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Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D

Thank you!

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Thank you!

Good clean work, especially the Analogue Clock is the new thing which i saw in this admin template. Good luck for sales.

Thank you very much!

Amazing design and UX. Definitely will be one of the top admin templates, GLWS!

Thank you a lot ^^ and you, too.

Amazing theme! Nice

Thank you, louiejie.

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you ThemeRox. ;)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank and you, too ;)

Well done! glws

Thank you!

Pruchased and awesome work! Are you planning a signup page for this template? GLWS

Yes! ,in next update. Thank you for purchased my theme. ;)

Any plan for less files ?

No plan ,but if buyer more request i will make. ;)

ok, if you put it in your plan I’ll buy. I have a project that has several submodules and each submodule has a color as the logo.

wow awesome design on this one.. good luck!

Thank you for your kind words :grin:

Love this theme. Great work!!!

I’m glad that you like my theme, Thank you for purchased. :bigwink:

Here’s my 2 cents:

I’m suspicious of that dropdown plugin. Support for select2 would be nice. I’d also add that two lists multiselect (hope you know what I mean). And CKE Editor skin would come in very handy :)

All in all, nice work and nice looking theme, wish you luck with sales :)

OK, Thank you for your recommend. :inlove: I will developing my skill for a good theme. ;)

Very nice job. I really like the different design. The only thing I am iffy about is the menu. To me it seems like extra clicks and it pushes everything off the screen. Maybe I will warm up to it. There are a lot of very nice things here that I haven’t seen in other templates. Good luck with it.

Thank you for the kind word to me. it make me very happy. :)

It would take a theme editor to easily change the CSS, is expected to put?

Yes, I’m planing to do it in update and thanks for good idea. ;)

I must congratulate – amazing. I’m just annoyed that I have created a similar project before completion. Now it will look like your copy. To put it again rebuilt. Achh … Very nice, a lot of work. I do not understand set price. Sometimes the price is $20 and it is only a modified bootstrap. This theme should be for at least $21. I do not understand. This is unfair. I wish you much success in sales. Finally, one original theme. Even though, soon there will be a lot similar. ;)

Wow, Sir.

Thank you for your congratulate and love my theme.

I must happy so much if that is idea for make a theme in the future.

I will create a good theme,too. ;)

Amazing theme! nice good luck with sales :)

thanks a lot. :)

This is great! The only thing that concerns me is the first page load time is exceptionally slow. Is that your server speed, or is it just a heavy page?

Regardless, fantastic!

Hi, In my demo I’m encode all page and main javascript. so it make to slow load.

Thank for love my theme. ;)

Also, are there any Sass/Scss or LESS files included?

Not include Sass/Scss or LESS ,but if buyer more request i will make to update. :)

if you give me a free copy of the theme, I will convert the CSS to SCSS with Bourbon

Nice Work! Good luck!

thank you so much! ;)