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I’m comparing this theme with your new theme (Photoform) and I like a lot of things about this one – mainly the beautiful effects of the list and grid galleries!

1. However, I do like Photoform’s header (logo & menu) better, where the logo the the menu are on the same row. Is there an option to make it the same in Camera7?

2. Another question – the demo shows a scroll gallery with both images and embedded video. Is it possible to add an embedded video to a “list gallery” as well?

3. Last question – I don’t like the huge “more info” button in the gallery page.. Is it possible to show this text inline before / after the images (like with Photoform), and disable this button? Can I add any kind of text before / after the images?


Hello again,

1. Camera 7 has an option of setting the logo and menu in the same row, still – it won’t put the logo in the middle of the menu. If is a Photoform feature.

2. Videos come only with horizontal scroll for now. We’re working on adding an option to have advanced galleries with listed content as well.

3. Currently Camera7 doesn’t support this. It shows content only like you see on the demo. It could be changed with some custom CSS if you really want to do show after the gallery images.

4. Camera7 does not support filterable galleries. This is a simpler theme, with more effects. Photoform has many more options, but it does not have as many visual effects as Camera7 does.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the answer(s)!

That’s too bad, I want to good from both worlds :)

Anyway, a “galleries archive” (a page with a list of available galleries) is a must-have for me. Can I manually create pages like this? http://camera7.didble.com/blog-2/ But each page with only specific category? So for example I will have a page for “weddings”, a page for “portraits”, etc….

Also, can I customize the homepage so that I will have grid galleries (like the link above) and also some custom code on top (to add my own image slider) ?

Hello again,

You can create different pages and showcase different categories on each one.

With a little customizing, you could add something above these maybe :)



Im using the Horizontal scroll gallery as my home page. Is there a way to not show the category and/or the gradient in the name of the gallery?

Great Layout! Thanks!

Other thing: is there a way to dont show the “more info” tab in the gallery?


You could use some custom CSS to hide it if you want to. Please write us a ticket on the help desk with details of what you want to hide and the guys from support will help. Same with the “More info” tab.


Is there a way to adjust the crop of the featured image used in the gallery so it doesn’t cut off at the subject’s head? I installed a thumbnail editor plugin to adjust thumbnail crops, but it’s not affecting the gallery image (ie: if I use horizontal scroll)

www.joscephotography.com/test (heads a chopped at the 3rd and 6th gallery images)

Thanks for any help with this! It’s the only thing I need to fix before using it.


Unfortunately there is no way to adjust that but changing the code. Still, there are no guarantees that it will crop them exactly as you want. You can crop them yourself like you want and use them. 750×750px.


Hello, Can you place images in the “more info” pages in gallery? I placed a couple of images there and they do not appear.

Yes, you can add images. Whatever content you add in the text editor it will be shown there.

Actually, I noticed later that I was having an issue with adding images on any page. It seems to be working this morning. I think it is an intermittent problem with GoDaddy again.

Could be. Try asking them. Still – I’d recommend changing your hosting provider ;)

Is it in the works in a future update to be able to possibly have a gallery page that you can place text directly on the page without placing the text in “More Info”? Or a regular page that can have a horizontal scroll gallery placed on top that displays the content of only one gallery?


We’re thinking to add such an option for the next updates ;)

Hi, I really love how this theme looks and I’d love to purchase it! I just have a few questions first to make sure it will work for me.

1. The demo mostly shows just galleries and blog posts…but I would like to have several pages such as an ABOUT page and information on PRICING, etc. Is it possibly to have other menu options and pages (and submenus and links to other pages?)

2. On said pages are any styled elements available, such as shortcodes for tabs, accordian, or toggles?

3. Social sharing – do you have an icon to link to a 500 px page (where you have icons at the top of the page for FB, twitter, etc.?) Is it possible to share images from galleries and/or blog posts directly to FB, Pinterest, etc and have it link back to the website?

4. Is there a way to have a form for people to sign up for my newsletter on the home page?

5. Are Google fonts available? Also, it is possible to change the color of the text?

6. Can I add text below gallery pages? I see I can make a blog post with text beneath a gallery – can I do the same thing with pages?

7. Do you offer “lazyload” so that the galleries will load faster? I do have some galleries with a LOT of images…and it would be nice not to ahve to wait until they all load.

8. Can I use a plugin for my own customized contact form or do I have to use the one it comes with (I see that that one is not very customizable).

Sorry, I guess that was more than a few questions. I just want to make sure this theme will be a good fit, but it’s definitely my favorite one out there right now. Thanks so much!


I am sorry for the delayed response. I celebrated my bday this weekend and I was offline.

Now, your questions:

1. You can edit the menu and pages as you want. You can create, remove, change like you want them.

2. No, but you can use any plugin you like for this.

3. Currently there is no icon for 500px. It should come in the update. And yes, you can share you website anywhere (FB, Twitter) with no problem.

4. You could add a widget in the footer if you need it.

5. Yes, you can change the font and colors.

6. You can edit and add any content you want in the editor.

7. Lazyload is not supported for now, but it could come in an update.

8. Yes, you could use any plugin you want, just make sure it does not create any conflicts.

Sorry again for the delay.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the reply, and Happy Birthday! Hope you had a swell weekend! So I think you answered most of my questions really well…and I’m leaning even more toward this theme than before (and I’ve looked at quite a few themes out there – this one’s my fav)...I think my biggest hesitation is on the lazyload…site speed is fairly important to me – is it more probable than not that you’ll add that to the next update? or is that not too likely? And if not, could I possibly get around it by just having more, smaller galleries rather than many images in each gallery? And how many would be the optimum # for the site to load quickly without too much wait time? Thanks so much!

Thank you! I had a great bday party, now I’m back at work ;)

I am really glad you like the theme. Lazy load could come later this month since I’m not working on a new product that should be ready this week. After that, I’ll be working on updates and bug fixes for the current themes. I think Camera will get lazy-load for some of the gallery layouts. If you plan to create smaller galleries than the number I’d recommend would be 20-30, maybe 40 images depending on the server that you’ve got. It’s not always about the website, the server is very important as well.

I hope I’ll have enough time to work on this.

Thanks again!

Hello, on the homepage is not the “alt” in 150×150px images of the galleries. How I can insert?

Hmm.. that can be added only through a bit of coding. I’ll see if I can include that in the next update.

Thanks for your feedback ;)

Ok thank!

You’re welcome.

Does anyone know how to actually enable comments for galleries? I contacted the author and was told to hire it out. I’m setting this site up as a favor, so not really able to pay someone to implement this, thought I might be able to get my ‘client’ to in the future. I just was not expecting it to be so difficult. I’ve been through the .php for the galleries and as far as I can tell (limited PHP experience) the comments section is coded it, it’s just not enabled, and I can’t enable it in the admin panel.

Is this doable? Or is it a major re-code as I was told? Seems strange that it’s coded out in the first place.


Please write a ticket on the help desk about this, I’ll tell you what you need to add and where for comments to be available for galleries as well. Specify there that you were sent from ThemeForest.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

Thanks! I thought it was quick and easy! Got it updated in less than a minute. Appreciate the super fast support!

You’re welcome mate. Have a nice day! Don’t forget to rate the theme ;)

Already done! /cheers

Thank you. If you’ll need anything else – write us a ticket. Cheers mate ;)

I need to remove “more info” from popping up on my grid galleries. CSS code please? I don’t have the option to do this from back end. It is not simply giving me an option to hide it when I create the gallery. Also, I want to remove the heart icon on my latest galleries. Thanks!


Please write a ticket on the help desk about this. The guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support



Theme looks great.

Any other skins available or just the one shown? After a dark skin really…

Thanks, James.

Hello James,

You could fiddle with the options and get a dark skin if you really want to. The theme offers color changing and with a bit of custom CSS you could get what you need.


Hello! Wonderful theme. Anyway I noticed that on a standard configuration (windows, 1280×768 screen 4:3 – firefox latest version) sliding gallery in the home page goes under the fold. Can you find a solution to this problem viewing? Thanks a lot! :)


Do you mean it is bigger than the screen? Usually the screen resolution that you mentioned is veeery rare. Nowdays only devices have these types of resolutions, but you get another size for the gallery when you view it on mobile.


Thank you for your quick answer!

You’re welcome.


I only want to show 2 social sharings on my gallery page (facebook and twiter) and I don´t want to show the rest of the social sharings. How can I do it?


Please write a ticket on the help desk about this, the guys from support will assist with some custom CSS on this.



Is it possible to add pages to the animated banner on the homepage and not galleries?


For example I want a slide for TRAINING (see my site above) but I would rather it be linked to a page and not a gallery?

Cheers Matey


This could be done with a bit of customization. I’d recommend contacting a web developer to help you with this. If you are familiar with coding the guys from support could help. http://redcodn.com/support

Have a nice day!

Hello, I need the code to insert comments in galleries entries scroll horizontally (http://www.differentweddings.com/gallery/boda-de-antonio-y-lourdes/) I tried to insert (<? php comments_template () ,>) into (template-galleries-scroll.php horizontally) but does not work and I need comments only on the pages of gallery. From (page.php) puts me on every page and that’s not what I need.

Hello mate,

please write a ticket about this on the help desk, the guys from support will give you instructions on this. http://redcodn.com/support


I’m unable to log in to see the password protected demo. I use the password “demo” and it just goes back to the “Password protected page” text.

Also, when you are in the password protected pages, is it possible to integrate woocommerce or something similar so people can purchase prints of photos from their event?


Please write the ticket on our help desk, the guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Any updates on the ability to insert the galleries via shortcode?


Currently we are busy working on fixes and updates for WP 3.9, I don’t have a ETA for now. If you need galleries with shortcodes – you can try Photoform – http://themeforest.net/item/photoform-photography-wordpress-theme/7142115

Thank you!

Hi there,

I’ve question about the item: 1. Is it possible to moove the “contact form” because at the moment it’s on the left and i’d like it to be in the center of the page. 2. Always about the “contact form”, is it possible to change the langage? I’d like to change “send”, “your name” into french. 3. In the bottom of the “contact form” there’s a space calling “leave a reply” and i’d like to delete because i don’t need it. 4.Finally, i want to delete the magnifying glass for the search situated in the top of all pages.

Thansk a lot for you answers!


Please write a ticket about this on our help desk. The guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi Upcode,

I’m wondering. Is it any option to devide the gallery into couple pages? Option like pagination? I have quite a lot photos to show on each gallery and I’m concern in some of my clients it might take a long time to load one gallery.

Thank you

Thank you!

Hi upcode. Have you done anything about lazy-load galleries yet? Maybe it’s worth to think about pagination or something?



We are currently working fixing another 2 issues in our themes and then we’re going back to Camera 7 to add the lazy-loading feature.

Hello, I want to buy Camera7 theme, but i think i will have some issue: - i want to create a few pages with Gallery slider template (maybe 6);

- i will have above 14-16 Grid galleries;

- i want to link only 3-4 Grid galleries with one page with Gallery slider template ( for example i will have Portraits, and i want to link only 3-4 grid galleries to show there).

Is it possible? or the is some additional coding and if is, can you help me with it?

If above is not possible i think other way – to install MULTISITE WP and run every single category (as Portrait, Wedding and etc.) to a single site of WP network. Do you see some problem if i decide to use this way? Is there some SEO issues?

Best regards, Dimitar Lambov

Hello Dimitar,

What are you trying to achieve will need some customizations, and unfortunately I do not have the time to help you with this for now. You could try to use microlancer.com to customize it if you like it.

Multisite – there is no problem with this, you’ll just have to manage a lot of different website which is not really the best option, but it depends on what are you trying to achieve.

The code of Camera 7 is SEO optimized and there is some SEO data included, but you could disable that and use a plugin like Yoast which will provide better SEO options.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day!