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Creative idea and creative design, all possibilities to create a photography template have been provided in these six home page styles. Good work good idea.

Hey, thank you ;)

Thank you.

very clean work.. good luck!

Thank you!

Fantastic Design! Well done :)

glad you like it. Thanks!

Congrats!Wish you good luck :)

Thank you!

Nice Wrok , GLWS ;)

Thank you!

Very nice template !

Great job !!

Glad you like it. Thanks!

Really nice theme! However I would appreciate some other text pages like About, Offer, Services etc..

Great! If you could add also some password protected pages for client zone I will definitelly go for it! :)


The password protected post already exist. I will add the pages and I will respond here.

Hello! The password protected gallery is available to see now: http://camera7.didble.com/gallery/grid-gallery-fade-and-slide/ I’ve added it in the menu as well.



Glad you like it :) Thanks

Just a question, in the 7th pic from screenshots, is a price list page? I didnt see on the site, anyway can i have a doc from this template at balanalexciprian@gmail.com THANKS

HIIIII AGAIN. If i set my header to centered, yes i will have my logo centyered but i have the menu centered too, how can i put the menu in the normal way (starting from left) and the logo in center. I look to the menu page and is nothing to align the menu … pls help

maybe here is an issue, when i put my account id from vimeo, when i click on the vimeo icon i see: “Error 404, page, post or resource can not be found We apologize but this page, post or resource does not exist or can not be found. Perhaps it is necessary to change the call method to this page, post or resource.”

and is going on contact page or is trying


It was meant to work like that. If you need your logo centered only, you can use custom CSS and not the option. Please contact me via PM and I’ll help you set it up.

As for vimeo – check again your URL. When you set your profile address make sure you use http:// in front. Double check the address and write back to if it’s not working. This is a simple link, so there is nothing to change actually.

If it still doesn’t work, send me your URL and credentials via PM and I’ll have a look as it works for me on 3 different servers.


is there a quickstart available for install


Check the documentation file. If you need the import the demo data check the dummy-data folder. There is the XML import and the import encoded data. After you import the XML, go to theme options to the import tab and copy the encoded data there. Setting up the frontpage and the using the templates is also described in the documentation file. Read it carefully. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or to send me a message via PM.

A good day to you!

How can I make the Horizontal Scroll Gallery the home page instead of the gallery groupings?

There is no single gallery in the demo, but I’m working on that. It should be available in the next release.

Thank you for the tip. Cheers!

Here is the link: http://camera7.didble.com/gallery/horizontal-scroll-gallery/ I want to make this page my home page. Is this possible without recodeding the website?

Currently – no. The next update should be available tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you want the feature asap, please send me your email address via PM and we’ll sort it out for you.

A good day to you!

Hello, It’s just awesome. If you can add more pages (as you’ve been told before) and the gallery to have the possibility to be grouped – and not show all the pics, it would be a definite yes for me. Thank you, nice job.

Thank you. I’m working on those pages. And I’ll think of a way to group the pics.


Hi Amazing theme, just having a problem! Your contact form has the google map attached to it, can you please add a ‘how to’ please :) Thanks

Ok, Thanks, let me know when it’s done :)

You should recieve a notification once they accept it. Cheers!

Thanks :)

Hi, I tried installing the theme, activate and this appears Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/content/86/8709086/html/production/wp-content/themes/Archive/functions.php on line 15

I already went to the Q&A and followed the zipping of the folder containing the style.css file, uploading it and it gets the same error.

Any help? thanks!

Hey! thanks I have a friend that is web developer and he helped me out, it seems there was something wrong on my end. Now it’s working like a charm. One other question, can you populate the Menu with Categories from the Gallery Posts? I don’t think so right?

Hey… glad everything came out well. Yes, you can add gallery categories in the menu. Check the menu for “Categories”. There are blog posts “Categories” block, and there are gallery posts “Category” block. I saw now, it looks kinda’ confusing. I should rename them. Cheers!

awesome, I will look into that, thanks for your response!

Again, an awesome theme, could you update with the like system on all pictures?? For example with the scroll view on the gallery you have the mag for viewing the picture, could you also add the heart for liking it too with a number for the amount of likes :) PLEASE :)

It would top the theme off perfectly! There was one more thing but I can’t remember! ahhhh yes, in the social links can you add one for 500px please :) Sorry to be a pain

See the likes would also look great on here http://thewhole50mm.com/gallery/gallery/

I understood. I’ll see how I can add that, but I cannot give any ETA for this.

Nearly all complete! Just a quick one I want 3 galleries in my menu but not on the home page, I have not set a featured image but the homepage is still got blank spaces for them how can I remove this??

Just checked your website, where exactly is the blank space? You can send me a screenshot via PM and I’ll have a look.

Is there any way to resize the site of each slide using the “Latest galleries slider” template. I want to reduce the height only.

Hi. Unfortunatelly there is no setting for that. But I think this could be a nice feature. I’ll add it in the near future. Cheers!

Sounds good. In the meantime any CSS or anything I can adjust?

Contact me via PM with the URL of the website and what you need to resize. Maybe I could set some things up for you ;)

The support for this theme is fabulous. Every question I have asked has been answered quickly and helpfully – 5 stars from me!

Thank you. Glad I could help you set everything up.

I see the comments section on my blog page works with a social plug-in only. The site freezes up on my Internet Explorer and doesn’t show up on my Google Chrome when viewing the blog. (All updated to the latest version using Windows 7) It only seems to work in Firefox. Is there a way of disabling the social plug-in and use the native wordpress comments field?


I did not get that kind of problem on any of my devices. Maybe you have some plugins installed on your browser. Anyway – sure you can disable the Facebook comments. Go to Theme settings -> Post settings. There is an option to change comments to default wordpress ones.


Thank you very much!

You’re welcome. If you have any other question or you need assistance – don’t hesitate to ask. You can do it here or by contacting me via PM.

A good day to you!