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Great, glws ;)

;) love with you.

Thank you.

nice work, simple is best.

Thank you healingfinder for purchased my theme, i’m glad support you. :inlove:

Awsome theme design but IE9 support is non existing. Please make the themes support IE correct and I’ll buy instantly :)

Thank you for reported, i will fixed it, but IE don’t support some function in my theme. :)

Ok – let me know when it’s updated. The IE9 support is not working at all; see http://goo.gl/xjVbLz

Thank you again, when i updated and fixed it problem i will inform you. ;)

Hey there, great work so far! I’d buy too if there were less/scss files to work with rails. I second the thoughts about the menu, the extra clicks are annoying, I’d prefer a small version icons only and one with text which are can be toggled. Is this easy to do?

Good luck with sales!

You have som typos in some images and text on the demo. If you go over them, I’m sure you’ll convert more sales ;)

Wow, Thank you so much for recommend. :). I will do it.

Good work zicedemo, congrat ;)

:) Thank man.

Good day. I want to buy your template. But I need pase as: support, shop, frontend side, invoice, employees.

I’d really depend on such a search and segregation (region and recreation). Link to this search: http://www.revox.io/webarch/search_results.html

More dashboard widgets like weather.

Template looks beautiful, good job!

Thank you so much and sure you must see it in coming soon!! :bigwink:

Fell in love with this vector graphics. The watch is mastery of the world!

Could you tell how to do avatar similar to yours? Maybe you have a tutorial?

:bigsmile: I’m purchased from http://goo.gl/bNhZsF

Very good theme ! .. but the line chart doesn’t work in Andorid device. The lines are not rendered.

I’ve noticed that Pie Charts are not rendered on Andorid as well. Hope you can fix it. Thanks.

BTW: the issue is only actual on this page – http://caplet.zicedemo.com/chartFlot.html

Thank you for report. I must editing your request to working in update. :)

Thank you again. :inlove:

Ill be happy to buy if you include LESS

;) I think , must make it in next update. :bigsmile:

Greeeat job. I love your works..

Thank you so much masterayntic. :inlove:

hoo yeahh. I buy it!!

:inlove: i’m ready to support you too. ;)

I like your work! Very clean and meaningful. I wanted to just give some recommendation: it would be really good if you can additional design a sample homepages and price tables.

That would be helpful since that is the admin theme and obviously customer would need a homepage designed in the same style.

So if you have a few public pages in the theme it would be addition advantage I suppose.

:inlove: I’m glad that you like my theme, and Thank you for purchased this.

I must make it sure!! but in coming soon i will update other features, On your idea i will update as soon as possible. :)

Thank you again.

I very interested in this theme, but notice the theme having display issues on IE11 (windows 8.1). Can you let me know if there is plans to address the issue? Thanks.

Yes, i’m must fixed it in update coming soon. ;)

Hello, I was wondering if any of the js functions are branded as in function name and css selectors. Do they include any special name or symbol to suggest that you are the author does it look like normal code

Also, are the style sheets written in any pre-processor or is it just plain css

Hi, you want a easy name of function for you to develope or editing??

Thank a lot for your recommend. ;):)

Great work, I like this color combination. Keep it up!


Thanks for purchase. you mean multi color changing in this theme :)

If yes, I will update it. ;)

Great looking theme!, Can we get a sass version?


Yes, I’m include sass/scss in update. ;)

Thank you so much for purchased my theme. :)

Awesome when is the update coming?

in next week. just a moment please.. ;)


ix Purchased

Great theme. Is it possible for you to include also the not minified versions of the libraries. At the moment some are minifed others not. There are also mixed minified and not minifed into a single file. If i use the theme in a project with build system like Grunt, Ant or Guard it will be hard to keep in sync the fore coming updates from you.

If you’ve modified some of the sources of third-party libraries can you also provide the original version of the library so if i decide to update the version of that library i can be sure not to drop some feature/fix made by you?

There is a big potential into this theme.

Nice job! Thanks.

Hi, ix

Many thank for the comment ,i think it’s a good thing to develop my skills.

However, i will fix and modified it into my pattern. :)

Thank you again.

Any plans for adding a front end?

Yes, i’m plans add front end in this theme. ;)

Hi, I like your template and wanted to know if you could provide Phototshop Files, PSDs once I purchase.

I sent a message through the Author’s profile but did not receive a reply.

So sending a message here.. thanks, Anu

Hi, sixthlife I will add PSD file after update front end. and so sorry , i’m not receive you mail. :crying:

if you waiting my theme, i will inform to you for my update. Thank you. :)

If you do 100% compatible with IE, I buy it.

I will fix for IE as many as possible. ;) Thank you aazbeltran.

Such a great theme! really made my job 100% easier. Any front end coming out, carousels, pricing tables or color changes. If so when is update? Great Job by the way

Hi, borderbabe2412

Sure !! your request have in my plans to update. ;)

Thank you so much for purchased my theme and kind word. :inlove:

live demo doesn’t work

Thank you so much for report , Now my demo is online. ;)