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Very clean. When you say blog template it’s not actually coded for wordpress or any particular blog platform is it?

More designers need to do what you’re doing here.. Offering a strong clean basis from which to build a more unique site, rather than going so far with the design to have a finished site that just screams template and is too difficult to modify.

Purchased! This will sell well. 5 Stars.

If you code the blog section into Wordpress that would be a fantastic addition.

hey thanks for such meaningful words. And The wordpress. I’m in the process of actually learning the codex of wordpress, so I can start submitting wordpress themes too. As of now, my wordpress skills are dead. :p


Ivor Envato Team

Finally Kevinsturf =) Congratulations dude! great work!

Thanks once again. I really appreciate all of the support and help you guys give in the forums. As soon as I learn to do wordpress I will update this template with wordpress for the blog section.

Just a note – look out for another nice template from me very soon.

the PSD ’s included don’t include the layer comps for the blog and about views shown in the htmls.. not a huge deal in my case, but fyi.

I didn’t think I was going to do a blog while I was design and the other parts that’s missing.

very nice. bookmarked.

just one note: the submit button on contact form acts very squirly on Safari/Mac. Not sure if it’s just on preview or in code. Prob not a big deal though.

O my bad, I forgot to update the code for that, to fix simply go into the stylesheet and under the contact section, look for a class of .btn:hover and change the margin to that of of the .btn and it’ll be fixed. cheers:p

So has the Submit button been updated or does the problem still exist.

It is no big problem as I am just curious…

I stated in the above post how to do it. It’s fairly simple. But I ‘ll do it and upload the files.

the server not found…

server account suspended!

Please provide preview!


I was wondering if in the projects section you could include video as well as pictures? Or if there was a way to seperate the two?


I’ll do some editing etc to try to get what you want. I will notify you when I’m finished.

one question before I try to go do something here. Do you like that layout of the projects page or would you prefer something different, say like how other templates have like 3 images per row with hover effect showing whether its and image or video?

You know. It might actually be pretty a good idea to set it up with a couple images/video so that you can see a description underneath each “image/video”.

Does that that make sense?

But I also do like how you have the size of the big image when you click on the thumb nail.

Great work!

can you draw a possible mock up of what you’re saying because I don’t quite understand what you mean. something simple in paint would do just to give me a visual. thanks

Yeah how should I send it to you?

you can do so through my email which is