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Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration is not working.

Woocommerce integrates google analytics events into add to cart buttons and ecommerce transactions on the thank you page. Woocommerce hooks into ‘woocommerce_thankyou’, ‘woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_button’ and ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’.

Your implementation of those hooks is blocking Woocommerce Google Analytics from functioning properly. Please fix this.

You can see the class here:
We provide support via our support forums. Please jump onto our support forums if you are having trouble using the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.


So close to buying this beautiful template but I have some pre-purchase questions first please:

1) Can the My Account Menu option on the menubar be disabled, not sure we’ll need it?

2) Our products will have quite a few attributes so for example

Black Dress – Large – $20 Black Dress – Medium – $18 Blue Dress – Large $22 Blue Dress – Small $15 etc…

Can you confirm that this pricing structure can be accommodated in your template?

3) Given the above is possible it would not make a huge amount of sense to have an ‘Add To Cart’ button on the Thumbnails on the shop page (or homepage) as there are so many options for individual products so can the ‘Add To Cart’ button be changed to ‘more info’?

4) How does the filter by price work? Does it use the text on the thumbnail boxes or does it go backend and sort all the prices that have been entered against all the attributes/product combinations? This is important but I can see the complication involved in getting it to work. My plan was to use a ‘Price: From $..’, with the From $.. being the lowest price per product, and that could be used for sorting purposes. Any insight here would be very helpful.

5) Finally, we are hoping to conduct all our business via paypal. Presumably this option is available and can be used in isolation of other payment methods?

Thanks very much, Kevin

1) Yeah, you can customize the menu easily. This is a simple option to add/remove pages including the My Account.

2) Yeah, that pricing can easily accommodate our theme and WooCommerce. This is built-in to WooCommerce and support by Camp.

3) You can change the index button to “Select Options” or “More Options depending on what you need. Our support forums has a thread listing how to achieve this (Editing one theme file for this, just a simple copy/paste of new code).

4) The price filter is basically a search form. You can actually see how it works in the URL. Example:
So based on the URL, it will pull from any products priced 0 to 100 dollars. Then of course when you are within categories, the URL string gets longer as it filters within the category.

5) Yeah, PayPal is the built-in payment method. You can turn on/off multiple payment methods or just have a single payment method such as PayPal.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I also have a few presale questions. I bought two other themes in the past week that couldn’t get me there… so hopefully you can:

1.) Is there a maximum amount of ‘alternate views’ pictures per product? 2.) Is there a gallery template? 3.) My client wants to post the ‘item of the week’ on the home page slider.. is this set up so a laymen can just click a checkbox or something to make a post go on the home page? 4.) My client uses Merchant Solutions.. and this is my first e-Commerce build.. I’ve purchased WP e-commerce as well as Gold cart a.) is this theme compatible b.) how much support do you offer in this area? Thanks

1) You can have an unlimited ammount of ‘alternate views’ per product. The images display in rows of 4. So after 4 images, it will start a new row.
2) Our galleries are create by a custom post type “portfolio”. You can see an example of this here:
3) The home page can display a specific “Featured Product”. If you want to change that to another category other than “featured”, it will require a minor code change. We have directions for this in our support forums.
4) We only support WooCommerce.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Also, feel free to send me an e-mail via my profile page contact form and I can provide you our documentation. This will likely answer any future questions.

I’d like to replace the slider in this theme with the Revolution Responsive Slider. Is it compatible?


Yeah, you could easily replace our default slider with the Revolution slider. There should be directions on how to use the Revolution slider in that documentation. If you have any other questions, please post them in our support forums:

Can someone please help me with the “Featured Products” part. I tried everything but I just cannot put that Featured Products part on my homepage. My homepage is pretty simple with just the slider and menu and nothingelse. I am trying to put that Featured Products and Latest Products on my homepage, Can anyone help me with this please?? Thanks!

Go ahead and post any questions on our support forums. We can help you out quickly with any theme related questions:

Hi there. Just one question. Is this theme compatible with the plugin “Product Bundles”, developed for WooCommerce by SomewhereWarm? If it’s not, is it possible to create bundle products in any different way?

Unfortunately we can’t recommend using the “Product Bundles” with this theme. You would need to use another solution.

Hi there. I would like to make the product font and size smaller. How do I do that? I mean the product fonts written just under the picture when you go to the shop, I would like to make them times new roman and in a smaller size, lets say 10.

Go ahead and join our support forums for any questions. We are happy to assist via the forums:

Hi there. Love the theme, but there seems to be some trouble in Chrome. The logo and the background on the menu aren’t loaded or doesn’t seem to exist. I have set them in the theme options, are you aware of the problem or is it something i did. I haven’t really configured anything in the the code. Here’s a link to the site:

Maybe you know what is going on or what could be the cause to the problem ?

The is only problems in Chrome (That i’m aware of).

We definitely support chrome. It looks like the logo you uploaded is the issue. Just jump onto our support forums and we can help you sort everything out:

First, I ABSOLUTELY love your theme! It’s hands down the best theme I have purchased here!

Second, how do I get the footer to extend to the bottom of my screen when I don’t have enough content to push it down?

Thanks, Stewart

Go ahead and send me an e-mail via my profile page and I will help you out.

I have a super quick question for you.. I’ve been waiting to see if there was a theme update to go along with the WP 3.5.1 update, but I haven’s seen anything. Do you know if everything will still work if I update WordPress? I just don’t want to update then have my site crash on me :)

Yeah, upgrade away :-). Everything has been tested and is working in WordPress 3.5.1.

Perfect, thanks!

The Camp: Homepage Featured Products widget is not working on my site. I have my products starred (or featured) in Woocommerce but they aren’t showing up.

Please help! The site is but you’ll need to contact me to get a login as it’s behind a coming soon page.


We provide support via our support forums. If you have any support questions, just jump onto our support forums:

I bought the theme and I really love it.

But I have a problem. The My Account, Checkout, and Track order and order received just go to dead end “This webpage is not available” pages. The Cart pages and everything else works fine. But just those crucial pages aren’t functional.

Help! What can I do to fix this?


Yeah, jump onto our support forums and post a link to your site. We will help you out. Should be an easy fix:
Our sites load fast on our end, as does Pingdom’s tester. Your location of can be a factor and connection speed. The homepage might load a tiny bit slower as we are using Retina Ready images (An option that can be disabled in the Options panel).!/tWjcg3Dqf/

Note: The sites that give performance ratings do not take into account many factors like eCommerce (don’t cache eCommerce pages), responsive layouts (scaled images), and retina ready icons/images. We recommend looking at page size and number of requests for a more accurate account.

Ready to purchase, Just one question. Is the compatible with 1shoppingcart eCommerce?

This theme works with WooCommerce as the eCommerce solution. We believe it is the best eCommerce solution for WordPress.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I have some presales questions: 1) Is it possible to deactivate the ecommerce functionnality? My customer wants a product catalog and not an eshop. 2) Is it possible to create a multilingual website with this theme? Which plugin do you recomment (qtranslate, WPML)?

Thank you in advanced.

Hi and thank you very much for your answer. About 1 and 2:: Does that mean that in order to deactivate the ecommerce functionality and so use the theme as a catalog I need to buy the add-on? Thank you in advanced for the clarification. Regards,

And sorry but I forgot, I have one more question: 4) Is it possible to create different product categories in case we use the theme as a product catalog? Thank you in advanced!

Yes, you would need to buy an add-on to use the catalog functionality. To not use any shop pages would require no additional add-ons.

Yeah, you can create as many Product Categories as you need.

Have you had a chance to check this theme on Safari (iPhone)? For some reason a table inside the cart page extends too far out. It does it on your live preview here too.

Yeah, we have tested it well in Safari on the iPhone. You can jump onto our support forums as we have a thread on this. The reasoning for the expanded page and how to adjust it if you want:

How can you select a specific product tab to be the default? Reviews for example.

This can be done with the Tab Manager:

We have directions on how to use the tab manager in our support forums. If you have any questions in the future, please post them in our support forums:

Got it. Here’s another problem which I do not know if you aware of. I use disqus comment system (which is quite popular) and when it is enabled, the review tab fails to work on your theme. Is there a way to fix this?

We provide support via our support forums. If you have any questions, jump onto our support forums:

I would like to use a different slider plug-in in place of the provided Camp slider. How do I deactivate the provided slider, and use a different one?

Jump onto our support forums and we can help out. It is easy to change sliders:

Hi…. bought the theme… nice work!

It seems that there may be one media query size missing. I want to keep the ul#login-header-area up top… and I can do that in the media queries up to 959px. But there is another change that takes place from REALLY wide to about 1130px – where it jumps down..

Can you tell me the proper media query code to put in my child theme stylesheet so I can target this particular viewport size?


Yeah, just jump onto our support forums and we can help you out with that. Note: Check out the /css/responsive.css for a list of all our media queries.

I use this theme. Are there any problems upgrading to WooCommerce 2.0?

Do not upgrade to WooCommerce 2.0 yet. . It is not backwards compatible so you cannot downgrade if you upgrade. We will be releasing an update to Camp in the next day or two that will support WooCommerce 2.0. Then you can feel free to upgrade your plugin.

Feel free to follow us on twitter or our support forums to find out when we release the update in the next 24-48 hours.