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Hi,I have installed the Revolution and enable it,

but it show me :

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.

Maybe you mean: ‘home-slider’ or ‘home-slider’

I have create the slider in Revolution Silder.

How to solve? Thanks

Hey, you can set the homepage slider by going to wp-admin > Callisto > Slider and pasting your slider alias in “Homepage slider alias”. The alias should be “home-slider”, but you can double check that in Revolution slider page.

Thanks,I made it.another question,How to don’t display the top black menu?

Hey, you can hide it by pasting this in the custom css box in theme settings:
.main-dock-wrapper { display: none; }
But be aware that this will make it much more difficult for your customers to access their cart and checkout.

Hi there,

Just like to know that how to disable the shopping cart function?

Have a nice weekend


You can achieve this by disabling woocommerce plugin. This will of course disable the shop and products. If you do not want that to happen you should be able to hide the cart by installing this plugin:

To hide the header cart you can paste this in the custom CSS box:
.main-dock ul.right { display: none; }

AljazS Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme and it is working fine, I only have one problem with one widget called Posts Slider, I am trying to display posts slider on my home page, but when I set up setting to show all posts or when i inster id of post it doesn’t work. When i try to display products it works. Where is the problem ?

I have created two posts but anykind of setting i put in it doesnt work it always return “Nothing found”.

here is link to my settings:

Thank you for your help!

Are those two posts published? This might not work with posts that are hidden or have a future publishing date. If you can give me an access to your sites wp-admin I can take a closer look. It’s difficult to say anything else for certain now without seeing it in action. If you want, you can e-mail me the login credentials to


eotob Purchased

Hi. Your demo doesn’t seem to be loading for a few days now.

Hey, it’s working fine for me. Maybe there was a little downtime or something. Does it still not work for you?


eotob Purchased

Seems to be working now :) But you might want to monitor it in the following days, as indeed there seems to have been some downtime. All the best!

Will do, thanks buddy!

Is it possible to add latin-ext to Ropa Sans font, and where?

Edit theme/settings.php file and replace this:
'url'  => 'Ropa+Sans'
with this:
'url'  => 'Ropa+Sans&subset=latin,latin-ext'

tx. i try that before, but for some reason “examplše” still show as “examplŠe”. Probably google font issue. BR, Josip

If you give me a link to your site I can try to verify if the correct font is loaded. Maybe there some cache that needs to be reset or something like that.

hi, may i know your theme can make to “limit customer ” . if only give 10 customer login to my site ?

Hey, this is not theme territory functionality. Such things are usually accomplished with plugins.

This theme is full working and compatible with last wordpress woocommerce etc ?


BLIKSSS Purchased

Hey, why not update? Plugin js_composer has released a new version?

We have submitted an update for the theme. It should become available in 1-2 days.


we installed your theme. But we are running Woocommerce V 2.5. We found out, that your theme only supports Woocommerce V 2.4

When will you deliver a update?

Hi there, I wanted to know if its possible to install on a test live domain, then move it once it’s been configured for the client at a later stage? is the lic for one domain ?

Yes, you can do that. You should only be using it on one live production site. Having a test site is perfectly fine as far as I’m concerned.

just purchased and the Slider Revolution activation is not working, invalid code?

Also I want the slider that is in the demo, how to add it to the theme?

1) The slider is not included because it consists of copyrighted images. I can send it to you via e-mail but you have to avoid using the same images.

2) These plugins offer optional registration, but you can dismiss it. You get 100% of the functionality apart from auto updates. Do you have any trouble with activating/using it?

Yes I would like to have the exact installation as the demo, including the slider, pages, products everything you show in the demo. I have import the pages.xml and all my pages don’t look the same. I am after exact replication of the demo please.. I will email you now to sort this out thank you..

Hey, check out your e-mail ;)

Hi ,Simple and nice design . Sorry for we have Two Question .

1) How we can delete the Search Box on the Header Area ??

2) Cos we work for chinese version.Your Theme is only support English Font. We have found a font here (On the Bottom name :cwTeXYen (Chinese Traditional) ) How We can add inside the Theme? So that we can use a Better Fonts on other language ..

Thousand Thanks .

Hey, Please paste this question in our support forum:


romser Purchased

Hi, I’d like to purchase your theme, but have some questions before

1. Is it possible to add on product page such option: (switcher) 100g – $price (switcher) 200g – $price and so on

2. About home page slider, can you change a little pictures in it? If yes, how much would you charge for it?

Thank you in advance!


1) Yes. These are called product variants and the theme supports theme along with all other WooCommerce features.

2) The theme uses revolution slider so you can edit add any images you like to the slider. The slider images themselves are not included in the purchase since our license to them does not allow us to distribute them.


BLIKSSS Purchased

Hello and plug-in has not been updated in this update js_composer?

It included Visual Composer 4.11.1, so yeah it’s updated. Btw, there might be issues with auto updating this plugin along with theme because of changes VIsual Composer developer made to it. You can try deleting the plugin and installing it from start.

Hi, is this theme easy to customize? Does it use static pages that require a lot of modification? I am looking for a theme that is easier to customize without having to re-create each page.

Hey, the theme uses visual composer drag & drop editor for homepage layouts, so that will be an easy thing to edit. The rest of the layouts etc. are already set any you won’t need to do anything with them.

Btw, I also suggest you take a look at our latest e-commerce theme – Polaris. It includes everything that Callisto can do and more.


BLIKSSS Purchased

Hello! Can upgrade js_composer to 4.11.2 ? I have not updated to Wordpress 4.5.2 because the version Visual Composer 4.11.1 is not compatible with the new version of wordpress. Thank you! Upgrading will not ask as many complain in the comments Visual Composer that after the upgrade does not work sites? I am sorry for my English, I write through the Google translator

You can update Visual Composer to Version It is available together with latest theme update. If there is a problem with Visual Composer update, you can do following steps: 1. deactivate Visual Composer plugin; 2. delete it; 3. install it again by following suggestions on top of wp-admin.

I’ve just checked Visual Composer on Callisto with Wordpress 4.5.2, looks like it works fine.


romser Purchased

Hi, planetshine just enabled revolution slider and it doesn’t placed right under site title and logo, but remained like an empty block with two horizontal lines and under them rev. slider. I see this empty block also on product page. Also, I’d like to see the slider only on home page. What am I doing wrong?


romser Purchased

ok, but as I wrote above I enabled slider and the problem is: above the slider are two horizontal lines (between site logo and slider). How to remove them? They also appears on product page.

Issues with design could appear if the slider is turned on by using Revolution slider settings instead of using slider options in theme’s settings. If the slider is turned on correctly, then we need a link to your site to help solve this. Please create support ticket in our forum here:


romser Purchased

Good, created the ticket there


romser Purchased

Hi, sorry for noob question. I use Visual Composer to edit “Homepage welcome” and when I try to upload my image with button “Add media” the default image does not change on my image. Finally, I have both images on Homepage welcome block. What am I doing wrong?


To change image you don’t need to use “Add media” button. Instead use ”+” sign under title “Image” below text box.


romser Purchased

Ah, yes I see, thank you very much )

Does this come with the demo content to match the example site?

Hey. In theme’s submit package is included sample data for pages and products which can be imported using WordPress default import. Unfortunately this import doesn’t contain images because they are under licence restrictions.


dkmonline Purchased

Hi have have bought this theme a while ago and pretty happy :-) but I would lik to know how do I display a Buy now button on my products on eg. my front page?


By default theme doesn’t have such a feature. It is possible to enable it, but it will also require custom coding.