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how to make post page like this?

there are two sidebar on this page. is it a page or is it a default post page? appreciate your feedback

regards, helmi

Hi Helmi,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve posted an answer to your question here: –

How do I choose the “Secondary Post/Page Sidebar 2” in my posts? I have the option in Pages, but it’s not there in Posts. The only option I find is to remove the sidebar (under Skeleton Post Options).

Hi Ember7,

Thanks for the question. This option is available for the Default Page and Blog Page Templates, but doesn’t exist for the Post options. I have this noted as a feature request for the next update though. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you can send me a ticket over at I’ll see what I can do about providing a quick update including this some time in the next week.

Cheers! Charlie

I went ahead and added Custom Sidebars so that I could add that option, and it works. Thanks!

Thanks for the update! I originally thought you were referring to adding dual sidebars to the posts ;) Glad you got that worked out.

Hello we are am really looking forward to the

Shopping / eCommerce | Coming Soon | TBD
Will you include WooCommerce?

Hi Popgroup,

Thanks for the question! I am planning on spending some time on Campus in my next round of updates. I will take a look to see if I have the time to include this eCommerce/WooCommerce integration with this, but right now I have other updates that I’m going to be focused on.

Thanks again for the question! Charlie


got a few questions about the theme:

Campus Theme – Junk Collection

- Top Hat banner dropdown image distorts on mobile & doesn’t drop down. - Back to top doesn’t display/hasn’t installed, don’t know how to fix this. - Top dropdown text and footer text colour options are over written by content text colour – we would like to use a darker content text colour and light footer and top header text colour. - Images in footer are not responsive on iPad – They overlap. - The H1 is not bold, whereas the rest of the titles are bold…how can we change these?

Hi Micatuca,

Please file this at our dedicated support forum with screenshots, a link, and possibly a login so that we can take a look at this:

Cheers! Charlie

How can i change the colour of `tabbet tour section` and `toggle element for Q&A block` ? Both text and header colours? When i add FAQ into tabbet tour section, header of the FAQs and backround of tabbet tour section are same, so i need to change it

Hi Wirelisa,

Thanks for the question! I linked these colors to the primary/secondary colors in the last update. If you are still seeing issues with this please let me know. This is pretty basic to keep things simple for the majority of users, but if you would like to do some custom styling to this right now the best way is going to be with a quick snippet.

I am happy to take a look, offer some thoughts, and come up with a starting snippet to help out, but I am going to need a link (to the element in discussion) and an endgoal to work with. Just file this at our dedicated support forum ( so we can get some of these details and provide you with some more hands on support :)

Cheers! Charlie

Please have a look at this page : I have used tabs, how can i chance text colour which is inside of tabbet content? And also when i add toggle element inside of tabs, colour of Toggle title and the backround of the page are same. If you check the page, you will understand what i mean. How can i change these colours? Please check this pic:

Hi Wirelisa,

For the general content color, you can do this a couple different ways but to save you some time, try adding this to your Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS panel:

/*  - Starting Content Color Within Tabs Section -  */
.wpb_tabs {
  color: #FFFFFF;
/*  - Toggle Titles Within Tabs Section -  */
.wpb_tabs h4.wpb_toggle {
  color: #FFFFFF !important;

Then edit the #FFFFFF with your own hex color:

If you still need help, please file this here:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi ive been trying to import the demo.xml file … it keeps saying cant import media or will just load for ever after clicking submit. Ive already tried zipping it in different formats and many other things. Im using a local wordpress site on wamp

Hi there, let’s keep this going over here:


Hello, I tried to make the Body Text Color a bit darker, so that it is easier to read. But then I noticed that the Text with the dark blue background also got darker. It appears that this is exactly the same style. I like a bit higher contrast for both. So the Text with the light background shall become darker and the text with the dark blue background shall become lighter. How do I change that?

Hi popgroup,

Thanks for the question.

First, use the color options to manage the primary text colors.

Then, you can try a couple different ways to manage these individual colors (within the dark blue Featured and Tabs Sections). Navigate to that page/post > find/open the text module that you are using to add this text > highlight the text > then edit this text color with the text color option (see,IkAgcjb#0 and,IkAgcjb#1)

Beyond that you can use some custom CSS, but try that first ;) If you still need help, please file this here:

Cheers! Charlie

Hello, I am a Nigerian based in Nigeria. I was about making payment for this theme via my mastercard since i don’t have paypal account; there is no ‘Nigeria’ on your country listing on payment form. How can I get or purchase this theme. Please reply ASAP.

Hi urbanman01,

Thanks for checking out the Campus theme. Unfortunately, I can’t help much with this since authors don’t personally control the payment side of the site. For more help, please file a ticket with Envato Support:

For more information on Getting Started:

Best of luck! Charlie


Thanks for this great theme,

I want to learn how can I add footer widgets and studen login area like in your demo? And also how can I make logo and menus at the centre of theme again like in your demo? Thanks…

Can you help me?


Hi mtotrakan,

I recommend starting by following the Campus – Full Start Guide.PDF included with the theme download package to install the demo. Then you can change, modify, and delete anything that you don’t need.

Widgets for the Footer area, and the Flag Dropdown, can be managed in Appearance > Widgets. The number of columns that the Flag Dropdown has can be managed in Appearance > Theme Options > Header Options.

Menus locations can be managed in Appearance > Menus > Locations, but if you haven’t imported the demo-content.xml or created your own menus, you’ll need to still do this.

If you need more help with these or the logo, please file a ticket at our dedicated support page:

Cheers! Charlie

Hi Webcentre,

Thanks for the question! Sensei says that it’s compatible with any theme and since this is a premium plugin/extention I am fairly certain that they can provide some support to help out with the details of integrating this:

Cheers! Charlie

There are full-page options correct? Instead of having a sidebar.

Yep, there’s a full width option for each of the specialty page templates by turning off the sidebar(s) in the page options:

Default Page Template:

Blog Page Template:

And the Portfolio Page Template is only full width:

I purchased the template Campus | Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme to install I get the following error:

Unpacking the package … Installing the theme … The package Could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

‘What should I do?

Claudio A Endara

Hi Claudio!

Thanks for the question!

A theme upload that is missing a style.css file usually comes from the wrong file being uploaded or the original (non-un-zipped) folder being upload. Not to worry, this does happen. When you download the theme-download-package from themeforest, you’ll want to make sure to extract all of the files from the downloaded zip file. Then, if you are uploading via the WP Admin panel, you’ll want to upload the file found in Campus WP > Theme Zip folder. Here are some notes from the Campus-Full Start Guide.PDF include with the theme.

Step 1. Theme Installation
1.1 Download and Upload Theme via the Standard WordPress Zip method or via the FTP Method
It all starts here! Download the theme package from > Account > Downloads and extract files from the Zip folder. Then upload the theme files and activate the theme itself. The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:
• Standard WordPress Theme Upload: Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Hit “browse”, and select the zipped theme file that you will find in the Theme Zip folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.
If you run into any issues uploading using the method above, you can use this alternate method:
• FTP Upload: Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped Theme Files folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.
Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your chosen theme.

We also have a video walk-through on the process that I did a while back called “Installation Process”:

And there are also a couple of FAQs on this:

For more help, let’s keep this going over here:

Cheers! Charlie


I’m updating my site using a localhost, so apologies that I can’t share a link.

I would like to replace the background behind the slider to an image. Is this possible with this theme?

I would also like to know if it is possible to have the slider orientated to the left or right and a side menu put next to it.



Hi hednesfordking,

Thanks for the questions.

01: I may need some clarification on this, but there are a couple answers that I can provide for you. The background behind the homepage slider in the demo can be manage in Appearance > Theme Options > Skin Builder > Scroll down to the Body Color/Body Image options. This will change the color for the entire body section though. There is an additional option for Content-Box Color/Content-Box Image for sliders that may be within the content area.

There is also an option to set a default background color/image for the actual slider in WP Dashboard > Revolution Slider > Slider Settings > Appearance.

If this is not what you were thinking, please let me know by filing a ticket at our dedicated support forum with some screenshot of elements and endgoals so that we can have a better idea of what you are trying to achieve:

02: Sure, but you’ll need to forgo the Header Slider option for that page and build it with the page builder included with the theme. Basically you’ll want to add a row > allocate the columns based on what you would like it to be (ie. 2/3 + 1/3 or 1/4 + 3/4) > then add in the Revolution Slider module (probably to the first column section) > then add a text module (or some other appropriate module like WP Custom Menu) in the second column section. You can also use a Widgetised Sidebar module and use any widget managed in the Appearance > Widgets panel. The only other note that I will add is that you may want your slider width to match the width of the column that you are adding it to keep everything clean.

If you have any other questions or need some additional follow up, please let me know here: so that I can include some screenshots to help out.

Cheers! Charlie

I’m having issues with the Visual Composer plugin. I would like to remove it and start over (I purchased a separate license). Can I do so and if so, how best to do it. As it currently stands I cannot update it properly (nor deactivate it) from the WP dashboard. I cannot share FTP credentials as I don’t have access, but I can ask our web guy to remove the appropriate folders. If I do (temporarily) remove the plugin, it won’t impact the pages I’ve built thus far will it? Thanks!

Hi media_maverick,

You have several options here. If you have a standalone license, and you would like to not have the theme force activations or require the plugins, you’ll need to navigate to functions.php and set all of the necessary statements for the Layout Builder section to false (lines 776 – 785):
            'name'                  => 'Layout Builder', // The plugin name
            'slug'                  => 'js_composer', // The plugin slug (typically the folder name)
            'source'                => get_stylesheet_directory() . '/functions/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/', // The plugin source
            'required'              => false, // If false, the plugin is only 'recommended' instead of required
            'version'               => '', // E.g. 1.0.0. If set, the active plugin must be this version or higher, otherwise a notice is presented
            'force_activation'      => false, // If true, plugin is activated upon theme activation and cannot be deactivated until theme switch
            'force_deactivation'    => false, // If true, plugin is deactivated upon theme switch, useful for theme-specific plugins
            'external_url'          => '', // If set, overrides default API URL and points to an external URL
You can also just delete this or comment it out, but I would recommend just setting these to false. Then you can deactivate/delete the plugin version that comes with the theme.

(Note: because this is an update to one of the core theme files, this will be overridden in the even of an update. Not a big deal, but I recommend keeping a record of any core files changes, so that you can add these back in quickly if/when you update.)

This (removing this plugin) should note affect the theme… With that said, if you have built pages with the plugin – as long as the plugin remains deactivated/deleted you will still have the shortcodes used by that plugin remaining as text, since they aren’t being read by anything. Essentially, yes, this will affect these pages build with Visual Composer until it is reactivated via your version (which I think was the root of the question).

(Note: pages built with older versions of Visual Composer may show a “Convert to New Version” prompt when opening the page. This will happen regardless of the theme and is specific to the version updates that Visual Composer provides (for you and us). This doesn’t happen for everyone but I wanted to notate it. It’s not a huge deal, but I have personally had to deal with this when working for a couple of clients. First, always always backup your site. For pages you’ll want to navigate to Tools > Export and export the pages via the XML file that the WordPress default provides. If your site is live, I would recommend not converting right away. I would just rebuild this page or copy the text markup (including the shortcodes) and pasting it into a new page to workaround the conversion. You can try converting also, but if things don’t quite lineup, you can use the WP default Revisions (show this with the Screen Options menu at the top right of the page) to go back or use your XML to refresh the content.)

Let me know if that helps! We also provide updates for premium plugins via our theme updates and via our support forum:

If you run into any other questions, please let me know. If you have issues, please file a ticket here so that we can provide some additional support:

Cheers, Charlie

Thanks so much for your response! Much appreciated.

Just bought your Campus which is a very nicely designed theme. I like the front page engine with so many functions. Best I used so far.

Got two questions:

1. Do pictures with Demo content come with the license? Meaning, can I use these pictures freely on my web?

2. Just saw your Syncro theme and really like the “Meet the Team” function on the front page. Do you have it as a separate plugin by any chance? If not, perhaps you guys could make it this way.


Hi JohnSmith1,

Thanks for the questions.

01: Unfortunately, the theme license provides you with a license for the theme files, scripts, and css for one end product, but does not provide a license for the demo content such as images. All of the images, though, were purchased through Photodune and you can pick these up for $1 – $5 depending on the size that you want to use.

02: The Meet the Team section on the front page of Syncro is actually an premium plugin integration with the uSquare plugin from Bro. You can pick up a regular license for this at Codecanyon for $13.

Here’s a couple links to get you started:

Cheers! Charlie


I just purchased this theme and would like to use the sample demo as my template to edit from there. Can I download the entire demo too?

Hi johnnyjohn,

Thanks for waiting over the weekend. I tried this out on several test installs without any issues. Just to confirm, you are navigating to Revolution Slider > Import Slider > Browse > navigate to Sliders/Slider Skeletons folder > choose the slider.txt file (ie. homepage_slider.txt) > then hit Import Slider (see screenshot: – this is an example of the page_slider.txt).

From the details you’ve provided, it sounds like there is a mix up with the file name. Slider_export.txt does not exist… hompage_slider.txt does. If you are still having issues with this, feel free to include a login for us to check over here at our dedicated support forum:

Cheers! Charlie

Hello Charlie,

Yes that is the same procedure I am doing. I am loading the homepage_slider.txt but I noticed that in your photo you included, you have page_slider.txt selected. There are 3 text files in that folder. Am I suppose to only do homepage_slider.txt? or page_slider.txt like the photo you posted?


Yep, each of the txt files included in that folder represent one slider, and they can be uploaded on at a time using that method. If you are still having issues with this, please file a ticket (with a login) so that I can take a look and try uploading these for you:


I want to purchase this theme – However I notice that the menu button does not work in responsive mode. Is this a known issue? Have you had problems with responsive mode?

Hi Rlpayn2,

Thanks for the heads up! I recently uploaded our new version to the demo and forgot to set the menu location. It’s working now ;)

Is there any way I can log in as admin to demo the back end? I’d like to try it out if possible before buying. Thnx.

Hi jnealie,

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way to give admin privileges on a demo site to per-purchase users. With that said, I’ve put together some screenshots to give you a better feel for the options provided. These include some screenshots of the Theme Options, General Page Options, The Template Options (default, blog, portfolio), and The Layout Builder (front and backend options):

Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions! Cheers! Charlie

hello i am very interested to bye this theme but i want to know if this theme is compatible with the following plugins and systems or not ?

1. Search & Filter plugin. 2. Review plugin 3. Subscribe plugin 4. wp emember plugin 5. Buddy press plugin 6. Bbpress plugin 7. woo-commerce plugin ready 8. Facebook Integration Plugin 9. Achievement And user Badges plugin. 10. CV Builder plugin. 11. Course post. Event post.12 wpml 13.RTL

thanks waiting your reply as soon as possible :)

hello i am very interested to bye this theme but i want to know if this theme is compatible with the following plugins and systems or not ?

1. Search & Filter plugin. 2. Review plugin 3. Subscribe plugin 4. wp emember plugin 5. Buddy press plugin 6. Bbpress plugin 7. woo-commerce plugin ready 8. Facebook Integration Plugin 9. Achievement And user Badges plugin. 10. CV Builder plugin. 11. Course post. Event post.12 wpml 13.RTL

thanks waiting your reply as soon as possible :)

Hi furat2013,

Thanks for the question! I haven’t personally tried out each of these, but we aren’t doing anything special to not allow these plugins. Everything in this theme is coded based on the standards and recommendations of WordPress and Themeforest, but with thousands of plugins out there we simple can’t test for every situation.

Most plugin issues arrise from plugin conflicts between themselves and not usually theme specific issues. With that said, if you purchase the theme and have a theme specific issue with them I am happy to take a look at it for you.

But the actual integration and management of these plugins is going to be up to you, and support for these is going to need to come from the plugin authors.

To be clear, this is not a BuddyPress theme – so if you are looking to use this with BuddyPress I need to recommend searching Themeforest for BuddyPress specific themes since these themes are specific managing BuddyPress.

This theme is also not a WooCommerce theme. With that said, we’ve added support for the stock WooCommerce plugin which blends nicely with the theme for standard users:

Finally, all 3rd party integration are up to the user and not supported under our support policy. I am happy to take feature requests and provide a helpful eye if you run into issues with these while using the theme, but ultimately this is a modification of the stock theme:

Cheers! Charlie

I have purchased this theme. the documentation says that the theme includes the premium license of visual composer, how to I update the visual composure plugin. It requires the Visual composure license key.

Hi studentsform,

Let me know if this helps:

Cheers! Charlie