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My customer accounts page looks unlike the demo page (gray and ugly). What is wrong?

By default Shopify has selected it’s checkout version, instead of the custom one, that is part of this theme. To fix it, just go to your Theme Settings. Under “Additional Layouts” select “Customer Area Layout” value “theme”. Save the changes and the problem will be resolved.

While uploading the theme to Shopify I get this error: “Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid””

This happens when you are trying to upload the incorrect .zip to Shopify. 99% of the time this happens when the folder that was downloaded from Themeforest was NOT unzipped beforehand.

Within the folder there are 3 items – Readme.txt, Documentation folder and a .zip file. The file you have to upload to Shopify is

How does the newsletter signup work?

When your customer enters His/Hers email and submits the form, a new customer gets created for them. You can see these signups in your Shopify admin under “Customers”. The newsletter signups will have no first and last name saved, so they will be showed as ”,” in the customer list. All newsletter signups “accept marketing” by default, so you will be able to send the newsletters.

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