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Quick question. I use the list gallery with fade in function. I love it but i think the hover and maximize function of every single photo is a bit annoying. I´m not the best in coding…so i din´t find the code for “hover”. What .php has the lightbox/hover function?


Please write a ticket on our help desk, the guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi, I bought this great template. I want to set my home page like in example: http://themeforest.net/item/camera-7-minimal-photography-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6347984

I need to set horizontal scroll with blog. Schould I prepare CSS? Could you help with this problem? Best regards


Please write a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will assist. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi, I have a question about page thubnail. When i copy page link in to a post in facebook it just shows the original theme thubnail ( white camera 7 ) and none of my pictures. How can i fix this issue? :)


You can change that image by changing the fb_screenshot.png file in the theme’s root folder.

If you have other questions – please submit a ticket on our help desk. Thank you!


Thank i’ll try that :)

You’re welcome. Have a nice day!

Hi this theme is ok for wordpress 3.9?

And it’s possible to remove the forms book a wedding etc ..


As far as we tested – everything is running ok, no problems have been found.

As for the bottom forms – you have an option to disable them as well.


Hello there, I have a question about latest galleries horizontal scroll of main page. How can i change post type from ‘Gallery’ to ‘Post’?



The templates work only with gallery posts. Blog posts have only one type of showing the content.

Hello, I customized your theme a little bit. but main gallery scroll section is not works properly.

If you scroll the slider, there are some empty area. can i request your tips for this problem?



um.. actually i changed thumbnail height size. is this tweak causes problem?

Please write a ticket on this on our help desk and provide some screenshots with the “empty areas”. I cannot find them. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Please help me. I can’t set new sidebar an edit it. :(

Just it’s OK. It was an Apache problem :)

Glad everything is fine. Cheers!

How to make a contact page like this? http://camera7.didble.com/contact/


There is a contact page template. You’ll just have to create a page and use the template. For more details check the documentation.

If you need any other help – submit a ticket on our help desk. http://redcodn.com/support


I have contacted Envato for a refund. Still my SEO doesnt work, since I contacted the author about it. Its been a couple of months and I have tried using a plug-in. It looks like this on Google and Im not very happy:

Gerrit Jordaan Photography » Wedding & Portrait … www.gerritjordaan.com/? No subject, Book a Wedding Shoot, Book a Engagement Shoot, Book a Portrait Session, Just say Hi. Message *. Copyright © 2014 Gerrit Jordaan Photography.

Hello again,

I really understand your frustration and I really apologize for this. Did you try using any SEO plugins like Yoast or something? We are currently working on an update for Camera 7 which will have SEO improvements. Still, using a plugin like Yoast will improve your SEO significantly. If you need help with this, write us a ticket on our help desk.

Sorry for this delay, it’s just working on new themes and the new WordPress 3.9 update has given us a bit of a headache.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi, I’m planning on purchasing your template for my photography business as it looks ideal, however I have a couple of questions first:

1. Is there an option to disable the red ‘More Info’ tab that comes up in a grid gallery? I find it quite distracting and takes away from the images, and I want the template specifically for the grid gallery. 2. Will I be able to arrange the image order for each gallery? Is this drag and drop? 3. Is it possible to have the ‘testimonials’ option as a normal header in the same format and not only as a homepage option, possibly without the scroll gallery above the testimonials? 4. Is the location map on the contact form removable?

Everything else about the template is exactly what I’m looking for, would just appreciate clarification on the above as soon as possible please.

Thanks, Ryan


You have an option to disable those in your Theme Options Panel -> Post settings. You can enable/disable the post navigation there.

Thank you!

Fantastic, thanks for speedy reply.

You’re welcome.

Sorry, to add to my comment above:

5. Is the lightbox in the ‘grid gallery pop in’ customisable, i.e. just a plain white border without the design on the corners? 6. Is there an option to disable the image preview filmstrip in the ‘grid gallery pop in’ when you’ve selected a particular image? Thanks

You’re welcome. If you any other questions – please use our help desk. Thank you.

Great thanks, all working very well so far with the set up! Great template.

Thank you! I am glad you like it and you find it easy to use. If you need anything else, write us.

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to customize the 4 buttons under the homepage gallery? I would like them to be for social media rather than site navigation, please let me know if this is possible with this template.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You have an options to change the general site font, the menu font and the headings font.


That’s great. Thanks so much for all of your help and information!

You’re welcome. I hope it helped. Have a nice day!

Olá, Estou falando do Brasil e queriamos saber sobre a galeria privada, a senha “DEMO” nao entra no site. http://camera7.didble.com/gallery/grid-gallery-fade-and-slide/

Queremos ver como funciona este proteção!



I am sorry, but we don’t speak you’re language, you’re gonna try it in english.

Thank you.

Sorry, Hello, I’m talking about Brazil and wanted to know about the private gallery, password “DEMO” not enter the site. http://camera7.didble.com/gallery/grid-gallery-fade-and-slide/ We want to see how this protection works!


That is because of our cache. We are moving servers now, it should cure the problem. Anyway, the protected gallery needs a password. After the password is entered you get to see the images and content from the gallery (depending on which gallery layout you selected, you get the images shown). You can have any layout from the shown galleries.

Hope that helps.


Love the theme. Wondering if there will be an update coming any time soon?


We are planning some new features but I don’t really have any ETA for it. We’re working on a new project now which should be available at the end of the month I think. After this – we’ll be working on updating this theme.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for the great theme! I was wondering how I can turn off the red ‘more Information’ tab that pops up in the galleries. I am using the scroll gallery and I find it quite distracting from the gallery!

Thank you for your support!


That could be disabled with some custom CSS. Please write a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will assist.



Hi – I really like your theme, and just have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1. I’d like to use the Horizontal Scroll Gallery as a simple Gallery, without the ‘Previous Post’ and ‘Next Post’ links. Is that possible?

2. Can you remove the ‘Book a Wedding’ etc links and the ‘More Info’ box? I basically need no text at all on the site – it’s just a showcase for images.

3. I see your notes say the theme is responsive, but I have a problem viewing the images in the Horizontal Scroll Gallery on an iPhone – they don’t seem to respond to the size change in screen, and you have to scroll left to right to see the full image. Can this be fixed? I am building the site to replace a Flash based one that doesn’t work at all on mobile devices, so it needs to work on iPhones/iPads. Even on an iPad the images are a bit high and you have to scroll up and down to see the full image.

Thank you!

We’ll be checking this out and see what we can do about it. Thank you.

I’ve purchased your theme and am working away … one thing I’ve now noticed is that the images are too small on mobile devices … not too bad on iPhones, but tiny on iPads – any ideas?


WordPress sees tablets as mobile devices and shows the small images instead of the big ones. We are thinking of a way of double-checking what device is it and serve the best image proportions and sizes. This feature might come in an update.

Thanks for the tip. Cheers!

Hello, I purchased your theme but I am having problems importing the dummy content. Can you assist?


Please write a ticket on our help desk, the guys from support will assist with any questions you have. http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you.


I purchased your theme and everything looks good but one problem with FB sharing thumbnail image. I already changed the image in the root and I checked twice that the root shows the right image. However, even if I clear history and cookies in my browser FB still shows camera7 image instead of any of mine. Please let me know if I can do anything else to fix it when the root has mine thumb already.

One more detail: if I see image from FB page and delete &cfs=1&upscale at the end, the right image shows up ….

Thanks, Art


That is because of the Facebook cache. If you replaced the fb_screenshot.png file in the theme’s root folder, it should be ok. Try again in 1-2 days when Facebook renews their cache.


hi, i created 3 galleries with unique category name each , and i have displayed them ‘ALL’ in my home page using latest galleries template, now how to change the order of the categories to be displayed in the home page , say i have categories x,y,z , where it displays all the galleries tagged in the categories x,y,z now how to change the order of display to custom say z,x,y ??

What exactly are you trying to add and where? Please describe that in a ticket on our help desk. Thank you.

i can see an option called “use breadcrumbs” in post settings, i need the same for galleries…tell me how to do that..

If you’ll activate the option, you’ll get breadcrumbs on your gallery post. Just set it to yes and save the options.

Why can’t I get the galleries?


What do you mean you can’t get the galleries?

Please write a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will help you with setting everything up. http://redcodn.com/support