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I am having a hard time with the 4 col footer. If I leave it default there’s about 20% dead space on the right side on the last col. I tried to custom code it and now I am getting the 4th col underneath the other three. How do I get the 4 columns to be 100% across the site say 25% width for each column?

Here is the site I am working on Best of Nature: http://bestofnature.co

One way to do something like this would be to force the widgets to be exaclty 25% no matter what. This is not something that would for in every case, but your widgets seem to more or less equally sized, so you can give it a try. Try pasting something like this in the custom CSS box in theme settings:
.main-footer .footer-widget {
width: 25%;
box-sizing: border-box;
padding: 0 45px 0 5px;
margin: 0;

So when updating the theme there is no reason to use child theme?

Hey, the child themes are there exactly for the reason of simplifying updates – you update all the main theme files and your modifications remain in child theme folder. I hope I understood your question correctly.

So this theme comes with a child theme?

It comes with a sample for child theme that you can edit right away. Just copy it next to the theme folder and activate it in wp-admin.

Hi there, we’re selling bicycles and using this theme, but having an issue with thumbnail images ratio not being wide enough so the side of the product shots are being cropped. What CSS do we need to change?


Hey, in wordpress it’s possible to manually adjust the crop for images. Open the product and click on the featured image on the right side. Then click on the “edit image” link. There you will have the option to adjust what get’s cropped. All of the images are cropped in the backend which means, that this can’t be changed with CSS.

Hello, what is the best size for the slider be full length on the Homepage like the demo? Also how do you get the moving text?


Sorry one more thing. I do not want a footer. How can I make that one smaller?

Nevermind about the footer

I know Callisto has included Revolution Slider. From http://blog.sucuri.net/2014/09/slider-revolution-plugin-critical-vulnerability-being-exploited.html, I know that Revolution Slider has a serious problem which allow hackers to hijack the whole website. Has Revolution Slider solved this serious issue, if yes, has Callisto theme included the latest Revolution Slider?

WooCommerce, System Status shows a warning on WP Memory Linit, Should I set it to 64MB or other value? how to set it?

Hey, the more the better, but I have not seen cases when 64MB was not enough for something. You should find this helpful: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/increasing-the-wordpress-memory-limit/

Oh, yeah. We don’t have a support forum. We handle support via e-mail or comments here. E-mail address is support@planetshine.net

I made a Evolution slider in auto responsive mode, it display working fine on mobile view, it just fit the mobile width in full view. but it display the slide in full width for big monitor display, even though I have set the setting to force full width to off. How can I set the width of slide to max grid width 960px?

My current slider setting: Source Type: Gallery Slider Layout: Auto Responsive Unlimited Height: On Force Full Width: Off Min. Height: 0 Layers Grid Size: Grid Width: 960 Grid Height: 434

Please guide, thank you.

Hey, if I’m not mistaken then setting to to auto responsive will always will all of the available space. You can get around this by setting custom layout settings or, using the slider a bit differently. Go to theme settings and disable homepage slider. Then open the homepage with wp-admin page editor and add the slider to homepage using visual composer. This should force the slider to be as wide as the content at all times.


I have a question similar to the one from idesign123 about 3 months ago: How to have a static width (470) but variable height on my product images? I have a bookstore and not all the books are the same proportions, so I need to know how to change the settings so customers can see the whole image… it will not be a perfect square. This goes for the single product images and the thumbnails, too. I tried changing the line on settings.php to ‘product_single’ => array( 470, auto, true), but that did not work.

Thanks so much for your assistance!

Did you try regenerating the thumbnails after changing the settings.php file? If you give me a link to your site I can take a look at what might be the problem.

Hi. The single product images are now rectangle shaped – perfect for books – thank you! However, the thumbnails still appear as a square. I already changed the settings but need to know the CSS to paste into the custom CSS box.

Many, many thanks. :)

Hey, the only CSS that affects product catalog image height is this:
.item-block-1 .image-wrapper-3 .image { height: 214px;  }
Try setting a higher value. I should warn you that I have not done comprehensive testing for this.

Does anyone know how to manage the header in this theme? I really need a help to change it from a tall, taking at least 1/3 of the screen header to a much narrower regular header style, just like the Demo shows. Basic things like management of the header, are unfortunately missing from the panel of this theme. If you had this issue please share how did you fix that since I didn’t get any answer from the author.

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Thanks! adding this to custom css fixed the problem. I changed 15px to 3px to make it even more slim.

.main-header { padding: 15px 0 0 0; } .main-menu { margin: 0; }

I’m planning to use only basic shop functions, don’t want any logins for customers, registering. How can I get rid of Logout and My account from the top bar and just leave Checkout and Cart link ?

You need to go a bit deeper. This is the wrong file – callisto/header.php. You need to edit callisto/theme/templates/header.php

do you mean I have to edit file from zip and uploaded through ftp??? this is the only header.php I see in the wordpress panel callisto/theme/templates/

You either have to edit it via FTP software directly or download, edit, upload again.

Where can I change number of ‘related products’. There is only two displaying at this time and there is a room for at least one more to balance page layout.

In this case you need to update the theme, not the plugins. To update the theme go appearance > themes and activate any other theme (for example one of the wordpress default themes). Then delete callisto and upload the updated version I sent you. All your settings, data etc. will remain intact.


it worked! thanks a lot!

Good day!

Since I updated to Callisto and woo commerce latest version I have a problem during checkout when I come to step 2 of 3 to choose payment method. When I click on a payment method in the list, the hole list of alternatives dissapear! I have tried to turn all other plugins off, but the problems still remains. Please help, Im afraid Im losing many customers! =(

Hey, can you give me a link to where this is happening on your site? If you want to do this privately you can write me to support@planetshine.net

I bought your theme Callisto WooCommerce – Premium Responsive Theme, I want to put products in the middle of the window in woocommerc but I do not know how? Could you please help. Thank you

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme and have started to make some css edits to the child theme but i cannot work out how to change the font size of the site title in the header. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey, you can try using this (edit the size to your liking first) CSS code. Either paste in your child theme stylesheet or in custom CSS box in theme settings:
.main-header .logo-blank span { font-size: 77px; }

1. I’m confused because one of the categories that I created doesn’t appear in the search tab where the list of products/categories is displayed. It doesn’t matter what I do or refresh is not showing up. Is there some limited number of categories or something? 2. images displayed in the categories or products are breaking after some number (depend on page) and jump to the next page even there is still room for 2 or 3 more to be displayed on that page. I have the latest theme update so I wonder why is this happening.

I have a deadline for launching the site so your help is appreciated.

When did this new category issue start to occur? Did you make the change I e-mailed you?

the change helped, you are right it’s tricky and you have to be careful with levels of categories. Thanks!

Another issue that I encounter is with a level of subcategories in a menu. I can display only 1!

The theme supports menus with 2 levels of drop downs. Did you set the items correctly in the menu manager in wp-admin?

OK, what if someone needs more than 2 levels?

Check your e-mail ;)

Hi! I have a little issue with shipping methods that have ZIP restrictions. I set Local Shipping to be available only in my city (say ZIP123), but the filter consider only the billing address. So if I set a billing address with ZIP456 and a shipping address with ZIP123, the Local Shipping method doesn’t show up.

I tested with the base theme (twentyfourteen) and it works as I expect, so I think is a theme issue. Can you help me to fix that?

Hi again! I found the problem: the checkbox in form-billing.php that can be used to select a shipping address different from the billing address, should be in a container with id=”ship-to-different-address” instead of id=”shiptobilling”. There are a couple of occurencies to fix also in theme.js. Hope this could be helpful.

Thanks buddy, we’ll look into this! ;)

The theme is a top quality support is excellent … I recommend buying this because you will be satisfied

I ‘ve got msg from my server about serious Revolution Slider issue and they will disable plugin if I don’t update soon to ver. 4.6.5. Please send me info where is update for slider available.

Hey, the current version that you can download from TF has Revslider version 4.6.5 ;)

Do you know how go disable the “Sort By” function on the Shop page?

Hey, the easiest way to achieve this would be to paste this in the custom CSS box in theme settings:
.woocommerce-ordering { display: none; }
Hello! Is there any option to change the number of products shown in the product archive page? as now it’s showing 10 per page before paginating but the theme has 4 columns grid so it’s showing 4 + 4 + 2 plus the pagination… showing 12 instead will fill the empty space suggesting there’s a second page…. have a look: http://www.mattipersalumieformaggi.it/categoria-prodotto/oca/

Thanks a lot Chiara

I have now solved via a plugin, but the question is the same, just in case.. :) morever i can’t upload wp-bakery plugin via automatic updates and the license code+envato key says it’s not valid. has this plugin to be manually updated? Thanks.

Hey, all woocommerce themes use the same setting for products per page, that’s used for posts per page in blog. You can change this in wp-admin > Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most”.

Yes, since you got Visual Composer as a part of bundle you can only update it together with the rest of the theme.