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I tweeted a photo through TwitPic and it ruins the footer where the Twitter feed is. Appears to open the photo by default. Any way to fix that?

Hi. On twitter.com widget settings there is an option “Auto-expand photos”. Uncheck that.


I just purchased the theme and it looks great – but a few adjustments I would like to make.

1) How do I center my logo?

2) On the top banner, there is always a small black box on the bottom left of the banner picture, how can I remove it?

3) How can we shorten the footer height (It is too tall)

4) I don’t have any blog posts or articles so I deleted that section, but under featured products there is “View all blog posts” and lines under. How do I delete the lines and “view all blog posts”.

Thanks so much!

Hey, please check your e-mail ;)

are you able to use any background wallpaper, or do we have to use the 2 preset skins you have available?

You can use any background image

I just loaded this theme to shopify and I was given this message:

There was 1 error with this: Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

Can you help or advise how to get the missing file?



Is it possible to add other payment methods than just PayPal?

1. Footer & Navigation – I want to change the color on both, why aren’t there any options to change the color in the theme settings?

2. I want to center the information that we have listed on the Home page but there’s no option to do that, how can that be fixed?

3. We have About-News-Blog going across the middle of the site, but the About us information isn’t displaying horizontally (as in paragraph form), can that be fixed?

Why are there so many constraints?

Hey, I believe, that I e-mailed you two days ago about these exact questions.

In that case I apologize, I had not received word that a reply was received – I will go ahead and take a look into it.

You are absolutely correct, for some reason I did not receive a copy of the email – again, my apologies.

Hello. First let me say love love love this theme! Now two questions … I see someone else asked how to create a “sign up” form. Can you email me that information as well? I notice that was your reply to the previous person who asked you that.

2) You office facebook and twitter under social networking, but what about Pinterest and Google+? Can those be added?

Hey, check your email ;)

Sorry one more question … I notice someone else had the same as me. :) How do I disable quick-shop all together? Can you email me those instructions as well.

please check this link http://jarvis-store.com/template/5 it can be distributed for free? or they has bought an extended license?

Thanks for notifying us about this. They have not bought extended license, so this is illegal.


How to change the “Welcome Image” to be a video?


There are couple of steps that need to be taken. First remove the current image by editing assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid. Remove background property on for ”.message-welcome”.

Now go to snippets/homepage-welcome.liquid. Paste the video embed code there and position the video by adding additional CSS or editing the old one. there are many ways you can do this.

Like the theme, a pre-purchase question? On the product listing page can I define what shows, such as the sku for my product?

Thanks Bradley

Hey. It’s doable, but usually get’s achieved trough the use of collections or enabling/disabling products.

Helle there. I need some help to change the green color to orange. Is that something you can help me with?

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Thank you :)

HI I saw many people have asked this question before, I would like to change the top header Green text to that PINK color that comes with the theme. I would like to change the Green color in the sliders to PINK as well. Can you tell me how to do it?

Yeah, sure. It will require to edit a little bit of CSS. What you need to do is open shopify template editor and find assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

Then search and replace all occurrences of #358500 with the Hex code of colour you had in mind.

There are some other green colours that appear once or twice. These are: #a4ff5a, #6aee00

Hi! I have 3 pre purchase question: 1. Can i translate all the items in english (read, more, sale, quick shop, etc) to spanish? 2. This theme works fine in wp 3.9.1? 3. In the homepage can i replace “about us”, etc for some widget text?


If you want a WP theme, then you need to get this one: Callisto for WooCommerce. The one you are commenting under right now is for shopify.com ;)

1) Callisto for WooCommerce supports standard Wordpress translation tools – POT files, so yes you can translate it to spanish.

2) Yes.

3) Yes.

Hello, I’m new to shopify and liking your theme. Does the variations image change on selection come built into your theme. Seems like you have to do a bit of a hack to get images to change on a variation selection but I see it working flawlessly with your demo. Thanks!

Hey. It comes with the theme by default, but it takes a bit of setup. Here it is described in docs (sorry about the screenshots – they are a bit outdated). http://planetshine.net/docs/callisto/#variants-image

Best Shopify Theme I have seen. Pre-purchase question. Is there an option to have a secondary dropdown on selected product page for use of product choices such as “Size”, “Color” etc?

I’m glad you like it! Yes, that’s a default Shopify feature that will also work with this theme.

Thank you for quick reply. I will purchase

Hi There, Pre-purchase question. Im tossing up between Pandora and this. It says “Social Sharing” options. Is that similar to Pandoras? I cant see it on this demo.

Hey, see this page:http://callisto-light.myshopify.com/products/basic-linen-foulard on the right had side above title there is “share this item” link that open sharing options after clicking it.

I did not published the theme yet, there are some features/changes that will be shown only when I publish the theme? I’m just previewing it… For example.. the footer it’s with a different color from the rest, even after changing the preset color between dark and light.

And I can’t feature some items on the index page…

Please help!


How do I center the logo?!

Hey, check your email ;)

I changed styles to LIGHT and save changes but it still remains dark style. Can you please advise?

When I preview the changes you can see the light style for a moment when loading but then turns to dark style

Disregard Planetshine, I just realize I also had to change background image to light as well…..duhhhh.

Looking at CSS, but not quite sure where exactly to change background color of the footer? Just give me a hint.

Hey, Just change the background colour for ”.main-footer-wrapper”. It’s in RGB format.