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Hi zicedemo!

Can you fix the problem with a scrollbar on rightside in next version? Because part of this scrollbar is hidden under of the header.

Hi ,coldfire93

You mean search (in header) ? if yes , you can disable search field.

in caplet.custom.js you find this
//////////     OFF CANVAS MENU      //////////
            position    : 'right',
            counters    : true,
            searchfield    : true,

Change searchfield : true -> false;

hope it help you. ;)

Thank you.

Enhorabuena¡¡¡ Excelente trabajo

Tengo un problema al abrir la plantilla, aparece el mensaje: Error: useless setTimeout call (missing quotes around argument?) sparkResize = setTimeout(sparklineCreate(true), 500);

en caplet.custom.js (línea 814)

podría decirme cual es el problema?


Hi, I’m not sure about your problem. You mean problem of sparklineChart, when reside it?

If possible, you take screenshot to me. ;)

Thank you.

Thanks for your great work, really appreciate to see some outstanding developers still around. There are some bugs such as opening and closing the nav on the left (it brings out a panel on the right when opening ~ then it disappears again and all is fine), as well as width issues on all navs in mobile states. In general the only real issues are found in the lower states. If this could be in 1.1.2 that would be awesome.

Hi, Thank you for purchase and feedback. :)

I glad to editing it, and fixed it for good working.

Thank you again.

Dear Zichedemo,

How long will this update take? We’ve been waiting over a month now for a fully functioning update.



Hi, Ed

New update will release in this weeks. :) Thank you for your waiting. When I release it. I hope it the good work to applied for your work, too. ;)



when you make the new version, can you add a small feature to the Panel Tools? It would be great to have a small Maximize/Minimize icon…

so when you want the Panel to take the full width, you can use this option.

I love the theme and plan to buy it soon. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much, It is a good idea.

I will add it to update version.

Thank you again. ;)

how can I made a chat page and have the header stick to the top, footer stick to the bottom, and the chat content fill 100%? If you can post instructions I would greatly appreciate it.

better yet – set a max-width on the chat content body

In update, on Sunday(tomorrow) I have update chat page only.(full page). But it don’t have instruction.

however, I will add your request, too. :)

Thank you so much. :)

perfect. thanks. I look forward to the new updates.

What kind of Pages will be in the “Front End system” ?

Also does the “chat page”, you talked about in the comment above, use the same layout as the chat in the dashboard page ( HTML wise i mean ) ?

So first off thanks for the update, the Frontend is beautiful!

I also really like the more sleek look and the color change in general. ( Altho half of the of the work i did looks broken now with the template files updated :P )

A little kinks you should maybe look at: http://imgur.com/a/XJnas#0

Only a Blog overview & single page is missing with a chat embedded in the right side bar.

Like your click on “friends” and all the friends pop up but now you click on one of them and the right sidebar turns into a chat.

SO once again thank you for the impressively fast update and the awesome template you produced.

Thank you AValnar , i will fix it and add you recommend in next update. ;) I hope you like it. :inlove:

I wouldn’t copy over your work… new update is great but breaks some screens – especially when viewing on windows phone.

Chat Feature: I would like to see when you click on any person on the sidebar a menu shows with options to view profile and chat. When you click chat it opens the chat windows in the sidebar on a full browser, but on mobile (smaller screen) it pulls up the full page chat.

Very nice update, BTW! great job.

Thank you for your recommend , i will make this theme to the best theme and support every buyer ;)

:inlove: Please don’t forget to Rate :inlove:

I am having an issue with date format. When I change the date format to data-date-format=”yyyy-mm-dd” it still shows the default date formate data-date-format=”dd MM yyyy”. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

Hi, parkerj

you can follow this step.

1.open asset/js/caplet.custom.js

2.find this instructions.
        //////////     DATE TIME PICKER     //////////
            weekStart: 1,
            todayBtn:  1,
            autoclose: 1,
            todayHighlight: 1,
            startView: 2,
            forceParse: 0,
            showMeridian: 2,
            minView: 2,
            format: "dd MM yyyy", // comment or delete line

3. in bottom you can see ‘format: “dd MM yyyy”,’ you must comment or delete line it.

I hope it help you. ;)

Thank you again. Pinyo

Thank you.

In version 1.1.2, calling Bootstrap WYSIHTML5 returns blank. There are two errors and I was trying to search for them in the files but could not figure out where it would be looking for it:

Failed to load resource file:///Users/joshmac3/Desktop/CapletTheme/HTML/assets/plugins/ckeditor/skins/ceplet2/skin.js?t=D9EF Failed to load resource file:///Users/joshmac3/Desktop/CapletTheme/HTML/assets/plugins/ckeditor/skins/ceplet2/editor.css?t=D9EF

Can you add some guidance on what file(s) I need to update? Thanks.

Hi, again

so sorry , i will fix it as soon as possible. now you can solution this problem.

1. go to assets/plugins/ckeditor/skins/

2. you see folder name “moono”

3. rename to “ceplet2”

I hope it help you. Thanks ;)

Awesome, thanks again for your help.

I’m glad to help you.

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I know this is outside the scope of your theme, but would you happen to know what’s the “sDom” parameter I can use if I wanted to add TableTools?

Never mind. I was able to figure it out.

Demo Is not working !!

Thank you for report, now my demo is online ;)

No. its not working.

Trying to figure out the Tags Input but it doesn’t work in the download. Can you point me to where in the javascript file the code for tag input is located? Thanks.

You can found in asset/plugin/form/form.js inline 123. I minifier js for page load faster, but you can try it for beauty and clean source code. jsbeautifier.org

Thanks. ;)

Hmm, I’ve beautified the code, but I think there is still something missing. Maybe some javascript initializer code on the formComponents page? All of the tags show outside of the form input.


So sorry, At this week sometime my site isn’t working. I must changing it. :(

but now it is working. I can see and enjoy with my demo. ;)

So, it is down again please report me. ;)

Thank you so much.

Every day your demo go down, now too :(

:( I will editing it to online, So I have a secondary server to support. I hope it better for every customers.

Thank you.

http://imgur.com/a/DTPEE#0 The Portfolio does not resize properly on some resolutions. ( It should show 5 instead of 4 blocks at all times )

The index one works fine but the portfolio one with isotope filtering does not.

And on my Mobile Device ( Samsung Galaxy S3 ) the heading which is used for the description of the if blocks if you click on one of the image ones that red box pops up with a text where you can click on the plus to open the fancybox . This Text is way out of size on mobile devices.

Thank you for reported. i will test and fix it in comimg soon. ;)

I don’t know what happened, but after the new release of 1.1.2 pages are not scrollable on Windows Phone 8. The template displays incorrectly once you navigate to another page from the dashboard screen.


I will test in windows phone 8 and fix it ;) i glad to help you.

Is it possible to show a timepicker without having to click on date first?

Hi, you can see in next post @AValnar And more datepicker documentation here http://www.malot.fr/bootstrap-datetimepicker/

I hope it help you.

Thank you. ;)

Thank you. I will check out the documentation.


            weekStart: 1,
            todayBtn:  1,
            todayHighlight: 1,
            startView: 2,
            forceParse: 0,
            showMeridian: 2,
            minView: 2,
            format: "dd MM yyyy",

Add this somewhere in your javascript files,change the selector and you’re good to go.

Wow, Thank you very much for help support. ;)