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Hello, I recently purchased this theme, and emailed you several days ago with a couple of issues and haven’t heard a response back.

The slider does not appear to be working in my local development environment (MAMP Pro on a Mac). Is there any reason why it wouldn’t be working? Is it using any AJAX?

The second issue, is that I’m trying to create a sub-theme and the built in option to do so creates a big mess and doesn’t come close to resembling the main theme. Can you advise the best way to create a sub-theme for Cano?



The packaged Drupal site is missing the Views for Portfolio layout 3 and 4. They are shown in the demo, but not included.

You have customised the Omega theme directly and Superfish libraries, rather than include the customisations in the Cano Drupal theme. This is not the recommended method and should be fixed.

I’d like to see an update provided which addresses these issues.


Hi justinfreeman,

Thank you for the comment.

For portfolio 4 column:

Go to admin/structure/views/view/portfolio_4_column/edit

and replace the path /g with /portfolio-4-column




I’ve read a few post where you state that you’re not the author of the WP Cano theme however, I purchased the Cano WP theme when it was available and now I’m having similar issue as one of your Drupal users with the flex slider.

It’s not showing the images or text, there’s black screen and it says “loading”. I tried dis-abling the slider and using my own Revolution Slider however the slides I created with RevSlider are not rendering at all either. Could there be a JS call issue?

Again, I know you are not the author but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Like other buyers, I use theme forest for the reliable support.

Hello bujohnson,

I use FlexSlider drupal module(I do not know for WP Plugin).

I’m sorry, I can’t help you.


Hi, is this the same as Cano 1.2? I purchased it previously and it’s no longer downloadable on my purchase history.

Hi ellephant,

This is the Drupal theme, not a WordPress theme.



what happened to the wordpress theme?

I think that the author deleted the theme.

I copied the portfolio-3-column twice, and changed the path of the portfolio to 2 different paths. (/items and /portfolio)

But the CSS doesn’t effect the paths.

What files do i have to change to keep the design untouched after changing the path of portfolio-3-column ?

Thank you!

Hi dreamwebs,

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

Please contact me. (My email address in the documentation).


The Omega theme (version 3) used by Cano is no longer supported.

Performing an update to Omega version 4 breaks my website. The following errors are displayed and the page completely fails to load:

Notice: Undefined variable: doctype w include() (line 1 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: rdf w include() (line 2 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object w include() (line 2 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: rdf w include() (line 2 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object w include() (line 2 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: rdf w include() (line 3 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object w include() (line 3 in /...../sites/all/themes/cano/templates/html.tpl.php).

Please provide an update to the theme.


Omega 3 and Omega 4 are different base themes.


Omega 4 should NOT be used with Omega Tools and Delta. Omega 4 does not include the elaborate layout definition UI.

Continue using the Omega 3.1


I recently purchased this cano theme, and it looks to be very good.

Finally, there is a theme that has all things linked dynamically, the silder is linked to content type using views which allows everything to be just in place as the developer wanted it to be.

One thing you should consider, you need to update the modules to the latest version and keep up with the new releases.



Thank you for purchasing the theme.

Thanks for the comment.

Hello! I need to make a minor change to the template… Where do I find the page.tpl.php you are using? I got confused with the folders…

MD Slider is not working and using the latest slider. The theme seems to break it.

The Superfish menu appears to be not acting correctly also. Any idea’s why?

I have purchased this and the site is: http://www.crystalclearautodetail.com

Hi cenetworks,

Please contact me. (My email address in the documentation).


After I update the Drupal core and its Modules, I lost the “Configure block” dropdown gear in the site to customise the said Block.

Any idea?


Hi shawie,

if you try to disable front-content (View page) you will lose home page (as you said).

Please go to Admin >> Configuration >> System >> Site information and for default front page specify a relative URL to display as the front page ( existing page or create a new one ).




Hi, Damir, Thank you for your reply. May I ask if its possible to retrieve the existing home page? Thanks!

Never mind, I just installed the “empty-page” module.

Hi, Damir,

I have another question. When I try to change the path of the “portfolio-3-column” into a new name, the 3 column becomes 2 column only.

Here’s how its looks like.. http://prntscr.com/5x6xbu

Please advice.

Can someone reply please? I have another question regarding to the Twitter, I already changed the username in the main.js based on the instructions in the documentation but there’s no tweets showing up. I really appreciate any feedback from the author and if you don’t mind me asking if we can talk via email because I have no response from my last email. Here’s my email add jamirdesign[@]gmail.com Thanks!


Why the layout and structure of the theme is going messy if I changed the path of the page/post.

Please check the following screenshots for your reference…

http://prntscr.com/5yj2dt http://prntscr.com/5yj3mw http://prntscr.com/5yj4lz

This is the same scenario in the portfolio page that I changed to products based on my first question above.

We need fast answers as much as possible so that we can finish the site. We have a deadline here and I hope you can take the time to check this section since you have no support website in order to answer the questions of your customers.

Send me an email to jamirdesign[@]gmail.com so that I can follow up some questions.


Hi, I have a follow up questions in your email please check. The Second Sidebar is acting weird in all the pages that using it. It won’t appear correctly and always at the bottom of the Main Content. Please help. Thanks!

As I have said, the Second Sidebar in Blog and in other part of the site, its acting weird and the position is under the main content. Please see screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/6st6c8

Anyone please!

I sent you an e-mail, did you receive it?

I get it DDamir. I have another question. Please take a look. Thank you and much appreciated your prompt reply.

Please re-check your email. I have another question. I really need help. Thanks in advance!