Discussion on Canela - Creative Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Canela - Creative Portfolio Theme

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Hello. Iam your loyal customer haha I have 4 licenses of your WordPress projects Now I’m interested into CANELA Theme, For my portfolio about paintings looks good. I want just remove animation of page transfer after click from home page Is it possible please? And can i also change background color or add some texture?

Please tell me these answers before i buy it

Thanks and have a nice day!

After purchasing the theme you can create a ticket on our forum and submit your request. Our support team will help asap. Waiting you onboard! Best regards

thank you I got theme and I made ticket:)

Thanks, we will respond to your ticket. Best

Hey guys,

I also commented your theme Rayden because I’m hesitating between these two themes :)

Is there a way to add arrows like in Rayden to show visitors that they need to swipe right or left to see the other projects?


Hi, Canela font is a custom font so I think the best is to buy Rayden and change the font using a plugin such as Custom Fonts plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-fonts/ We can provide the Canela font files. That’s the best suggestion I can give. Thanks

Thanks! But Canela is great as well!

So is there a way to add arrow on the main full screen slider just like on Rayden to show people they can swipe between project ?


You can add arrows with custom work in the main slider however we don’t do custom work at the present time. Thanks

HI! Can you please explain how to duplicate Portfolio items? Thanks!

Hi, portfolio is a custom post type. They can be duplicated with a plugin or manually (with classic editor – copy & paste the content). Thanks

Olá, estou com dificuldades para deixar a pagina inicial igual a demonstração. Obrigado.

Hello, plz open a provide wp admin access in a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access, if possible. We can install and configure the demo data for you free of charge. Thanks

Hello, I just installed your theme It says compatible with WPBakery Page Builder but It didn’t install builder. Do I need to buy this builder, I can’t see any license key for that. Pls I need to be able to work with Wpbakery

Hello, plz open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access, if possible. thanks

how does the main slider has video option?

Hello, the main slider (liquify slider) does not have video slides because it’s displayed on a Web GL canvas. The the other portfolio page templates and you may also want to have a look over Rayden, one of our other themes. Thanks

Hi, my image shows fine in preview, but not live site, all images on live site are broken, how can I fix it?

Hello, we need your site URL, if you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

The problem has been fixed, thank you.

hello i need to install guide or setup documentation and i can’t find theme options in my dashboard .. thank you

Hi, the process of installing demo data and configuring the theme is described here – online: http://clapat.ro/themes/canela/documentation/getting-started.html And you can open a private ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access – we can install demo data free of charge. Thanks

hi guys

could you fix the All proyects section when Background Type is white ?


What is the pb there. Can you provide a page URL as an example so we can inspect it? Thanks

Hey Guys, Thanks for recommending rayden theme. I simply asking howcan i add the shop and cart to the canela-creative theme? Can you add this for me ?

Hi there, Adding a shop and cart to match Rayden’s requires several css and js changes, so it’s more complex than just installing woocommerce. It would be a significant update. Thanks

Hey Guys, Can you update the theme. Page loading time is legging and mobile is choppy when scrolling. Thanks

Hello, where exactly, our live demo or your site. Can you send us your site URL? Thanks

Do I need to buy wp bakery license to use this theme?

No, you don’t have to, we can install a shared license of WPBakery. This is why we are able to offer it for free. However, you don’t have access to automatic updates.

You will either have to buy a full license or contact us to update it.

Also, just to let you know, the demo content is built with Gutenberg. Thanks

If there were 100 portfolio projects, or 200 portfolio projects, could a portfolio creative grid or portfolio white grid have a filter and use lazy loading / infinite scroll say, 9 or 15 projects loading at a time?

Hi, that’s a good question. We don’t have a lazy loading mechanism in place since it’s meant for showcasing not for very large galleries. What we advise is to break down portfolios in smaller categories and applying category filters in the portfolio page templates. Thanks

Are you planning to replace TweenMax? It is deprecated meanwhile with the release of GSAP 3.

Rayden runs with GSAP3, if it’s a must check the theme.

Hi, I can’t seem to find the Centered Carousel for the home page?

I sent you a message via support and it’s attached.

Hi, Can you please respond to my ticket. Thanks

We will process your ticket tmrw – please use ticksy for communication. Thanks

hey guys love your theme , how can i change Hero Caption Title – First Row font size its to big


if you want to change the font size in the individual portfolio page, just specify

.hero-title, .next-hero-title { font-size: 9vw; line-height: 10vw; }

you can also change the value of the line height attribute and then add the code to customizer -> additional CSS. Thanks

Hi, I have bought the template and I have a question. Where should I place the images so that they can be seen in the showcase? Thanks

Hello, When you edit the portfolio item you will see an option – the portfolio hero image. Once you have set it it, it will be reflected in all portfolio templates. You will also find there the hero title and subtitle. Thanks

Thank you

Hello, I just installed the theme and imported the demo but the images are not displaying on the Showcase page (http://www.francoissalvi.shopify-agence.com/) Can you help me please ?

Try replacing hero images for ALL portfolio items with images coming from your media library, thanks

Hello Clapat, thanks the theme is great however it seems broken to me. It seems impossible to display some Hero Picture over the Showcase, pics seems to be opening on the project itself but not on the showcase, so i got a full black and white showcase template i can’t change.

Hi, it’s important to replace all hero images in all portfolio items if you import demo data. On some sites WebGL complains of the images coming from a different domain. Thanks

Hello Clapat, thanks for your answer, it worked like a charm. <3 this theme. I installed Elementor over your theme and it worked perfectly as well. Just can you disclose what typo you are using in your theme ?

It’s a custom font Canela Regular the font files can be found in /fonts directory within the root theme folder.

Hi, thanks for the theme it’s great. is there a possibility to add video gallery (links from youtube) and to change the text in the front page?

Hello, if we are talking about the fullscreen slider you can add only images as slide’s background. You can add video galleries inside the portfolio posts. Thanks

Hi there, can you tell me if in the theme there is a way to choose to show or not discs or circles when the mouse hovers a link? Thank you

Hi, yes, you can enable/disable the mouse ball cursor in theme options. Thanks


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