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I just bought this template yesterday and I’m trying to figure out how to resize my logo. I’ve uploaded it under Styling, and it’s huge.

Thank you!


Depending on what image size you uploaded – that is exactly the size you will get on your website. Try uploading a smaller logo.

If you need any help with the theme, please write us a ticket on our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Hi upcode, I need to remove blend mode on images set on main page – remove the overlay image on blog preview image and inside scroll gallery . I want to see clean high quality images. Best regards


Please check the documentation files and theme options. You can disable the “stripes” effect in theme options panel in the “Styling” tab.

Hope that helps. If you need any more help – please use our help desk here: http://redcodn.com/support

Thank you!

Thank you for very quick response :) it works great. Second question is how to set video window in “latest galleries horizontal scroll with blog below” I know that I schould set miniature image in photo galeries and it works but I’ cant set vimeo video icon from media files :(

As you can see – them latest GALLERIES with horizontal scroll and blog show galleries, not images or videos. Please write on our help desk if you need more information. Thank you!

was wondering if possible to use pages instead of posts. I’m not intending to use the blog at all.

Thanks MS


What exactly do you mean? Showing pages instead of gallery posts?

Having issue: 1. The <!-more-> code is not working. Any ideas?


Do you mean in the blog views? We have a limited excerpt size by theme so the <more> tag would not set the limit of the excerpt. If you really want to change that – please write us a ticket on our help desk.



This is a fantastic template – really happy with it and support 5 stars-

I just ask:

I would like to put two language flags in the header – possible to put them next to the social icons or use a social icon as the links and change the icon to a flag?

possible or wat would you recommend??





I am really glad to hear that. It is nice to know our customers are happy. You could edit the header.php file and add your links there if you need them.


Hello upcode,

I’m new to this site and learning the ins and outs. This week I’ve submitted a couple of questions on this page, an email to customer support and to you directly on your profile page. I’ve seen no replies from anyone. I’ll try a different question here.

Is there any sort of refund available if the theme doesn’t meet the needs? I only ask because I purchased a theme some time ago that wasn’t working on my system and I want to prevent a repeat.

Thank you

As far as I know – yes, they to have an easy to install and should be latest version.

If you are familiar with WordPress, at least a bit you’ll be fine ;)

ok, thanks again!

you’re welcome!

Hi, I’ve just purchase your theme, which I think is beautiful. Thanks a lot for this creation.

I do have a couple of questions though. When I create my BLOG…..by creating a category : Blog and inserting Posts into that category…..I then added the Category into the main menu….....but once I view this page it shows the page tittle as : Category Archives : BLOG.

Am I not doing this BLOG page correctly and how can I remove this page tittle?

Also, on your live demo Blog page, you have little heart above each blog tittle. How do I get the heart icon to replace the page icon?

Many thanks for your help! :-)


We currently offer support for our clients on our special help desk, please submit a ticket there and the guys from support will assist.


Thank you for your understanding. Have a nice day!

Hi there,

I just purchased Camera 7 theme and am trying to install it on WordPress and am not able to. I keep recieving the message ” The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Please let me know how this will be fixed.

Thank you!

Also I tried downloading the file twice and attempted installing each multiple times but all attempts failed.


Please write a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will tell you the details. http://support.touchsize.com


do you have a page builder or does this use short codes?


No, there is no page builder. This is a simple WordPress theme with pre-defined templates.


Hi, upcode! Thx for that theme, it’s really great) One quick question-when I’m trying to sent message througt the Booking form-message sending successefull, but I did’n get it on my email. If to look the code-the form using Wordpress admin mail-isn’t it? Thx!


Yes, it is using the email of the admin of the website. Check your spam folder, and make sure you have a mailserver installed on your hosting.

If the problem persists – please write us a ticket on our help desk: http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

I am looking to buy this theme, but when I tested out the demo link on my phone it was not responsive. It was a shrunken version of the desktop theme, which is not mobile friendly. See screen capture -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/kbsy1pvpgs0gm5n/Photo%2022-06-2014%2009%2024%2016.png

Is there a link to the actual theme in use that I can test out before I make a purchase?

Thank you.


Please click the remove frame button on the top-left of your screen, or enter our demo address directly – http://demo.touchsize.com/camera7


Thank you! Will purchase now!

Glad I could help and you like our products. If you have any theme questions, please write us a ticket on our help desk, and the guys from support will assist. http://support.touchsize.com

Have a nice day!

Hi, i want to test the gallery, but when i publish it, it says LOADING and it won’t show. can you help me on that? thank you.


Please submit a ticket on our help desk on this. Please be more specific, what is happening, what type of gallery, how many images did you use. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you.

Im trying to remove the facebook comments on my pages. I have selected “no” for the social sharing and it continues to show up. I have thought about removing it in the php but would rather see if you could help me first.

Heres the link to check out..



There is a default WordPress option to disable comments on posts or pages… Check the article here: http://support.touchsize.com/knowledgebase/How-to-disable-the-comments-on-a-page-or-post-1.html

If you have any other questions – write us a ticket on our help desk.

Have a nice day!

Your are a genius, thanks!

You’re welcome! Cheers!

Sidebars? It would appear that we are unable to create sidebars within the theme. I have clicked the button several times and it is not working? Is this is a known bug?

No… we did not have such problems till now. Please write us a ticket on our help desk and we will check.

Thank you!

Hi, I have to do a blog on a website but the feature image does not display when the blog posts are lists under the blog page. only when I click on the specific post header and go into the post, the image displays. What am I doing wrong here?



Please submit a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will assist. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

All i can say….Really nice theme, clean and simple.Superb customer service! Thank you once again, you deserve 5 stars :)


Thank you! We are really happy to help. Do not forget to rate the theme!

Have a really nice day! If you have any other questions, we’ll be glad to help!

Really nice theme and spectacular customer suport! Thank you! :)

You’re welcome! If you have any other theme questions – write us on our help desk!


Hello. Your theme is very nice. I can’t seem to set Grid galleries with infinite scroll to chosen gallery, That is not even an option? What do I have to do to be able to set thatoption? Thank you.

Don’t bother. I’ve found a solution for this.

Good to know that everything is ok. Please, use our help desk for any questions you have to get fast and reliable support since we offer support exclusively here: http://support.touchsize.com

Sorry for the delayed response here, the guys from support were checking only the support desk.


Hi I hope you can help me. I am trying to hide the dates on the galleries on the homepage. I am using the “Latest galleries slider” but the custom css code that I found in the comments doesn’t work

.element-entry article .entry-content-date{display:none;} .gallery-vertical-slider-entry section ul li.entry-content-date{display: none;}

What should I do to hide the date? Thanks


Please write us a ticket on our help desk here: http://support.touchsize.com since we offer support exclusively there. The guys from support will assist.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Can I replace the homepage with a slideshow from another plugin? I need something with kenburns.

Currently there is no option for that. We are thinking to add that function in one of the next updates.

ok. I’ll probably wait for that feature. Here in Brazil, Internet speed is very unreliable and I’m afraid that will cause my potential clients to loose their patience while browsing a heavy loaded site.

Ok, it’s your choice. Thanks for your feedback.