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Great Template.. & presentation… GLWS

thank you so much

Very Nice Email Template , GLWS !!!

thank you atlaspix :)

Very clean! Nice work

Thank you so much

many thanks :)

Is this email template compatible with icontact?

Yes it’s compatible with icontact .. we will include it in the description .. Thanks for noticing

Great, thank you!

Excellent Template , will buy this soon ..

Thank you so much LuxeThemes

this a very great email template , like it so much , good job

Thank you so much Ecomputing .

Hi, Sorry but i don’t think your email works as you think it will.

It may work when testing in a browser but when sending the email it hasn’t worked. The layout doesn’t change on my phone and it doesn’t view right in mac mail and microsoft exchange!

Little disappointed!

Will do. I will forward over the HTML. As soon as i took the responsive attributes out the email worked better. I also had to adjust where the bg colour was placed and add height and width to all the images in the HTML. But i will send over the edited version from your files where I just changed images and text.

I have sent an email over to your support email can you confirm you have received it?

Yes , Repliying to your email right now ..

Templates have formatting issues in IE (Images have border, height is forced to zero in full view) and so on. Has formatting issues when viewing on – looks better on Outlook 2010 but has issues on 2013.

I will also follow up through support.

Thank you for noticing , we will update the package and let you know .

To all our customers, Thank you for using Campaigner .

We have just Released a new Update for Campaigner that include new fixes for issues and bugs you have noticed .

if you have any question or you need support , email us at

Thank you again !

Hi there,

i just bought the templates and I am a bit disappointed. It will not work in getresponse. the format, background color and the last bar look strange. a I then tried with campaigner and here is another issue always says that there is no unsubscribe link in the template and when I even add the <unsibscribe> </unsubscribe> tags it still will not upload.

Hi woyteczek , Plaease contact support at support(@) and we will assist you with this one .

Thank you for using Campaigner .

well its just the footer who is not centered but appears on the left hand side, as well as the background color of the template does not show up

Hi woyteczek , Plaease contact support at support(@) and we will assist you with this one .

Thank you for using Campaigner .

hi there,

problem is on get response site…their wysiwyg editor is buggy!

Hi woyteczek possibly it may have issues with their website , you should try later .

Thank you for noticing , Good luck .

Great, great work :)

Thank you so much Sky-Production :D

Very ELEGANT email template . good job Promail

Thank you , appreciate your comment .

Hi, the MailChimp import doesn’t work. I follow steps as in documentation but template gets all messy once imported in MailChimp. Any advice on this? Thank you!

Hi jfgberube .. Thank you for noticing this issue .. we are fixing it and we are updating the item right now to be fully compatible with mailchimp and campaign monitor .

Tomorrow it will be available for download.

Thank you again .

When I import into Mailchimp it won’t allow me to change the picture at the top, as seen in layout 4. Not sure what the issue is…

Hi SceneStream , Thank you for using camapigner

We Have Updated the item right now , fixing all those issues .. it may apply today or tomorrow .

Thank you for noticing .

Sounds great. How does that work? Do I just come back here and download it again?

yes just come back and download again the package ..the update may take 1 day to apply .. you will be noticied via email .

Thanks again .

To all our customers

We have just Released a new Update for Campaigner 1.2 that include a new layout and some fixes for issues and bugs you have noticed in Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor .

if you need support , email us at

Thank you for using campaigner.

Hi, I just purchased this template but am disappointed with the email client support, in particular in Outlook 2007 – 2013 which has a huge market share. Please check this link for the Campaign Monitor test results:

Hello pebbledesign Pleas contact us at and we will assist you in everything . Thank you

The responsive on layout 9 doesn’t work at all. I don’t know about the others. I imported into Mailchimp and sent a test. The top main images height is screwed to be like 5px high on an iphone, then the readmore section goes REALLY BIG when it changes to have its own line. Like bigger then the image was originally.

Please fix or advise.

Hello pebbledesign the responsivity is working fine in all layouts… but any way pleas contact us at and we will assist you in everything . Thank you

It is not working fine in all layouts. I contacted your support last week and they said they had fixed it but there is no update. I really have to get some newsletters out and I am getting flack for it. Don’t buy this template until it is fixed. Certain images show up totally scewed when they go into responsive mode. Some show with no height, while others show up way bigger then they should be.

Don’t tell me it is working fine in all layouts when it isn’t. These are imported into mailchimp.,K3EMSU1#1,K3EMSU1#0

Hello Kebie, pleas note that we have sent you an email but we didnt receive any reply from your part…

and for the layout9 we are updating it right now but it need some time, pleas be patient and we ensure you the update will be available in the next 2 days

Thank you