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Hi, zicedemo!

Thank you for this theme. It would be great if you include tour plugin, like http://bootstraptour.com or http://usablica.github.io/intro.js/ , in this theme.

Thanks again for great support.

Ok , i will add it in next version.

Thank you for good idea. ;)

Hi Zicedemo

Full-screen tab views

I’m trying to use your theme to create a tab-view. The first two tabs “google-map” and “calendar” should fill the screen horizontally, with no horizontal scroll bar. My problem is the tab view parent container keeps on showing a horizontal scroll bar. How can I stop this? I’ve tried but no success.

See Example on GoogeDrive: https://googledrive.com/host/0B81iWFNhbD1BZTFDOTFZT2h0WUk/ui_tabfullscreen.html

1) I’m using caplet 1,0 for this example.
2) First tab Map: The first tab displays a google map. This example is using GoogleDrive as a host, so the map may not be displayed. If you download it locally it should work.
3) Second tab Calendar: Under Calendar tab, if you select the month tab, the month calendar overlap into a day calendar. Obviously only the month should be displayed. So nests tabs seems to be an issue. It’s probably not a good idea to have nested tabs from a usability point of view, so my mistake here..

I would be very grateful if you could create a very simple tab-view screen example, with 3 tabs (map, calendar, text). The first two tabs have a height of 100%, where the map and calendar tabs parent container does not show a horizontal scroll bar. The text tab whose content can overlap can show a horizontal scroll bar.

If you think there is a better UX way of doing it then I’ve described, then please feel free to make a suggestion and create an example of this.

Many thanks in advance, Anna

Sorry i’m late reply ,i’m busy in this week now i come back. ;) and will make example in quickly.


Hi Pinyo, congrats on the new 1.1.3 release. Did you get around to the full screen tab view? Many Thanks Anna

Hi, you can try this code for call full screen function.


Hope it help you ;)

Thank you.

I need to hide the search box at the left menu!!!, from where I can hide it?

The search box at the right side is not search correctly!!!!, what I can do?

Thank you, but the back button inside the right part (When Click on See All..) stop working after adding the code. I want to hide both left and Right Search boxes, kindly tell me how. Thanks

I want to fix the Bread Cramp Menu at the top after the Top Part, and after Bread Cramp Menu I want to add a horizontal menu, kindly send me the Html for that with <!—> for the Top Menu that I will add. The Logo need to take all the height of the 3 parts at the left side (Top Part, Bread Cramp and Top Menu) This will be so Helpful for me Thanks.

Ok, i receive more detail for msg in my mail. thank you. ;)

Feature suggestion: search for the left menu and right menu. It would be nice to add title tags and search would also query the title tag for matches. This would help people fine tune the searches.


Sorry i’m late reply ,i’m busy in this week now i come back.

Search field in left and right menu allow link only (tag a), you can change to allow all text search.

Chang javascript code in caplet.custom.js

Right menu sine line 347 (v1.1.2 )
        // Menu right
            position    : 'right',
            counters    : true,
            searchfield    : {
                add                : true,
                search            : true,
                showLinksOnly    : false,
Left menu sine line 358 (v1.1.2 )
        // Menu Left
            searchfield    : {
                add                : true,
                search            : true,
                showLinksOnly    : false,
            slidingSubmenus    : true

I hope it help every buyer. ;)

Thank you. Pinyo

The above revision kinda helps. It would be much to search text in title tag within the link (a href) to refine search results. Consider adding to next release. BTW: when you planning to release version 1.1.3?

How can I add 2 level menu items on a button dropdown?

with label headers, if possible?

Sorry In current version don’t is option. :(

In the Tags Input, there is no way to remove individual tags? I suggest you need to have an X next to each tag so tags can be removed conveniently.

Thank you hetul , i will solution this problem in next version ;)

How can I get sparkline graphs to work in an ajax loaded page?

I answer you in mail. :)

When update is availabe?

yes, when will be new 1.1.3 update be available? :-)

Thanks for the theme. Bought it but when looked on SCSS code, i see that much can be overrided from bootstrap.

Also there is big problem that you copy-pasted all scss/css code from plugins and changed it directly, because it is imposible to upgrade plugins.

At example, jQuery.mmenu, you copied it in _menu.scss and changed all scss code, version of plugin scss was 4.0.2, now latest version is 4.2.2, so there are big differences, and mmenu is plugin, which needs to be upgraded, because author of plugin is working to improve menu look on all devices and browsers. With your coding style it is impossible, and it’s sad for me…

Also same with other plugins. And also about jQuery plugins, you copied multitple plugins into one js file, so it is imposible to upgrade javascript of those plugins too. So, it means that this theme will be sticked to plugins that was released on time of theme writing, but something changes, plugins are improoved, bugs are fixed, but it will be almost imposible to upgrade. If you plan to maintain this theme, then it will be hard for you too to upgrade the code.

Also about bootstrap, boostrap already has “normalize” addon code and other things. Bootstrap less or scss file can be imported to your scss and then all things can be overrided with usage of predefined boostrap classes, or mixins, but you are using burboun, so it makes all weight of CSS code 2x times bigger, it means bigger loading times…

But thanks for theme and code, after looking into code, i learned SASS and some nice tricks, much nice plugins included, never knew about boostrap-select or jquery.mmenu.


HI, I want to hide “User Part” when page load…..user part is the part that have the big user image. Thanks

Thank you jaliee85, but when I try to click on avatar small image to show avatar part again , it is works in a funny way without showing the part!!. Other thing, on left menu : how to change the BG color of an item when hover on it? (as hover on any menu) I understand if cannot answer and thank you by any way :).

to securesign author is not here .busy maybe.he not answer many question last week. here u can hide avatar slide : put class="nav-collapse-out"in main id look like this <div id="main" class="nav-collapse-out" />

just helping u

@hetul, you can remove individual tags. You can click `Backspace` or `Delete`: use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the cursor behind the tag you want to remove.

@securesign, the code that @jaliee85 gave you needs to be applied in two places, that is why you are getting a wonky return.


thanks for updating

Thank you too for help support when i busy, now i come back and ready for support :D

Hi , Every body

Now i release new update and ready for support.

What’s Update in version 1.1.3?

- 60 pages+
- fix left menu open
- fix hide user panel 
- add top menu 
- add footer menu 
– update other pages
– fix many bug
– delete data-color and change to class bg-color
- and more.

Thank you for every buyer when i busy in last weeks :D

bro your data-color doesnot work.try to change bg-color also doesnot work. example in your ui_panel …..

see in your demo i cant see colored in panel_color_heading

ok i found it add bg-color in class like class="panel-heading sm bg-primary"

check your email.i sent some req

top menu, can we make the sub-menu touch friendly? where in the code can I make this possible? thanks.

Hmm, i don’t sure your Q? you mean top menu (dropdown) allright? , if yes this code is

<u l="" class="dropdown-menu arrow">
<li><a href="#"> ...</a></li>
<li><a href="#"> ...</a></li>
<li class="dropdown-submenu"> <a tabindex="-1" href="#">multi level options   <i class="fa fa-angle-right" /></a>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu  animated fadeInRight fast">
      <li><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Second level</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">Second level</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">Second level</a></li>
</u> l>

add Class dropdown-submenu in tag li hope it help you. :D

Thank you

that’s doesn’t work. Main menu item appears as it should, but when you tap to view the ‘second level links’ it does not stay on the screen. On mobile devices second level links are not accessible.

The author must be really busy, typically have better response time. Hope you can assist with my question soon. thanks.

@parkerj thanks for the suggestion. However, that’s an UX issue. its much better and easy if the changes I suggested were incorporated.

@ghst – good feedback! i think its very important to be able to upgrade the plugins easily. definitely a must have.

Hi, i trying to add some autocomplete in tag field… and i cant implement properly, some recomendatios? thanks

Hi, This theme support jQuery UI autocomplete only, I don’t add other plugin of it.

What type of plugin you want to use?

If you want to use jQuery UI autocomplete: https://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/

Thanks. :)