Discussion on Campoal - Petition and Fundraising WordPress Theme

Discussion on Campoal - Petition and Fundraising WordPress Theme

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Is the script GDPR compliant?

Yes. GDPR compliant supported.

Thanks for a super quick reply!

Hello, I’m coming back because I would like to know if it is still possible to install the fundraising for my theme after purchase exactly like the demo. it must be identical to the demo especially the dashboard same thing.

I see that the price is also increasing

Yes. You get the demo exactly.


1. How do I add a currency switcher during creating a project? https://prnt.sc/-x3NKlFdmuaM

2. How do I charge the end user? I have bought your WordPress personal license, should I buy professional license from your website?

3. If I buy professional license, should I uninstall whole WordPress and fresh install or inputting the professional license will upgrade the features in the existing website?

You can inspect that element on browser. Then copy id or class of element and add a css to children theme to hide it.


.element {display: none;}

thank you, where do I change this button label? https://prnt.sc/nx42t75EGr71

Install Loco Translate plugin and create new translate for theme and plugin. You can edit any text via translation.

Hello! Nice code and well done, but I see a problem for google api and oauth, namely Signin canceled or not fully authorized error!I updated the old license and I have this error..


Sure you are using latest version and use new API Google Identity Servives


Google sign in still work fine on our demo.

Hello, I have installed the theme and trying to import the demo (Fundraiser-Gutenberg), i have tried several times its not importing the pages, i can only see Givewp pages. But during the import it says its 100% completed.


Changed the hosting provider too, still does not import. Please help

It’s not installation file. Please unzip to get installation file inside Theme folder.

Hello, I was able to import the demo theme, however the fundraiser home page is not visible under pages and when i am logged in and visit the home page, its showing home feed.

https://prnt.sc/2w5nMkA_X4H3 https://prnt.sc/55DAAVdlmFXg

Under pages, instead of fundraiser home page I can see Homepage Impact, where is Homepage Fundraiser? How do I edit the home page?

You can redirect homepage from Options / Homepage / Redirect after logged in

Does it have chip in function just like change.org


Have donation form after sìgn petition same like Chip feature.

Thanks one more question. Adsense supported?

I mean theme ad placing if not using auto ads

Yes. Have options to embed custom code. You also can use plugin to insert ads, have a lot of plugin allowed you do that.

I would like to know if I buy your theme can you configure Fundraising for me exactly like your demo?


Yes, you get exactly like demo.

Ok great I’m going to do it this week I lost my dad but after the funeral I’ll contact you please

Hello, I’m coming back because I would like to know if it is still possible to install the fundraising for my theme after purchase exactly like the demo. it must be identical to the demo especially the dashboard same thing.

I see that the price is also increasing

isn’t this theme compatible with elementor?

No. Elementor is old stack, we integrated with Gutenberg for better allowed you can use any Block Library to design your site.

oh, i get it. i thought it was compatible with wpbackery and it was not compatible with elementor, that would be disappointing because i think wpbackery is outdated and too bad to work with.

Hello, I want to buy this theme however, I need this only for fundraising, can I use elementor plugin to edit the website?

And also I would like to remove the petition section from the whole website, is this possible?

And also, can i remove the petition button from the bottom of the petition page and replace that with Contribute button?


1. You can use Gutenberg, it’s modern stack better than Elementor.

2. No, only possible swtich petition to fundraising from Options > General.

3. Petition wil convert to Contribute button when fundraising mode enabled.

Hello, I’m writing here because I opened I ticket in your support website. However, they gave me this answer “Please post your question to themeforest. Our website being hacked, you ticket will be remove now. Thanks”. Therefore I paste my ticket here.

Dear support team, I text you with a new ticket because I did not receive any answer to the previous one, In addition, I continue to experience several issues with your theme. Therefore, before I send a low rate in Themeforest for your theme, I try to send you again a few requests.

First, I have problems with widgets. The first time I edited the footer widget areas after the theme installation, everything was perfect. After that, If I add a footer widget, especially in the 3rd and 4th widget area I experience problems with the widget title. Specifically, the title is not entirely visible. For instance, if I use the social widget (the same one I already used, and that works) by assigning the title “Follow us”, and I set it as visible for a language only, then the title of this widget will be partially visible – e.g. only “Fo” or “Foll” will be visible. Also, I tried to apply the languages switchers widget in the footer widget area. Apparently, the widget was applied. However, a few functions created confusion, e.g. if I tick the “flag” function with the dropdown modality, nothing happens. But the more serious matter, with the languages switchers widget, is that both the dropdown and the text-link modality correctly appear in the footer widget area, but if I click on them nothing happens, and the webpage does not move to another language. How can I solve these problems in the footer widget areas?

Second, It is impossible to customize a single menu item. I tried to assign a CSS class to the single item I want to customize in the “edit menu” area of WP. And then I used the CSS customization area to customize it. But the assigned class seems to be not working. How can I solve it?

Third, a similar problem is also visible for the icon in the “edit menu” area. I assigned a few icons in some menu items, through the “Icon name” option. However, it does not work. How can I solve it?

Fourth, it is impossible to find an option to enable or hide the “back to top” button for mobile. Where can I find it? I saw this option a few weeks ago, but I cannot find it right now. However, it did not work in mobile even if it was enabled in the theme customization options.

Fifth, I created some buttons with links on the same page through #ID. The links work but on mobile, they created a few problems. Specifically, on mobile, if I click the button with the #ID links, and then I scroll up the page, it seems like the page is shorter and scrolled to the top. The result is that images at the top of the page scroll under the menu and appear to be cut off. How can I solve this problem?

Sixth, I don’t need the global selection button in the language switcher. So, I used “.ui.fluid.dropdown {display:none;}” to make it invisible. However, is there any other a better option in the theme customization area?

Seventh, I tried to customize the contact form 7 submission button. It is seriously impossible! I tried both by assigning specific classes and by using customization options. Or even I tried through ID attributes function in the contact form 7 area. But there seems to be any kind of solution to customize the button. How can I do that?

I look forward to hearing your feedback. I hope you can help me with these issues.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards.


1. Try write title in somewhere and copy that to widget title or type and delete random charecter before update, it’s common issue of block editor.

2. What is language plugin you use? If you use GTranslate plugin, It’ll translate via Google translate so it’ll take a lite time. If it’s Polylang you need translate that page to make it work.

3. You can override CSS by ”!important” in your code. If class exist in item, you can find the way to override it.

4. Sure you are enter correct icon name from Semnatic UI https://tppr.me/J1Q75 https://semantic-ui.com/elements/icon.html

5. You should assign #ID for other element that above target element.

6. You can control language switcher visibility from Options > Header > Top menu.

7. You can enter class for contact form 7 by Semantic Ui classes. refer document: https://semantic-ui.com/elements/input.html

Hello I do not know why when I install the theme Fundraiser it comes with the dashboard competition see image https://prnt.sc/fVKKx-lYM6Nq and https://prnt.sc/Xf6A_wXDIZe5 and re keep for your demo https://prnt.sc/Gy9JWtIfzlzv and https://prnt.sc/3cKejBNz37dO I would like to know how to remedy this.

thank you

1. Find a plugin called Hide toolbar

2. Uninstall Woocommerce

I would like to know if I buy your theme can you configure Fundraising for me exactly like your demo?



bzemla Purchased

I am running the green theme, and I can not figure out where to change the button color for the “Learn More” call to action on the front page hero. Just right of “Start a petition”. Im able to change start a petition. Thank you

Learn more button color fixed with primary button color. You should disable hero from Homepage option and start build new page with Gutenberg editor.

want to buy but this looks abandoned

Hello dear conikal team when will you big update ? thanks regards

please update latest version on themeforest i think buy thanks

it is included commission feature ?

We have updated latest version via Automatic Update.

Yes. But you should consider buy Professional plan on website.

DO you have this Them in HTML? If No, Can it be worked into HTML. Thanks

I know that. I need the entire Project on HTML. so i can convert to PHP. Can you rework it to HTML?

Are you there? Is my request doable?

Unfortunately, we no plan to release HTML version. You can use tools to convert into HTML manually. Our theme use Semantic UI you also can get their docs to build your site.


mfx1 Purchased

as a customer i dont see why you should ignore my support ticket for a long time now. how would you feel buying a product and you havent been able to make money from the product because of bugs and issues here and there and you ignore my support ticket.


mfx1 Purchased

This is not fair. i have not made a single kobo since i bought this plugin because of issues here and there. why are you people doing me like this.


What is your ticket ID? We’re received too many ticket this time. Maybe I forget your ticket.



mfx1 Purchased


Hi, Since October 10 your theme has not received any updates, when is this scheduled for?


Good morning, I would like to know if it is possible that at the time of payment I can have this kind of proposal for donors see the captures:

https://prnt.sc/sG9D96NApFkN https://prnt.sc/xwREjBk4YEeM https://prnt.sc/1QGB7395AHGS

I would like each donor to be able to offer us a tip or not to charge the campaign organizers.

we want to offer our services thanks to the donors who leave a tip.

This feature depends on Give, you can hire a developer create an add-on allow tips on donation.

But charge fee on campaign is required because you – website owner is who receive payment so you need to pay transaction fee for payment gateway like Paypal is 5%. If you not, you lost money.

Hello, Thank you for your feedback for the transaction fee I know that it must be paid and it will be deducted from the amount of the organizer’s kitty before making the payment. And you can not create this feature if I pay you.

Thank you

Hello dear conikal team

The theme looks nice in terms of design, but it has a lot of bugs in terms of functionality. I am sharing the errors I saw on the demo

1. There are many errors in your campaign comment system. Why is the user not commenting after logging in? Unregistered users can comment and when I click on their avatar I get silly links and empty links. (User must comment after registering and logging in, user links must show user profile page and comments must appear on his profile.

2. Widgets to load smoothly must be reprogrammed.

3. Although there is 2FA in the user profile, there is an empty section when I click it.

You need to fix these bugs in the next version, yes no one wants to buy a theme full of bugs. I hope you will fix these bugs in the next version. Also, does your theme generally use the givewp donate plugin? Thanks. Kind regards.

Hello again dear conikal team

1. yes okay

2. one user review : I have also check all demos and admin access your theme, thats way I’m purchase your theme.. but when i install theme face widget and theme lots of errors..

3. When I tried, such a popup did not open on the demo.

And as a follower of campoal you used to update regularly and now you haven’t updated for 4 months. Is this theme dead? Or when is the next big update?

Thanks Regards

2. It’s dishonest review, they try to downplay our product even they never install it.

3. Try test review on Impact demo with new account.

4. The last update is 2 months ago via Automatic Update, I still bug fixes when customer reported via Support Desk.

We have bugs fixed and development over 5 years before publishing on themeforest, not publish then bugs fixes.

Thank you very much for your all information. best sales !

Preorder question.

I’ve played around with the demo, and must say the theme seems pretty solid. However, I found a bug that is super annoying and keeps me from wanting to buy this.

This bug is appearing when you make a petition. When you fill in the “content”-form on the site it bugs out and is being super annoying. It’s not really letting you add anything to the form unless you use double spacing because it just jumps back.

I’m testing it from my phone, but still this should not be happening.

Can anyone fix this?


I try type on editor It’s still work fine. I guess your typer software it’s conflict with markdown editor.

You can switch to wordpress’s classic editor from settings panel if you want. https://tppr.me/KgRX https://tppr.me/r2eK2


jdunns4 Purchased

Pre-sale question – any chance we could have a “Share on LinkedIn” option for the petitions? Would buy this in a heartbeat then!

Possible, we can custom that button via children theme.


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