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Nice theme gud luck


Congratulations! Nice theme. Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Good luck with sales :)

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congrats.. Great Work, GLWS :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Very nice work, all the best for christmas sales!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

fantastic work on this, nice job :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)

Superb work, great! GLWS

Very nice work! Good luck with sales!

Nice job done GLWS :)

In desktop view, instead of thumbnails to the left, can you make it so the gallery pics are stacked in a single column with no top/left padding and the sticky description still on the right? But still maintain the thumbnails in mobile view.

Also, on the cart page, you have a big pic on the left with the “Cart” title. It would be nice if that big pic was actually the featured image from the first item in the cart.

Hi. These can be done but would require some customization. I can’t provide the exact code to achieve it, but I can outline how you might go about it.

1. You could “disable” the slider using CSS to undo the slider CSS on the desktop layout. This would be a case of opening the product page and using the browser dev tools to tweak the CSS so that the slider images are stacked and to hide the thumbnails.

2. This would be a little bit more difficult. You would need to modify the template file to check if the current page is the WooCommerce cart page using is_cart(). You would then need to get the post ID of the first item in the user’s cart and output that product’s feature image instead of the cart page’s feature image as the left side background image. Another issue you have is that the layout would only work if the product image aspect ratio is portrait (tall and narrow) otherwise the image will be stretched and part of the product would be cut off by the resizing.

I hope that helps.

- Eugene

Hello Sir

Two three days back i had purchased your theme

After installing the theme and demo content . Its showing that below plugins are missing,. Please tell me the proper wayout. Thank you

WS_Slider_Posts_Widget WS_Products_Widget WS_Posts_Widget

Have you activated the individual widgets on the Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets screen?

yes sir…. All plugins are activated.. But didnt get the sucess

We’ll have to take a look for ourselves. Please send us login details using the contact form on our profile page. We’ll need access to an administrator account so that we can activate/deactive and configure plugins on your WordPress installation.

hello, I have acquired the theme and installed the theme and demo content. I have the same problem of the other user. The widgets SiteOrigin are missing and therefore it doesn’t load the content. What can I do? I have activated the plugin already. Thanks

Almost fixed by installing manually WebsiteSmash SiteOrigin Widgets which is not mentioned in the recommended plugins list. The problem now is that it’s still missing the content (images) after importing. in the library there is no content. So it’s not similar to the one on the preview so far. If you can suggest how to import the images and content let me know. thanks


Instructions for activating the individual widgets are outlined in the documentation. I can see how that could be missed so we will be looking at adding a notification in the admin dashboard.

WebsiteSmash SiteOrigin Widgets for Camden We’ve put together a group of custom SiteOrigin page builder widgets that are made specifically for the Camden theme.

After installing and activating the plugin go to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets and activate any widgets in the list that are not already active. The widgets that are set as active will appear in the SiteOrigin layout builder on the post and page edit screen.

The WebsiteSmash SiteOrigin Widgets for Camden plugin requires both Page Builder by SiteOrigin and WooCommerce to be installed.

As stated in the item description the demo content does not include any of the images seen in the preview for several reasons:

1.) Due to licensing restrictions. 2.) You will be using your own images relevant to your business. 3.) The WP importer is notoriously bad at importing media.

All the recommended theme image dimensions are outlined in the “What are the ideal image dimensions to use?” section of documentation for you to reference.

Aside from the images not being included and fewer product pages, the demo content includes the same pages and layouts as the theme preview.

If you need help with any other issues feel free to reply in this thread.

- Obi