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Hello , Is it RTL language support ?

This theme doesn’t support RTL language.


I bought this magnificent template but there is a problem about featured products. Now 4 featured products are seen. I want much more to be seen. I made the settings from back office but still only 4 products are seen.

Can you help me on this issue?

If you want show more than 4 products. You can make a ticket and provide more details. We will help you change it http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/


is this possible to have a table “video” like ” more infos ” and ” comments ” on some product’s page ?


It’s possible to have a table “video” like ” more infos ” and ” comments ” on some product’s page but you need add custom tab for video.

Ok , can you explain, how we should do it ? extra module ? Thanks

you don’t need install extra module. You can add video in admin panel and get it show in tab

I am planning to buy this theme but I found the following negative points. Apart from negative points, the theme is really really really awesome. :) Haven’t checked its backend, would love to before buying if possible.

Negative points 1. It is not working (not responsive) on Android and on iPOd (Safari) browser. 2. It is very slow and the CSS, positions are messed up in smart phone such as Android.

I will be able to buy only if it is compatible on browser, android phone, iOS specially on iPhone and Windows phone 7.

Please guide me and what I am doing wrong. I checked the demo and it is responsive on PC browser if you resize the browser. Not responsive on the smart phones.

Waiting for the reply.


We checked our demo on smart phones. It worked perfect. You can check it again . Thanks !

Hello, I bought this template, where I can find psd files?


You can find link download psd files in “readme.txt” file.

Hi! I am very interested in this theme, as I think it adjust to what I am looking for. I have two questions: 1. Will it be compatible with Prestashop 2.0? This is very important because I am planning on upgrading once it comes. 2. I want to create a manufacturers page with pcitures of them like this: http://paperwallet.com/index.php/artist.html/, and then in themanufacturer page information about them, with links and pictures on top of the products illke this http://paperwallet.com/index.php/shop.html?user=46. Is that possible to make? Thanks in advance!

Thank for your interested. When prestashop release version 2.0 we will update template compatible with prestashop 2.0. You don’t worry. If you want create manufacturers page and link. You need custom template they doesn’t available.

Hello, I don´t like this http://o7.no/1aXVH0B Can I adjust it?

Could you provide more details of your website ? We will check and help you solve it

Hello, Can you give me the names of files to edit to change the colors of the template? thank you

Hello, You can change styles, color in this file themes/pos_cance/css/global.css

Hi I really like this theme but is there a version that is compatible with WordPress?


This is magento theme. You don’t use it for wordpress

Hi we get issue in theme. We don’t get the product in category view. Can you help us with that issue? http://biodeslys.com/prestashop/fr/3-accessoires Thank you Maximilien

We have checked your website. The category page doesn’t work with our theme. We think it works extension installed. You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ We will check it for you

Hi Is it possible to add a img logo instead of the writing you have now “pos cance”

It’s possible to add a img logo instead of the “pos cance”

Hello Team,

My website is http://al.mariadistribution.com/index.php

In your current theme there are 3 banners in the middle of Main page. I cannot add any image in there. I want to remove pricing feature from it, as I just do not want to show any prices. May I am doing something stupid but I am unable to remove that custom menu from tabs on top.

Help Please!!!!!

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ . We will check and help you

Dear Plaza team,

before purchase it, I would like to be sure that this theme is fully compatible with 1.6 prestashop released few days ago.

Best regards

It’s compatible with prestashop 1.6. You can use for your store

Hi, Why a description of the category or subcategory does not show up? I see only little padding but not text: http://a-w-a.home.pl/mata/pl/20-maty-wejsciowe

I forgot.Footer broke down when i changed text

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ . We will help you.

hi i have save my logo as a .png with no background and each time i upload it im getting a white background and it then saves it as a .jpg any reason why please??

Login admin: PREFERENCES > IMAGES > Image quality : you tick “Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format”

Hi Took several days reviewing topics for my new store. Your template is very good. Congratulations. I have several questions before buying. . 1 – You can tailor a menu sticky so that the buyer does not have to scroll from top to bottom of the page to see what you have in your shopping cart. 2 -. Has custom email templates responsive to the topic or are used by default prestashop 3 – It has the template of Custom code, Add you own css or js code 4 – It is Multi shop

I hope that all questions are ok to purchase the template Thank you and Congratulations on your template KiKe

the template Transformer performs the action of sticky menu and cart on the right side moving up and down the page http://transformer.sunnytoo.com/en/

The same question can be transferred to Pos Optima I had not seen that it is new. Both are very interesting for my online store. Do the sticky menu in Pos Optima or Ma Cance

It doesn’t available sticky menu and cart on the right side moving up and down the page

I bought this template and i want to change the darkgrey background color of the header in the Homepage. Can you please tell me in which file i can change this?

You can open file themes/pos_cance/css/global.css find line 533 then change background
.header-inner {
    background: url("../img/bg-top.png") 

zuq Purchased

Hello, this is my website: http://www.prezenty-dedykowane.pl/

I have a few problems.

1. Problem with categories in menu (when I create categorie for example “Dla domu” – in menu I have “Dla domu” – I don;t know why I have   symbol between 2 words)

2. My menu is to long. I’d like to move logo higher.

3. where I can translate elements in left corner (CONTACT,SITEMAP,MY ACCOUNT,LOGIN)

4. Where I can translate elements in footer (2nd column – MY ACCOUNT) and (3rd column – INFORMACJA) – and how I can choose my own pages to this widget.

5. In menu 3rd square from the right (“dla domu”) – how to resize black area under subcategories.

Best regards, Peter

Hello Peter,
You can make a ticket we will check and help you solve issues. http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/

hi my logo is disappearing behind the top menu on IE 8 for some reason please could you help??

You can make a ticket http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/. We will check and help you fix it.


Which file and line I need to alter to change the background color(black) of the header and footer,? Which file and line I need to alter to change the color of the product slider with short description, price etc, color #e84c3d) in grid view ?

You can change style, color in file themes/pos_cance/css/global.css . If you need more help you can contact us http://www.plazathemes.com/tickets/ . We will help you