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Hi there the theme works fine on a computer but it’s not showing the menu or slider on a mobile phone

Hi there,

First thing you may want to double check is that both of the “menu locations” have been set in Appearance > Menus > Location.

Then make sure that the “hide the slider” option for Mobile Visibility hasn’t been set for the Revolution Slider > Edit Slider > Mobile Visibility.

If you are still running into issues, feel free to file a ticket with a temporary login, link to your site, device(s) that you are experiencing this on (ie. iPhone 5) and a screenshot of these items:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi. I have a problem with the fonts. It says that the font used in menus and other stuff is “Museo Slab” but it doesn’t appear. How can i activate it?

This is my site, thanks.

Hi Historiador81,

Check out “Step 7. Setting Up Your Typography” in the “Campus – Full Start Guide.PDF” found in the complete download package of Campus WP.

If you are still having issues, please file a ticket with our support forum so that we can provide some screenshots and get a login if need be :)


What the easiest way to adjust the size of the tagline font?

Hi Eseidler,

Try adding/modifying this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS panel:

#section-tophat .tagline {
  font-size: 14px;

Hi Ihere I would like to know if there is a way I can increase the logo section so the logo I uploaded can show well without being automatically reduced to fit the set size—The logo looks funny and tiny and I want a bigger logo to show

Hi YouthVillage,

Thanks for the question. You should be able to load any sized image for the logo area for Campus. The logo is only being re-sized for mobile so that it becomes responsive along with the other content. With that said, the max-width is the same max-width as the content container (1120px) so resizing will happen based on this width if the logo is larger/wider than this.

Do you have a link that we can check out? You may also want to file a ticket with our support system so that we can get a login to check out what might be going on in the backend.

Love the powerful options included with the theme. Followed instructions to change font to museo slab but does not show up in the drop down menu. I tried to register on the support site using Facebook and can’t get in to post ticket. Please help

Thank you

Hi Rouseout!

Thanks for the heads up. I have this noted for the next update, but for now try adding this to the Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS panel:
.sf-menu > li > a {
  font-family: "museo-slab",serif;
If you are still having issues, please include a link for me to check out. You can also file it as a private ticket over here if you like:


Thanks for the reply.. The font shows up correctly in firefox, but not on safari and google chrome. Any ideas? Thanks again

Hi Rouseout, If you are still having issues please include a link to your site and a login (if necessary) so that we can further diagnose the issue over at our dedicated support forum:

Does this theme support Arabic? and right to left design?

Hi Osmansafdar!

This theme is ready for translation but still requires you to actually do the translating (either manually or though a plugin) as I don’t speak any language other than English. The right to left design is something that I can work on but will basically require an additional CSS file (rtl.css) or a plugin to support this change: In summary though – we’re following the official WP codex on providing the proper code markup for this – there’s not much actual support that we can do here as we’re all English-only speakers though.

FAQ on Translating:

Hope that helps! Charlie

Nice theme! Can you tell me if it’s compatible with WP 3.8 (the latest version)?

Hi Ember7,

Yep, the theme is working fine on my WP 3.8 install. I have an update on my timeline when we get back from break that should fix a couple small styling issues on the backend that WP 3.8 has caused, but other than that I haven’t had any reports of 3.8 breaking any functionality within the theme.

If you purchase the theme and do run into issues, we definitely want to know about them. This way we can provide some on the spot help and also included these notes in the next update. Just file a ticket with our dedicated support forum if you run into any issues:

Cheers! Charlie

Loving the Theme, but just have a couple pre-purchase questions.

1- Will there be a Faculty/Team custom post time coming out anytime soon 2- Can the mobile navigation minimum screen size be increased (ie- so it displays on Portrait iPad view?) 3- Will the Mobile Navigation become more stable? As I have noticed on screens smaller that 480px the headers “hamburger” menu button becomes sticky and scrolls with page becomin unstable. Would prefer a Push Side navigation but can always add feature later.

Thank you for your time,

Hi Wurzy05,

Thanks for the quesitons!

01: We have some new features that we are discussing right now. I can add this to our notes as a feature request, but right now I don’t currently have this specific feature timelined. With that said, it looks like there might be a couple plugin options that might help you with your request. Just took a brief look and found this for you:

02: The responsive framework that we’re using can be found here: The default breaking points for each device can be found in skeleton.css and custom theme styles for each device can be found in theme.css, or you can turn off the responsiveness completely by modifying a line in header.php. If you are looking to modify what’s included in the theme (or featured on the demo), you may want to hire a freelancer to make sure that this functions exactly the way that you like.

03: What device are you seeing this on? Remember that using a desktop to diagnose breaking points can be really helpful but isn’t always exact for every device. Refreshing the page (after you re-size the page to a specific breaking point) will help with this. The best way to manage device viewing is by replicating this on that device. I am happy to look into this further, but I’ll need some screenshots and device information to be able to troubleshoot this if you are seeing something specific/broken. Again, if you want to customize the layout and how things look from the default theme in responsive mode you may want to touch base with a freelancer.

Cheers! Charlie


Thank you for the detailed responses!

1 and 2 are things I can work out with my team.

3 was experienced while on my iPhone 5s. Charlie,

Thank you for the detailed responses!

1 and 2 are things I can work out with my team.

3 was experienced while on my iPhone 5s.

Installed the theme on fresh WP 3.8 installation, can’t get Visual Composer to work…keeps asking for a license that I can’t find on the site. Any ideas?

Hi Xpompol,

You only need a license to get automatic updates. You shouldn’t need a license to use the Visual Composer that is included with this theme.

The developer’s license, (which we are using) along with permission from the plugins author, grants us the privilege to include the Visual Composer with this theme. This means that our theme users can use this helpful tool, they just don’t get automatic updates from their admin panels.

You might ask, “then how do I get an update to this plugin?” Because the licensing agreements, we are able to provide you with regular updates to plugins in the form of theme updates, provided here. We release these as needed based on stability, need, and feature releases.

If you are still running into issues or questions, please file a ticket at our dedicated support forum and include a screenshot of the prompt that you are seeing, a description of when it happens (so that we can try replicating this on our end) and possibly a temp login so that we can actually take a look at the issue that you are seeing.

Support Forum:

If this the message you are seeing:
Hola! Please activate your copy of Visual Composer to receive automatic updates.
This is simply a prompt for standalone users and can be dismissed with the x at the top right of the prompt, but should not in any way inhibit the plugin or your ability to use it as we are in the theme.

Cheers! Charlie

I’m impressed with the features offered and considering a purchase for my university’s faculty project. Can u pls let me have a link of a finished website using this theme (without any privacy issues with any of yr buyers) for my further consideration. Also, can I adjust the high of header section further as I have to accommodate the university name plus the faculty title in there. Yr prompt reply is much appreciated.

Already purchased the theme! Will there be any issue if I use WampServer to customize the theme in my localhost before I deliver the finish product to my client? Yr kind advise is much appreciated.

For yr info, the university had their own server/hosting and the admin didn’t give me excess to their server freely. This is my 1st time using wordpress and I usually sent them a complete html files for uploading to their server for my previous project (i.e.

Hi Haidisafian,

The workflow is completely up to you. I completely understand working on a localhost prior to uploading to a true server, but localhosts will always be a bit of a wildcard since they are not actual servers and don’t always replicate the environment perfectly. I’ve tested Campus in several different environments including a localhost and the main issue that you’ll run into with the local host is an API conflict (which we are loading to help users with there font selections). Since the very nature of a localhost is local, the Google Fonts API will show some cascading errors as it tries to connect.

To work around this, simply de-register the script by navigating to functions.php and commenting out lines 119 to 166. This means you will need to manually add in your non-client font families while on your localhost.

Hope this helps! Charlie

I am trying to load the widgets.wie file but I dont have the widget import\export. We have had trouble loading the demo content. we have it in now but its just the pages. i cant edit the widget space, the pics that were in media are all gone. Please help!

Hi Citychurchno,

You can find the Widget Import/Export plugin in the Plugins > Add New directory, or inside of the WP Campus/Plugins folder. This is a necessary plugin if you would like to import the demo widgets. If you are still having issues with importing the Demo-Content.xml file, please file a ticket at our dedicated support forum with a link and login so that we can take a look:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi Citychurchno,

You can find the Widget Import/Export plugin in the Plugins > Add New directory, or inside of the WP Campus/Plugins folder. This is a necessary plugin if you would like to import the demo widgets. If you are still having issues with importing the Demo-Content.xml file, please file a ticket at our dedicated support forum with a link and login so that we can take a look:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi Citychurchno,

You can find the Widget Import/Export plugin in the Plugins > Add New directory, or inside of the WP Campus/Plugins folder. This is a necessary plugin if you would like to import the demo widgets. If you are still having issues with importing the Demo-Content.xml file, please file a ticket at our dedicated support forum with a link and login so that we can take a look:

Cheers! Charlie

Great looking theme! I’m thinking about getting this for our college, but had a few questions first:

1.) Can we use a child theme? We would be definitely be doing some customization, so I want to make sure that doesn’t get lost every update. 2.) I noticed you said all but the premium sections were GPL; just to clarify, if we want to add a widget area or redesign the header or something, would that be okay?

Thanks for your help! Matt

Thanks Matt!

It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on the situation. Brandon is simply GREAT and has some awesome philosophies regarding WP, Users, Authors, Design and the Web. That book might be a little older but the main ideas behind that book should be really helpful.

I personally might stay away from “custom post types” but adding custom fields to posts is pretty easy as is adding custom templates. There are also some plugins out there that can help by handling this added functionality. I generally lean toward having plugins handle the additional functionality of something, and having themes provide a starting place for styling, framework, and core integrations/functionalities.

The original idea behind this theme was to offer across the board functions that can (and most likely will) be used for any business (portfolio, blog, lightbox, visual composer), and let third party plugins handle the extended functionality.

With that said, I plan on revisiting this along with doing some updates to some of my older themes in the near future. I have a packed schedule right now but I am making notes based on user feedback.

Just in case it helps, here is some info to get you started if you wanted to add a custom template: You can use the Default Template (page.php), Blog Page Template (template-blog.php) or Portfolio Page Template (template-post-grid.php) as a starting place. Just open one > change the “Template Name” (first couple lines) > and re-save as a new name (ie. template-classes.php) > and finally make sure this file exsist in the same folder as the others. If you go to the front end you should see the “new” template. Then you can modify the heck out of the file. Since this file does not exist in the core files, you run little to no risk to maintain this template in future updates (you’ll just need to add it back in).

Cheers! Charlie

Wow, thanks for the tips! Yesterday I figured out how to get the courses displaying the way we’ll want. I’ll mess with setting up filters, etc. when I get the chance. Anyway, just bought the theme, really looking forward to getting it set up. Thanks again! -Matt

Awesome Matt! Feel free to shoot me over any questions that you or your team run into.

Cheers! Charlie

Hello, have version installed – looking to update the theme to v3.1.1.3 – what is the best way to do this without losing anything?

Hi Lindensc,

Here are some resources:

Time To UPDATE The Theme? Great Idea! –

If you are coming from a 3.1.0.x version –

Let me know if that helps and if you run into any issues. Charlie

Hello, I bought the Campus theme and really like building our website with it. I have a question about the search bar in the tophat section. I would like it to display as the full width search bar, but cannot figure out how to turn off the action that closes it. Could you assist me with this? Thanks!

I solved the issue with a CSS change, so no need to respond.

Pre-purchase question. This theme seems to run slow on my computer. Is there any concern I should have? I see there are no other people expressing this concern. Thank you.

Hi Malljess,

I could be the ThemeForest iFrame… Try this link:

Page speeds are a combination of several factors. I’m not sure what your load time looks like, but I’m not seeing anything out of the norm on my end.

Cheers! Charlie


good work here…its as solid in the admin panel as it is good looking round the front. Couple of questions please:

How would I remove the grey border around the images and revolution slider? I understand that I can change the CSS, but is it possible to have a code to place into the CSS editor, so I can do updates easily?

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to upload certain plugins like the widget one…I may be wrong, but your documentation may be showing the layout of an earlier version of wordpress?

Hi Micatuca,

01: Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS panel and add this snippet:
.rev_slider_wrapper, #section-page-caption {
  box-shadow: 0 0 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important;
  padding: 0px !important;

02: Very likely, but the workflow should be the same. If you are still having issues with this I’d be happy to help. Just file a private ticket here: with a temporary login and the exact name of the Widget or Plugin that you are having issues with.

Cheers! Charlie

Cheers Charlie, that script worked perfectly.


i’ve purchase this cool themes. everything i did as teach in the documentation is done perfectly. my problem is: 1) each time i create a new page, there is a “leave a reply” section below the page,which is slightly on top of the footer section. How do i remove the section? example of the page is: 2) for the font option, the font works good. Font on the Menu Bar used “museo slab” but the dropdown menu seems like do not use the similar font. please advise

Hi Zulhelmi,

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work. Maybe I am unclear on this one… it looks to be working fine for me:

Any chance I can get some clarification on the specific element, endgoal, login, etc. over here:

Cheers! Charlie

ok charlie. thanks anyway. its not a major concern for my client. but for me, it is slightly a hiccup. hehe. much appreciate your support time though

Keep me posted, I am happy to help if you can provide me with a way to replicate the issue and some additional information


have 2 questions here. is it on mobile version, the tophat dropdown section is not visible?

and i cannot access the menu in mobile version. the responsive mode works perfectly but the menu is not working. i cannot expand/navigate the menu


tq TI, it works perfectly


I would like to purchase this theme but I want the html version. Is it possible to have the html version as well?

Hi Webzilla,

I apologize but there is no HTML version of this theme. With that said, the WordPress Version is very easy to use but I understand wanting to work on an HTML site if that is what you are use to.

Cheers! Charlie