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Presales Question: does your Candy Queen theme support WooCommerce shopping cart and corresponding plugins?

Hi, at the moment there are no specific styles for WooCommerce cart, we plan to add this in future for WordPress version

Please add me to your mailing list when you come out with a WooCommerce cart. Thanks!

You can sign up for our mailing list here thanks!

Hi, the theme will not allow me to upload new portfolio items – i’ve tried it on several browsers, and different machines. please help!

Maybe you have limited number of post per page ? Try to modify that in settings, should do the trick! Sorry for late reply I was on vacation with no good wifi available.

Hi there,

Firstly can I just say how amazing I think the template is – a stunning design and great documentation.

Sadly there is one thing I couldn’t find in the documentation – moving the logo up into the header menu bar.

Basically, the logo hangs down from the top content bar, slightly covering the page’s contents. I wish to have it sit in between the menu on the left and the social networking icons on the right.

How can I make this happen?

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Hi, just create ticket at and I will send you updated version with theme options where you can change logo easily. Thanks!


This is cute :)

I’m curious about one thing for portfolio section in demo. It looks identical for each category, hard to decide which items related to what category.(Just seen the wp version demo, there is bit different show. Here when we click on category in portfolio item section slides up but when we click on another category another one item section slides up, while in wp version by clicking another category, first item section slides down and current new item section slides up which looks ok.)

Can I’ve text description for each category item rather than only image display or image popup?

Regards, Vishal.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

I want both title of the category, works like wp version and also like to have some text description area for each item of the category.

Hi, I can amend that for you and issue update here on TF, but it will take some time. After you buy it create ticket at thanks!

That’s great!

Thanks, Vishal.

please i need your help.

bought the html version and after download… when i clicked on the index to preview in my browser it did not preview as seen on demo.

i have to re-downloaded the file from my account thinking the first one maybe corrupted same thing happened.


Hi, I see that you opened ticket, will reply there.


I am very pleased with the theme, however I do have two issues that need to be resolved.

First the logo doesn’t display on smartphones or small tablets and second the contact form doesn’t display a confirmation message once the form has been sent and clear the form.

Would you kindly check the support ticket that was submitted yesterday about these issues and get back to me with the solutions?

Thank you, Sumeros

Hi Sumeros, will respond as soon as possible, thanks!

It’s been more than 2 days since your message. I posted a response to your message on the support ticket but have not received the required information.

Although I like the theme, I am very disappointed to see that you released this template with a known bug in the Contact Form.

This is highly unprofessional and your response:

“2. Yap, this need to be amended in next update of template, hope that I will be able to do it soon but no promises,

Sorry for late repley !”

Only made matters worse. As I stated in my response to your comment:

“Thanks for responding, however your response is unsatisfactory. I have purchased the theme which includes 6 months of support. The form is not functioning properly; it should not retain the users details and should confirm that the message was sent. This is a support issue, not a request for an additional feature to be included in the next update of the template.

Kindly forward the file with the corrected script to our email address or provide a link for the file to be downloaded within the next 48 hours. I would prefer to handle this issue here, but if you prefer I will forward it to the Envato marketplace for resolution.


2 days ago on September 19, 2015 at 2:01pm

I am a busy person and I can imagine you are as well. However I have purchased an item from you which you stated would be supported for 6 months. You have admitted that there is a problem: I want this problem resolved now. If you cannot resolve it, I will contact Envato for a refund.


Hi, I do not reply on support tickets during the weekend, not sure if this is the case or not, anyway if you feel like asking refund please do. I will update item anyway as soon as possible, I hope this week.

Hello, Do you have any screenshots or demo of back-end? I want to see how easy it is to change colors. Thanks!

Hi, you can switch and choose between 3 colours schemes which are also available on our HTML item, please send me email to support AT and I will send over some screenshots, thanks!

In html item, you have all colours already ready as template, to create you own colours schemes you need to amend CSS file.

Hi Would love to use this template and have two questions:

1) I need to use a graphical logo. Is this possible (with getting smaller on smaller screensizes)?

2) Portfolioitems cannot be seen on smaller screensizes, cause they open outside my view. Additionally when open the next portfoliocategory, the former opened category will not be closed, so you see soon many opened pictures without description or heading.. can this be fixed?

Thank you!


1) yes, to get is ‘smaller’ and ‘smaller’ you will maybe need to amend a CSS a bit 2) We can amend that or anything else I offer services over at or I can advise as just send over support ticket, thanks!

I purchased your template and everything works fine, except the contact form. I followed the instructions as directed, but the contact form does not send the info and does not clear when you press “send”. Can you provide some guidance as to what needs to be done to get it to work? Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can create ticket at and we can go from there, sometimes you have to ‘send’ email from your domain, not for gmail address for example. Create ticket and I will try to help. Thanks!