time and good understanding of web development.

Hi there,

I am considering purchasing this theme for a client. Before doing that, I have a few questions:

1. I can see that the person above already asked about the left side menu. I was wondering if this was done before and where in the coding I can input this?

2. Are we able to remove items on the homepage so it just shows the rotating slider image but not the items below it (featured items, about us, best sellers, etc)

3. Can we easily integrate Shopify apps into the Callisto theme?

4. Can we can change the color of the main menu heading (where it says home, catalog, etc)?



Thanks for the response!

The app I am referring to is that zoom-in app called ‘Magic Zoom Plus’. http://apps.shopify.com/magic-zoom-plus

Also, I am assuming font colors and other colors in general can be easily changed?



One more question, we already have an existing store on shopify, once I install the callisto theme, would all our existing content (such as product images and product info) be easily transferred into the new theme? Or do I need to manually re-enter the information again?


About the zoom app. Theme uses specialised image reszing system, so the setup will not be the same as if you were using one of default Shopify themes. But app developers are supposed to either help you to setup or do it themselves altogether.

This theme does not provide much of options for text colors. Since it uses 4 different shades of green alone, it’s easier to edit this in CSS.

If you keep the same shop you wont have to re-enter anything. If you move to a different shop, you can import/export products without a problem.

Does this have a product variant filter (for x1 variant)? If not, will it be included in a future release? If not, can you develop as a custom mod?

Thanks for the quick reply. Your link was to a product page. My question was relating to a product variant FILTER which obviously applies to a collection page.

Then I’m actually not sure what you mean with that. Maybe you have an example in mind?

Hi there, I have just purchased the theme and it is working great so far. I have a few questions for you.

- Is there a maximum to the number of menus at the menu bar? Right now I have 8 and the 8th menu goes below the main bar. If so, where can I adjust the coding?

- Like many other users, the images of the products are too enlarged in the Callisto theme, I was wondering where I can adjust that so the images fit nicely in the box?

- the background of the quick shop box appears to be transparent. where can I change that site the background is white?



* The number is determined by the width of the elements. You can only fit there as much as there is room for. Changing font size etc. might help.

* The images are resized and centred so that they fill the container completelty, and not leave any blank sides. To achieve the best end result you should always try to use squared images. Changing the way image resizing system works will be extremely difficult.

* Try setting a white background image.

Where in the code can I change the font size? I am able to edit it but I just need to know where I can find it.

On a similiar note, where in the code can I update a different navigation list? (Callisto is currently in preview mode and we would like to use a different navigation list from the one that is in live mode)

Nevermind, I figured it out! :)

Hi there. Me again.

On your demo site, for one of the products “Basic Linen Foulard”, you have the option of switching from ‘description’ to ‘properties’

I don’t see that feature on this theme anywhere. Where can I put in the information if I were to to put something under ‘properties’?


It’s checked but doesn’t show up…I’m editing this on preview mode so its not published yet… does that make a difference?

It’s on live mode but the tab still does not show

Hey, send me a link to support@planetshine.net and I’ll take a look at whats wrong.

I used the fix that you posted about centering the header logo, however I am running into some issues.

1. when I resize the window on my desktop to see the responsiveness, the logo gets cut off, as if it’s not totally centered. You can see at philly-loves-lacquer.myshopify.com what I am talking about.

2. I would like the size of the logo to be bigger. Right now it’s resizing it to 290×65, but I would like to find where to specify larger dimensions in order to make it bigger.


The image I uploaded was 944px and it resized it down to 763px.

How high was it? The slider has been given dimensions of 944×324px. If your image was higher than 324 it must have resized it to fit.

If you want to keep your higher image, you can change the size in config/settings.html. Search for “slider-item-1.jpg” (1 to 5) and change the data-max-height=”324”

That might be the issue. I shall investigate!