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Can you tell me if it’s possible to stop the navigation menu(s) from animating and disappearing when the user scrolls up and instead either:

1) make it fixed at the top 2) make it scroll along with the rest of the page



This will make the navigation bar stay at the top of the page:
.siteHeader .navbar.navbar--fixed {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
Or this will make the navigation bar scroll with the page:
.siteHeader .navbar.navbar--hidden {
    transform: none;

It’s likely you will also need to make tweaks to the responsive css by copying the media queries from css/camden-responsive.css and correcting any issues that might occur.

I hope that helps - Eugene

Hello, sorry to say I’m having quite a few issues with the theme, mainly on the cart section.

I created a child theme but have reverted to the main theme to check it wasn’t something I’d done on the child theme to create the issues. It seems not.

Main things I can’t fix right now:

1. Menu that appears when you hover over the cart icon when things are added – the display is a mess with items stretching way longer than the height of the available screen (on a 13’’ macbook pro)

2. Cart page – similar issues with display/list of items. Seems the padding and margins are all over the place.

Really sorry if this is something obvious that I’m missing but I’ve tried lots of things and removed all my own custom CSS, reverted to parent theme, etc and still the display issues are there.

Any help much appreciated.


Amazing, thanks for the quick fix!

While you’re on a role I spotted a couple more things…

Cart page has a broken PayPal logo link:

Checkout page has a missing border on the country drop-down: http://dannyknight.co.uk/hando/6.png

Cart page is missing a border on country drop-down: http://dannyknight.co.uk/hando/7.png

Also, no product thumbnail images on the checkout page – is that intentional?


Which option did you enable in WooCommerce to get the “Checkout with PayPal” link on the cart page? When we enable PayPal it only adds the PayPal option to the list of payment types on the checkout page.

There are no product images on the checkout page. That is how the WooCommerce checkout page content is output.

Ah OK, the broken paypal image is due to this plugin: http://dannyknight.co.uk/hando/8.png – I’ve deactivated it.

Thanks for heads-up on the images on checkout page and thanks again for the support this weekend!

Hi I just tired to upload the theme in the zip format, and I got this error. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Ok, I got it working now, but how do I make it look like the example site. Do you have any tutorials?


There are installation instructions included in the documentation file that can be found in the complete theme package zip file.The documentation will take you through all the most common tasks you’ll be performing in WordPress and give an insight into the theme’s features. However, the theme is built around WordPress standards so if you know your way around WordPress you should have no problems.

We have included an xml file that contains demo content that is similar to the theme demo to get you started. You can install the demo content by going to Tools > Import > WordPress and uploading the xml file. Please note that the xml file does might not include the images seen in the demo as we do not have the rights to distribute them.

You can find great stock images on photodune.net and royalty free images on unsplash.com.

- Eugene

Hi, this seems like an easy one but I cant do it. How do I change the featured image of each section on the Homepage where the demo pictures are missing i.e. The newness, 20% sale, Men, Women etc?

You can toggle post meta data on post archives in the WP Customizer, This will also affect the posts grid widget in the page builder. To toggle the post meta details go to the Customizer then Camden Theme > Post Archives.

- Eugene

Thanks again Eugene,

I have another question. I am having trouble finding the correct widgets to use to get a page to display my products and how to arrange them. There is a pre-built layout for the product category but not the products themselves i.e filters such as price, rating and colour on the left and the results on the right like in the example site. Please help.

- Chukie


In the demo there are:

1.) Category landing pages which are built using the page builder: http://camden.websitesmash.com/women/

These are made by manually creating a page and either using the pre-built layout or creating a custom layout yourself.

2.) Product category archive pages which are automatically generated by the WooCommerce plugin: http://camden.websitesmash.com/product-category/women/women-tops/

These pages are created automatically like the standard blog on your website but show only the WooCommerce products that you have created.

To access these category archive pages you must add a link to them in your website’s navigation menu (Appearance > Menus).

WooCommerce includes custom widgets such as a product search form, pricing filter and rating filter. To add widgets to the product archive pages place the widgets in the WooCommerce Archive widget area on the Appearance > Widgets screen.

- Eugene

Hello, I am contacting you today because I am having a trouble with this layout I just purchased. There is a problem with the way the categories are being laid out. The image is perfect, but the text is sideways. Here is the link,


Please, help with your opinion on what could be the problem.

The text is supposed to be sideways. That’s how it is shown in the demo.


- Obi

Is there anyway to make them not appear sideways?

Unfortunately we do not have the code required to make the changes you are looking for.

- Obi

Is it possible to respond back with a option on how to remove Author and Date from each Post made through Blog.

You can turn the post author and post date off or on for ALL posts in the Customizer but it is not possible to turn them on / off for individual posts.

To toggle the post date on post archives go to Appearance > Customzier. Then click “Camden Theme” > Post Archives in the sections list. From that panel you can toggle the post image, category and date. The post author name is never shown on post archives.

To toggle the post date and author on all posts go to Appearance > Customizer. Then click “Camden Theme” > Posts in the sections list. From that panel you can toggle the post date, category, author and tags.

- Obi

Hey there,

Reaching out to see if I can get some input on why Wordpress Posts will not allow me to add any form of video into any post. I’ve tried the Video plugin provided from SiteOrigin, additional plugins, and straight iFrame (which I know is usually stripped), but I can’t get anything to work and it’s become frustrating. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.



To help me understand the problem can you tell me whether you are trying to add a video to a post or a page, and what is the source of the video (Youtube / Vimeo link or an MP4 uploaded to your WordPress site)?

Adding Video to a Post

To add a video to a post you just need to add a YouTube or Vimeo video page URL to the content editor:

or click the Add Media button to insert an Embedded Media Player:

The video should then appear in the left half of the blog page: http://camden.websitesmash.com/2017/10/30/mykiyaki-behind-the-scenes/

Note: It is not recommended you use the page builder editor tab on posts.

Adding Video to a Page

If you are not using the page builder you can just add the YouTube or Vimeo page URL into the content editor or use the Add Media button to insert a self hosted video.

If you are using the page builder you can add a video using:
  • The WordPress Video widget.
  • The SiteOrigin Video widget.
  • By adding the video url or clicking the Add Media button on the SiteOrigin Editor widget.
  • By adding the video url or clicking the Add Media button on the regular Text widget.

- Eugene

Hi i have a question, when i look on the shop or on the blog, what is this ??? A grey big banner ? Here lock this is what i mean:


I found nothing what makes this fucking bullshit grey delete or the shop name…

Hide the title on this page works not on this Theme, sorry this gey Bulldit sucks!

i look 3 hours how the problem ist. Now look you and tell me.

The theme is good the only problem is this fucking big banner in grey !

Sorry the Theme is very very buggy! When i will use this on a site:

Hide Title Hide the title on this page.

Tell why your theme make it not? I will not have the fucking text “shop” on my site and the ugly Gray big banner color on my site!

Make an upafte or give my the money back! Nobody can use this bullshit!


I understand you might be frustrated but your aggressive tone is completely unnecessary.

The Hide Title option will only work for standard pages. The pages you are referring too is are WooCommerce pages which unfortunately means the hide title option will not work.

You are currently seeing the grey background on the WooCommerce product index because you have not set a default background image. To give it a background image you go to Customize > Camden Theme > WooCommerce and upload an image. You can also add a background image specific to each Product Category on the Products > Categories screen of the admin dashboard.

To help you with your issue we will add two options in the customizer theme settings. One to toggle the title header on WooCommerce pages and another to toggle the title header on blog archive pages.

You should get a notification by email once the update is available for download.

- Eugene

The theme update (version 1.0.5) has been posted. We have added three options to the Customizer.

To disable the header on post archives including the main blog index go to the Customizer and then go to Camden Theme > Post Archives and look for the “Disable Post Archive Header” option.

To disable the header on the search results page go to the Customizer and then go to Camden Theme > Search and look for the “Disable Search Header” option.

To disable the header on WooCommerce product archive pages go to the Customizer and then go to Camden Theme > WooCommerce and look for the “Disable WooCommerce Archive Header” option.

If you have any problems feel free to reply in this thread.

- Eugene

Websitemash widget posts’ images not showing. https://ausfahrt34.com in this website blog section. Blog posts have feature images


Go to Appearance > Customize in the WordPress admin area to access the WP Customizer. Then, in the Customizer go to Camden Theme > Post Archives and enable the “Feature Image” option.

- Eugene

Hi, why the plugin Websitesmash Share is not updated? Shows me: Installed version: 1.0.1 Available version: 1.0.2 But when I click update, nothing is updated (Thanks

Hi, added in the settings path to the image is not displayed. What is the reason? https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/change-the-placeholder-image/


If I remember correctly, the theme disables the placeholder images to make the theme look cleaner.

Try adding this to your child theme to disable the theme’s placeholder code:
if ( class_exists( "WooCommerce" ) ) {
remove_filter( 'woocommerce_placeholder_img_src', 'custom_woocommerce_placeholder_img_src' );

That should allow you to use the placeholder option in WooCommerce > Settings but I don’t know what kind of CSS issues it will cause as the theme isn’t designed to use placeholder images.

- Eugene

Thank you, earned)

Hi, and why the goods go not in order, but empty areas appear on the product page in the category? https://ibb.co/P5z5hZj

This is most likely because your product images aren’t quiet the same dimension. This happens when the images that are uploaded are too small to be resized at the dimensions the theme uses. If you look at last product image on the top row it is a pixel shorter than the product image beside it.

I can confirm this if you provide a link to your website.

Hi, how to add my icon to siteFooter-social? I need to add a social network button https://ok.ru/

There is no option built into the theme to add custom icons to the social profile icons. You will have to code it yourself by copying footer.php to your child theme and manually adding your custom icon link.

- Eugene