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Very nice :-) good luck with sales…

Good job!Good luck :)

Great work! Good luck man! :)

Whenever i see such functionality, i have to say WONDERFUL, really a wonderful creation, its navigation, design and idea all are good. Best Work done.

Thank you, appreciate it :)

Looks great , congrats.
Kind Regards,

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!


Good concept & dev! :)


Really WoW Work ;) Nice Concept


Does theme support any kind of video? Homepage or in gallery?


Hello Bruce1,

At the moment you can place videos inside your blog posts. The next step will be videos inside the galleries. This feature will be available in the next update. Regarding the Homepage (slider) there will not be a video option there.

Best regards,


Hi, I am very interested in buying this theme but I wanted to know if it is compatible with RTL writing and with woo commerce? Thanks shira

Hi Shira,
Although in theory Woocomerce would work with most wordpress themes out there, we don’t provide any additional support for it. We designed it to be a photography portfolio theme, anything else is up to you if you’re up for it, because we didn’t want to complicate the theme with unnecessary features for most Photographers.

In regarding to RTL support, I haven’t tested it. If someone who bought the theme would request it, I would definitely add it to the needed-feature list. Are there any specific requirements you have in mind for it ?

I am using Firefox and the scroll on the About page is very very low. Can you please fix this?

It’s a known issue with IScroll ( the scrolling library we’re using ) and a Mousewheel in FireFox – I’m already on it :)


This Theme looks amazing, Good luck with your sales :)

Great theme, possibly in HTML in the future?

All I can say is maybe :)

is Password protection available for the Galleries?

Would you want to display them as “in the portfolio” or as separate pages (hidden from the navigation) ?

Hello! I just bought it and I love it however I do not know how to make a pricing column and my arrow doesn’t show on the homepage slider.

Hi Ashley, We’ll answer all your questions on our support forums at although most of the answers you’re looking for you can find in the documentation. By the way – I’m thinking of making a video about setup process and I would like to know which parts of the documentation you find confusing so that I can clarify that ;)

Also how do I get my photos in the slider to fill the screen like the Light demo? Mine scroll and I don’t want that.

How did you add the facebook, instagram widgets etc on the bottom main page?

Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!