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Actually disregard this comment. I figured out my issue.

Hi, parkerj

I’m glad to help you. you can contact me with email or facebook because it is the way for full help support. ;)


Thank you for this great template! I am hoping you can tell me how to properly render one of your forms, with the iCheck features, after an AJAX call. What is the function I should call during an ajax callback to have the iCheck features work in the form that is returned via ajax? It have had no success calling iCheck() in ajaxsuccess or using the solutions the iCheck folks suggest such as “Or you can simply call $(‘body’).iCheck(); after ajax content is appended.” or samples like ” $.get(‘ajax.html’, function(data) { $(’.some-container’).append(data).find(’.ajax-content’).iCheck();”

Is there a different function/plugin I should be calling?

Thank you!

Hi, swrede

I make example Ajax load(recall icheck form) you can test it. http://caplet.zicedemo.com/form_ajax.html

if you want source code please contact me with email again. ;)

Thank you.

hello, i have a problem with google chrome on windows 8

http://screencast.com/t/V3UZiCRsH http://screencast.com/t/0v5rHs9wYD9

But all assets status is 200 ok, thanks for help

Hi, i see your problem, but i’m not sure about issue of it. I will try to check it again. ;)

thank you for report.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as magwark. I think that I narrowed down the cause. It only happen on page refresh (F5) not on navigation. I was unable to find the cause of it…

Hi, I will find cause of it. I’m not sure but I will editing as soon as possible.

You have link: for test your problem?, please send it to me. :)

Thank you.

zicedemo, can you email me the ajax load code? I have already requested by email . thx.

Hi, Please send your email to me because your profile don’t have contracting. :)

Or contract my email: zicedemo at google mail. If you send email to me, now I’m not found it. Please contact me, again.

Thank you.

is there a way to have bar chart compare side by side instead of stacked?

So sorry , i don’t receiving your mail. :(

I sent you can internal email here on themeforest with my personal email address.

I answer and send file in your mail. ;) Thank you.

hi how/where can i edit ,if i want the left menu->open ,slideleft->hide by default…

thanks in advance

Now, This theme it not support to show menu every time. but maybe i will add this option in next update.

if you want to hide slideleft you can add class=”nav-collapse-out” in sildeleft and #main
        //////////     SLIDE LEFT CONTENT     //////////
        <div id="nav" class="nav-collapse-out">.....</div>

        //////////     MAIN SHOW CONTENT     //////////
        <div id="main" class="nav-collapse-out">...</div>

Thanks ;)

pls do in next update…anyway thanks

We purchased it.

A very hardly customizable theme. I do NOT recommend using it because:

1. Responsiveness is set from javascripts, so it’s hard to get up with it

2. It uses many really not required libs as so: jquery-ui and bootstrap at once (why jquery-ui???)

3. it’s hard to move it in pieces to own project because often it results in unnecessary scripts which are used at most once. And I am curious about why author uses javascripts instead of styles to compose layout.

4. Strong linking to existing bootstrap version AND bootstrap script looks to contain other libs, so i can’t change it to for example newer version or ui-bootstrap.

My opinion: totally unprofessional, spaghetti code.Made to just make something!

Sorry for my theme and function isn’t compatibility with your working.

But it is a one of commend for develope my idea. :)

Maybe I will developing it for support any buyer and in the future I will making it to update version with documentation to explain all function in my theme.

In the future, I hope my theme is the best support, easy to move and appiled for all purpose use. ;)


it would be good, i hope

Wow! romko. I have to disagree with your opinion. This template is probably the best admin theme on themeforest. In my professional opinion (web design for over 20 years) it is a well put together theme. Support and response from the author is excellent.

Thank you very much for such a great compliment! I will continue to make my theme better and better. :)


Hi Zice,

I’m not finding where can i change the admin color. Is it possible?

Best regards, Elvio

Hi, madfx

Now this theme is have 2 colors style but in demo i don’t add switch theme colors change, you can see it after purchase this theme.

New update(v.1.1.3) release in sunday , i will add switch colors tools for easy colors change. ;)

Thank you.

Dear friend!!! file tableResponsive.html Chrome 33.0.1750.117

Error: http://i.imgur.com/DNzP2Fq.png

Hi, mate

I’m not sure about this problem because it is appeared in sometime when I refresh page, it is normal full page. But I see this problem, too.

And now, I testing it in any browser for fixed and analyzed it. I will try!!

So, if it is OK, I will update and reply it to you. :)

Thank you for reports. ;)

thanks, try to help me, very nice interface

if at all possible, with the release of 1.1.3, show can example of how to pass a variable to the ajax load. so I can open different pages using the same ajax javascript code? I hope this makes sense?

Ok, you can see it in news update ;)

Hi, zicedemo!

I can’t find autocomplete input, like twitter typeahead, in this theme. Do you have one?


Hi, The current version not has typeahead autocomplete , i will add it in update tomorrow ;)

Thank you.

To everybody

The first time i’m say sorry for release new update not to be on time, It some problem in the new update on today. i will solution this problem and release it as soon as possible.

Best Regard.


Is there no way to scroll the left menu, left panel, and right menu with a mouse? I can with touch but not able with mouse click.

HI, In scrollbar i’m hidden it with css “overflow” , if you want to show it you can do (SCSS). in advance i’m support you with mail ;)


yes, if you can show how to display it on large screens and hide it on small screens that would be awesome.

Hi zicedemo!

THe first version of caplet had a Date-Time picker. Now, it only has Date picker. Can you add a time picker please?

Thank you!!

Hi, You can use it in Current version , follow me

1.open capet.custom.js 2.find this
        //////////     DATE TIME PICKER     //////////
            weekStart: 1,
            todayBtn:  1,
            autoclose: 1,
            todayHighlight: 1,
            startView: 2,
            forceParse: 0,
            showMeridian: 2,
            minView: 2, // delete this line
            format: "dd MM yyyy" // delete this line
3.delete or comemt 2 bottom line in example.

I hope it help you.

Thank you.

Works perfect now! Thanks so much!!

Hi, I have just purchased the template, I need some modifications , I sent you an email about all what I need, kindly check.

Ok, i receive your mail. ;)

Hi, “Full Screen” does not working on IE 10 or 11 ?!! please fix or tell me how to as it is one of the reasons of get the template. Thanks

Hi, i’m can fix “Full Screen” in IE11 (on update) , IE10 doesn’t support fullscreen(). and more http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/dn265028(v=vs.85).aspx or http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/dn254939(v=vs.85).aspx

Thank you. ;)

zicedemo, I am loading notifications from a php page into the modal using ajax. However, I can’t get the colors and javascript buttons to work. You can show me how, if possible? I appreciate your help. Thx.

Ok, i’m send mail to you. please check it ;)

Zicedemo is amazing! Support is superb!!! Thanks for your help on this request.

Thnk you :bigwink: , I’m glad to you any problem in my theme.

My best purchase on themeforest ! With this theme I saved at least 10 days of design, thanks. Just one thing, you should use LESS to compile your CSS files, I believe it’s more common and will make your life easier.

Wow !! i’m glad to you like my theme, i’m used SCSS for compile my CSS file , but i’m not sure LESS may be similar to SCSS?

Thank you. ;)