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Absolutely lovely theme, this is sexxxxy!

Thank you very much :- )

I love clean themes… bookmarked!

Thank you :)

really clean!

love the theme. Awesome. Is working great in my current project.

I have 2 questions that you might be able to help me with. When I change the background image on the services page it doesn’t show up. I’ve been through the code, made sure my image is exactly the right size etc etc and yet it still won’t show up! What am I missing?

Also.. on the contact form there’s no code is there or am I being blind? I have been staring at this thing for 12 hours so I might have gone a bit gaga by now!! Basically I have to create a table like form for the client and I’m getting a bit lost as to how to set it up. Any suggestions as to how I should do this? I do have a php for dummies book.. as to be honest I am a dummy when it comes to php so any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello! Glad to see the theme is working great for you!

There is a background image set in the body (style.css) and it’s the 1px black bar at the top of the page you see. If you only want to change the background image on the services page the best bet is to create a new element of

body#services {STYLE HERE }

then on the services page set the body tag in that page with an id of services.

The contact form is just the styling of the form fields and does not include a working contact form sorry. However you can pick up a great AJAX one made by Jiggowatt right here

Hope i’ve been some help!

Hey there! Few questions here.

1.) is there an image slider for the large image on the homepage?

2.) would you possibly be able to do some custom work?



Hi n,

There is not currently a slider on the home page, but it is quite simple to-do so.

I am available to-do custom work, simply pass me an email through my author page and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks, Alex