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No, the live demo still doesnt work.

So Sorry, Now my demo is online. :)

demo not working

Thanks for report. Now, this is online

Enjoy with my theme. :)

very excellent work sir. unfortunately the left bar seems to be cutting off a bit in chrome on mac osx though. Please see this screenshot: http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/i3/52dc5c9d188230-62139022

hmm seems your server is down

ok server is back and the side bar seems fixed. however if you have a smaller winder; it still has the same issue and actually you cannot scroll all the way to the bottom of that window. see: http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/i3/52dd5fd1216d83-28105653

OK. thanks I will fix it as soon as possible. :)

Hello, very nice theme! Can I ask you where I can find the PSD file to modify the UI? I can not find it into any folder. Thanks

Hey Pinyo, I’ve tried to contact you but still don’t receive a reply. Can you please help me? Did you get my email?

I can’t see your contact and I’m waiting your email,too. ;)

I can get contact you if you open your email contact in your user page.

Please contact me. I’m glad to help you.


I’ve send to you an email from the contact module that you find here: http://themeforest.net/user/zicedemo – anyway my email is valeriogen ||at|| google.com – Thanks!

Hi, the demo is still not working…


So sorry about me server. In this weeks it still not working.

I must changing it to working ;)

Enjoy with my theme.

Thank you, again.

and I put the demo to see if I like a buy


So sorry about me server. In this weeks it still not working.

I must changing it to working ;)

Enjoy with my theme.

Thank you, again.

Good work Zicedemo.

I bought your theme last week. Looking forward to LESS/SCSS support, as I really need it yesterday :-). Would be great if you setup LESS/SCSS to configure in one place the themes defaults color sets without having to modify the css/html in hundreds of places. For instance use LESS/SCSS to configure in one place the
  • widget and component theme color sets – background, foreground and inverse colors for header, navbar, content, panel, button, alert to calendar event colors. For instance I would like to use the avator-slide panel, where component and widget backgrounds are white, not black, but just configure this in LESS/SCSS, without touching the css or html.
  • widget and component label font and weight
  • button/icon select/focus and unselect foreground and background color for header, navbar, tab, toolbar widget component.
  • panel component outer padding and inner size. Padding is to big for how I wish to present data.
  • header height (default seems to be 65px with green bottom border. Being able to set it to 40-50px in one place (and get rid of green bottom border) to better configure caplet them for mobile/tablet devices.

Header Search-Box: Would be nice to expand the search-box within the header when it gets focus, not as a popup. It would suit mobile / tablet devices better. For reference see here and here or the search box spanning the whole height of the navbar like here. You know better which one would best suit your default Caplet theme.

Right Navbar: Can you provide a class option to keep the navbar item selected vertically after you toggle the navbar (fa-bar) button. So when you togle the navbar visable again, the selected submenu is still shown. For instance UI Element > Button. See here – good example.

Basic Carousel: Very Simple carousel slider with circular indicators like here the widget where it says “Save your time”.

In future it would be nice to have more customisability on tabs and toolbars. Thin Tab pane with no border and customisable tab (icon/label) and text widgets. href=”http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/components.html”>see here. Thin toolbars with no border and customisable with icon, label and text box widgets. See here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Hope you don’t mind my suggestions. Keep the great work coming, Anna

Hi, Thank you for purchase my theme

Not worry, but it is good for develope my skill and make a good theme.

I’m glad if the buyer is recommend or suggestion for me. :) because I make theme to everybody to like it, too. So every commend are the best for me.

I will release update version, plaese waiting it. :)

and great work in the future.

Thank you very much. Pinyo ;)

Thanks Pinyo. Total customization via SCSS is the most important point to complete first, as allot of people are asking for it in your comments. If you can get that done first it will be a big advantage to your theme over others, and allow developers who purchase your theme to get of the ground running very fast. Cheers Anna

I’m sure to update it in this week.

Thank you again for suggestion. ;)

When clicking on search ( the right panel open up ), however I can’t close it using a mouse click on the Chrome browser. It closes fine on touch screens using my finger – only mouse click is not responding.

I’m definitely buying template when I can test version 1.1.1 with IE browser.


Thank you for report. but I don’t found this problem.

You test in Chrome version? and in IOS or others? please tell me to test it, too :)

I will fixed it if it can’t working. ;)

tested using Chrome 32.0.1700.76m on Windows 8.1 (Sony Vaio)

Hmm, i will tested again if i found this problem i will fixed it sure!! :inlove:


I have a question. If I buy your this theme right now, will I be able to download the next versions free of charge? Thanks.

in update all version you can download is free ;) , Thank you.


like this theme.

Could you please fix layout of this theme in ie9? I do not need left menu, only layout, simple css should work great in ie9, plugins not so important for me.

If I bought this theme today, I will be able to download version 1.1 for free or not?

Theme Update is free for buyer ;) , you can remove left menu with yourself because it easy and I’m glad to help you. :) Thank.

I have bought this theme, I have the right to upgrade when new updates and methods how to upgrade


Hi, when i update this theme , you can receive notify from themforest, after that you can see it in your download pages.

Thank you so much. :)

hi, like this theme. but the gallery does not work in Firefox

Thank you report and purchased my theme, i tested is normal (windows 8.1 firefox v.28 beta). ;)

Please tell me to test it again, too. :) I will fixed it if it can’t working.

I have tested it Windows 8 firefox 26.0. Swipebox working on their own website. But at the demo does not work I would be very happy if you can deal with the matter. Thank you for your answer.

hi, mobile version of the scrollbar in the left and right menu problem. screenshot : http://postimg.org/image/u2vespxun/

Thank you for report i will fix in update on this week ;)

Is it possible to have first N levels of menu be “fixed” and the next levels be “off canvas”? For example, main menu is fixed, but others inside would be off-canvas style beside it?

Yes , this theme is can but you must config css again, in next update i maybe config it for all buyer. Thank you so much. :)

Hey there, it would be great if you could fix the headline padding in the timeline.

All g’s are cut off at the bottom. ( It is also bugged in your Demos so you can check there )

Would also be great if the File Manager worked. The Gallery does not show the images if you click on them. It will only show the Gallery view which you are unable to exit unfortunately. Also you cannot you cannot drag elements from the calendar to the delete area since they will become invisible once outside of the calender area thus you are only able to delete elements not yet currently in the calendar.

And is the Update still coming this week like said in the comment above :D ?


Thank you for your purchase. Ok, for update your request. but I think, I can’t add your request in first update. I must update in next version. :)

However, about file manager is working :) and in calender I can’t drag from out to delete because the plug in is limited function.

So, I will try to editing it to much.

Thank you, Pinyo :)

I just bought this theme and it looks amazing, I’m keen to rate it but I’d rather wait until your 1.1.1 release until I do.

Do you have an estimated time when you’ll be releasing? I want to start using it.

Hi, Every buyer and friend.

Now, My update 1.1.1 coming to completely in 2 days.

So sorry, it is late update. I will it is good for you. :)

Thank a lot ;)


I’m waiting for Version 1.1.1 to support IE. Thank you, Pinyo

Thank for waiting me, in Version 1.1.1 release to day Sure!! ;)

multiple select doesnt seem to work in the demo… I want to check if you have an element that works like Tags?

I mean, we cant see the options on click the tags element

New 1.1.1 download is missing the new added pages. Also, it still doesn’t work properly on IE 11 running on Windows 8.1. I purchase template with promise of this being fixed. I look forward to re-downloading when these items are fixed. thank you for a great template.

Hi cashopoly so sorry , i will release new update repair this and fix it again. :)

Thank you for your quick response and resolution. BTW, I really like the new additions especially the right menu item. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much , it encouragement for me :)