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Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Defatch :)

Hi, when you say this template is Mailchimp compatible does that mean it fully integrates with Mailchimp and can be used just like one of the Mailchimp provided templates? Thanks.

Something in this template appears to be preventing the standard Mailchimp archive function from working, e.g., |IFNOT:ARCHIVE_PAGE| |ARCHIVE|#article1” target=”_blank”>READ MORE |END:IF| |IF:ARCHIVE_PAGE|Archive text goes here|END:IF|

When you click on the Read More link it just opens a blank page with the same color background as the template and the standard mailchimp archive toolbar but no content. I’ve tried the same content in a Mailchimp provided template and it works correctly. I’ve also tried content that works correctly in another Mailchimp template in Campaign and it doesn’t work so it looks like the issue is with Campaign. Would be grateful for your prompt assistance as I need to get a campaign out tomorrow.


Ignore the above, found the problem, a missing END statement in the header.

Thanks ezysites :)

Tried to watch video, but could not hear your instructions. Thanks, M

Hi MarcMinkin,

Thanks for your comment. I will update a better video with clear voice shortly.


Hi MarcMinkin,

Thanks for your comment. I will update a better video with clear voice shortly.



I purchased your template and I really like it. Awesome job!

After sending out the emails today we got a complaint. When we send out an email which contains a background color (like Campaign), and the customer replies/forwards this email, they too attain ther background colour in Outlook. I know how to manually get rid of the background colour (Options > Page Colour > No Colour) although I was wondering if that could be automated.

Thank you!

Hi webmunka,

Thanks for purchase Campaign.

This is actually getting the color from emails background color. So if you do not want the color or get rid the color then simple you can change the color from any html editor or you can follow the solution you already have.

Please let me know if I can help you any other ways.

Thank you

Hi, can we use this template for “RSS-to-email” ?

I mean : in “WE KEEP YOU MOTIVATED, HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL” section, can i replace the text with this code :





And in “IT’S GOOD TO STAY WITH US.” can i replace this text with this code :


This template will consider RSS ? I mean, if i change the text of “IT’S GOOD TO STAY WITH US.”, i want an article per box, so, the template have to do a loop and put each article on a box.

Waiting for your answer and sorry for this long question.

Hi Abou_Soumaya,

Thanks for your interest on Campaign Template.

The template is flexible to work with RSS-to-email but you should have to know how to manage it by RSS. You have to maintain the tables within the loops so that it can work for it.