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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know in case you didn’t already know, the Twitter widget that comes with the theme doesn’t work anymore.. I think Twitter updated their website or something so now most of the plugins on don’t work either.. I’m guessing it just needs a little update.. Just a heads up :)


I downloaded the new “plugins.js” file that was noted in the theme update and uploaded it via FTP .. It didn’t seem to do anything.. I also noticed it’s not working on your demo site either..

If you have any questions or trouble updating, please post them in the support forums. Note: The feed is working fine on the live preview. Make sure to clear your cache when updating.

It was the cache :P Thanks!


I bougth your theme and don’t understand why my homepage Slider do not work. You can verify on this link :

I did like you explained on vidéo and nothing.

May i get help please ?

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post any support questions through our support forum.

Note: We have a few threads discussing the slider so you should be able to find help quickly.


Hi guys, this is a pre-sales comment and set of questions too.

Firstly, I have to say this is a visually beautiful theme. I have spent hours and hours looking through hundreds of themes and it is without a doubt there in the top 5. Reason is, you have put more effort than most in to the quality of the “responsive coding”. It scales down beautifully and that can’t be said for around 70% of themes claiming to be responsive. The font choice and styling is a joy to look at – well done!!!

In slight contrast, there are a couple of options that are sadly missing that I hope you guys can add and also I hope you don’t mind me pointing out.

1)When the cart menu option is hovered (top-right) a intuitive window appears to show the contents of the cart. This is a feature that some of your main rivals have and saves people clicking through to their cart. Something simple like “vintage style theme” or “one cart” have (both are themes here on themeforest by the way).

2) A sortable filtering system for the portfolio – This beautiful effect really adds quality to the portfolio in that the items move around when sorted. You have this on your progressions studios website, I’d love to see it with this theme.

3) The “My account” menu options need to be hidden until a user logs in. before then, the menu should only display register / login. This would then change to account details when active.

I do a lot of reviewing for some of the major online site review pages so please don’t take criticism of the site – it is closer to perfect than over 95% I have dealt with. On a personal note I very interested to purchase it (if the functionality can be added).

Thanks for the feedback/questions. 1) We don’t intend on adding a ajax cart. There are a few plugins that do this and our intention was to keep the cart link as just a simple link. You can either add a plugin or use the WooCommerce Shopping Cart Widget. This Widget can be set to only appear if items have been added in the cart.

2) Yeah, we have a filter in the portfolio. See the drop-down on the top right of our portfolios that demo the filtering/navigation within portfolios.

3) You could hide the account menu item with some simple css. When logged in there is a body class of logged-in that you can target so you can just use display:none/block.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Thanks for reply guys.

1) Understand about the Ajax cart, thanks for clearing up for me. 2) I see what you mean about about the filtering but its a little different from what I was pointing out. There is a navigation but on the demo it switches between 2,3 and 4 column layouts of the portfolio. Depending which is selected, the portfolio loads a brand new page. I was wondering if it had the filtering capability where items float around, appear and disappear depending on which category you choose. As the Demo isn’t set up to show portfolio categories, does this mean this isn’t an option?

3) The simple CSS to do the display:none – I understand if the user is logged in there is a body class to target, but in this you want the menu to show so there is no need to target it, right? I can’t visualise how css could be used to hide the account menu if users are not logged in or unregistered. Wouldn’t this require a conditional somewhere in the backend functions?

Really sorry for the questions again guys and don’t think I’m picking.

2) The only option for filtering is displayed in the live preview.

3) The CSS would be very simple. If you have any trouble we would be able to help you out in our support forums.

Hi, I bought this item for an online shop in UAE . I want the currency to be display as “AED” and not ”$”. Can you please help me?


Base Country/Region – There is United Arab Emirates BUT in Currency, there is no AED or Dirhams.

Please post any questions in our support forums. We will answer the question promptly. Note: There will be a delay this weekend due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Note: If your country currency is not available by default in WooCommerce you can manually add it here. If you have any trouble using this code, just post on our support forums.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving day! :)

I wonder if I could make blog category page to have 2 colums. I’ve set Blog Index Column (Theme Options > Blog/Portfolio) to “2 column” and now my blog page has 2 columns, but blog category page still has only 1 column.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Go ahead and post your questions on our support forum:

I am extremely pleased with this theme. I’m by no means a coder and I was able to get my site up and running in a day. The Progression Studios team is extremely responsive on their forum and answered the questions I posted within hours. They also offered to go into my code and fix a few issues in order to see that I met my deadline. Highly recommend this theme and the Progression Studios gang.

Thanks for the great review! We are always happy to hear back from satisfied customers.

Hi! I have a question: can I sell downloadable products (ex: pdf, excel, word, etc files), which do not require inventory or shipping. Is this template set up for this kind of selling? If yes, how the customer receives the product? Going to a page from where she/he can download it (after purchase), or automatically receiving an e-mail (after purchase) with the link to the download?

Thank you!

Yeah, you can sell downloadable products using our theme. You can set it to an automatic download or a download link via e-mail notification. Here is additional information all about setting digital products (See “The order process” section):

This is all built-in to WooCommerce and support by our Camp Theme. Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Hi, how can I have it so that after adding a number of pictures they are in the pop-out so you can then go to each, at the moment I need to select the pictures from below the main picture to get that option of three pictures and if I click the main picture that all I see, no option to move onto the next.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post your support questions through our support forum.

Note: There should be next/previous buttons to navigate through the gallery by default. Make sure to include a link to your site when posting in the forum.

Hi I like the template to buy but, can you please let me know if it is possible to put the sidebar at left side? I also would like to know is there any dark template for this?


Yeah, you could move the sidebar to the left with two lines of CSS . If you needed any help, we would provide you with the snippet in our support forums. We don’t have a dark version of the theme although you could easily modify most of the colors into a dark version via the color pickers built-in to the options panel.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

This template has credit card payment method option? I mean, not by paypal, but only credit card.


Thanks for the reply. But I mean credit card not through paypal, but an option to put the credit card information directly on the website template.

Yeah, you would use this extension. Check out this video:

Note: There are also other extensions that handle this the same way like:

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi, I was wondering how I could make the header bg colour not fade to the whiter colour as it does by standard?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, jump onto our support forums for any support questions. I believe that question has been asked before. If you can’t find it, just start a new discussion and we will help you out promptly:


This is by far the most difficult theme I ever bought, it says its easy to easy and there are not even simple instructions how to use it, can you please help,, thanks :confusedsad:

You can find the documentation under the “Help Section” folder of your download. It’s in the first set of folders, you can’t miss it if you look for it. Please do not write a bad review just because you have ignored the documentation.

Also, we have a support forum that you can get help in. Please at least attempt to receive help before reviewing a theme.

where do you put the products? on a page, post or portfolio?


You can find the documentation under the “Help Section” folder of your download. It’s in the first set of folders, you can’t miss it if you look for it.

Products go under the Products post type. You will need to install WooCommerce (See documentation). If you need additional help, please use our support forums:

Hello -

I’ve read the help file and checked your support forum with no luck…

How can I enable breadcrumbs? I see the breadcrumbs file in the shop dir but can’t seem to find the option for them?

Thanks in advance!

We provide support via our support forums. Please post your question in the support forums:

Hello: First I want to thank you guys for such a great job you put on this project. I really like it.

Just two questions. Im not using the ecommerce version, just a simple web. Is there any way i could just turn off the mobile version when looking my web thru a cell phone. My site doesn’t look good after I changed a few things. I would like to be able to just to see it the way it looks on my desktop. Thank you so much….

Go ahead and post any questions on our support forums:

Note: We have a thread with directions on this. So if you visit the forum, you can check the latest Camp discussions. If you can’t find it, just post a new question.

Happy New Year! :3

Let’s say I want to change the height of the Slider in the homepage. Is that possible?

Thanks, James

Yeah, check out our support forums. We have a few threads with directions and help on how to adjust the slider height. It is very simple:


I am having problems getting the category images to all display at the same size. I have searched the support forum but cannot see anything there. The link is I have edited the functions.php for product thumbnail but it seems to be doing what it wants???


If you don’t see your question answered in the support forum, just post a new question and we will answer it promptly. Go ahead and post your question in our support forums:

Hi I really like this template and Id’ like to buy it but I have some questions: Does this template support multiply languages?If so do I need a widget or something? Is there a way to split the customers between mayor and minor buyer? Many thanks

1) Yes, you can make our theme multi-language using this premium plugin:

2) What do you mean split buyers between major and minor?

Sorry I didn’t explain very well :) I meant between wholesaler and particular(for example create 2 type of accounts with different settings)


That is not possible by default within WooCommerce. However, you can add this with an extension like this one:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

ok many thanks :)