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HI, I no need to use slide left content. Can I hide slide left content away.

Thank you very much.

Hi, greet to meet you Thai people.

you can use this layout ( now release in 1.1.3 ) http://caplet.zicedemo.com/hideUserPanel.html

hope it help you.

Thank you. ;)

Thank you very much. This amazing design. I love it.

Nice work, some feedback: New dashboard looks good on my mobile but old dashboard totally break on my phone :)

Thank you for reports , please tell me your phone test? :D

my phone test is samsung galaxy s2, it’s ok on desktop with responsive test but on real mobile break :D

When I host the files on IIS I found that everything is looks funny and most of the parts is not showing correctly the URL for CSS and JS are the same as “assets/css/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css” By the way, it looks bad on IE and ok on FireFox!!!!! Kindly tell me what to do.

Oh, i don’t test on this and thank you for report. i will try to fix for support IE9 and other. ;)

Hi! Im trying to print some page of the template with Google Chorme, but I get an error. Try with this: http://caplet.zicedemo.com/table.html

Can you tell me how to print a table or a page with the table inside?

Thank you so much!

Hmm, i try this it error too, i will fix it in this week. ;)

Thanks. If you find a way to print only one table with the same style as is shown in the browser, will be great!

Can you tell me how I can get ‘readonly=”readonly”’ to work with select dropdown?

select dropdown don’t get “readonly” , you can use disabled=”disabled” for don’t select in option.

<option value="Australia" disabled="disabled">Australia</option>


The design is so clean and cool, using firefox the side panels don’t close when clicking on the wrapper like it does in other browsers, other than that its fantastic, cheers for the work

Thank you for purchased , please tell me you using firefox version? I will fix it , ;)

firefox 28.0 which is the latest version. thanks =)

can anyone tell me how I can load ajax content on the right panel and not lose the css styles?


so sory , i try to test for your request , please waiting me. i will come back to reply again as soon ;)

Thank you.

thank you zicedemo for assistance.

any luck with this? Having the ability to load sections of content into the left or right navigation while maintaining the css styles will be another huge selling point to your theme. I hope you can get this working soon.

I’m going to build a website like ticksy but major in envato product and will use your template, decided after a week surfing this category, yours is the best :D cheers !

Hi zicedemo! nice work on this template! i just have a question.. my chrome javascript console is showing me this errors..:

Consider using 'dppx' units instead of 'dpi', as in CSS 'dpi' means dots-per-CSS-inch, not dots-per-physical-inch, so does not correspond to the actual 'dpi' of a screen. In media query expression: (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (min-resolution: 192dpi) event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT http://a.easyinline.com/pubjs?pid=171764&cid=6&sid=118000149999 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT http://js.myinfotopia.com/trustBanner.js

how can i fix this? thanks!

also when i click on the show / hide toggle i think there is a bug from the right side, see it here: http://www.blacklyontech.com/bug.jpg do you have a fix for it? thanksss

Hi there, Purchased this template. I would like to know how to remove left menu completely. I am looking to use only the topmenu from topMenu.html but without any side menu, but probably would like to use the userbar. Can yo please provide an example page or css/js that i would need to to this?

Thank you

Another question would be… how can i use the form css in the frontend page? I have noticed your frontend css and backend css are completely different.

I would like to have a horizontal form in form.html, but inside the frontend page and probably some parts of frontend inside the admin backend.


1. Add a form to front end 2. Add a slide show like frontend to backend page.

Thank you

Hey, there sorry for throwing in so many questions – am on a tight timeline

How do i keep the right menu always open?


I kwon about all your question, but it have long step and some long coding.

You can contact me with email because it is comfort for answer with us :)

Are you agree with me? ;)

Thank you for love my theme.

can tell me how I can load ajax content on the right panel and not lose the css styles?

Hey, I’m still waiting for your to sent me code for the above as promised. :-) Hopefully soon. thanks.

Hi , so sorry , i think you solution this problem. I will send advance in your mail now. ;)

thanks! I have emailed you screenshots.

I wondering how to close right off canvas bar when it’s open it can not be close before you click the chat user ….?

Could you fix this one

Hi, You can customize button or other tag for click to close it, add class=”nav-right-close” to your button , and add JS event click for Closing.

Example use

<a href="#" class="nav-right-close"><i class="icon fa fa-times" /> Close right slide</a>
            $('nav#menu-right').trigger( 'close.mm' );

Thank you. ;) Pinyo

but the button could not show beacuse it’s blocked by #mm-blocker


you can try this Example link

I add close button into top slider menu.
        $(".nav-right-close , #mm-blocker").on('click',function(){
            $('nav#menu-right').trigger( 'close.mm' );

I hope it help you. :)

Thank you. Pinyo .

Hello, I have some questions 1) can I usee the secondary menu by expanding vertically as the most themes here instead of open “new page” on the menu? 2) Some themes on data-tables they have a (+) button and when you press it expands the record and open a small box with other information or other records (sub-table). Is it possible? 3) Is it possible to have a color line column on the left like http://regmedia.co.uk/2012/04/15/rackspace_cloud_control_panel.jpg ? 4) Is it possible to have elements inside table like progress bar, badget, button, etc? 5) is there full border vertical/horizontal lines on tables? 6) is there boxed version?

Hello, sorry for my english. if I put datepicker in a modal window, the datepicker goes under the modal. Is it possible to show a timepicker in a Modal ?

Thank you.

HI, in modal you must change JS for call datepicker, bornIn:”#main” to bornIn:”body”

            weekStart: 1,

Hope it help you.

Thank you.

Worked fine, Thank you.

Hi! I bought your template , it is really great. I would like to suggest some new features: A blog basic template, I think it is present in all your concorrents designs. Another cool feature would be something similar to the facebook model of post. Someone post some content and it have some controls to allow other users interact doing coments, like, wrintg reviews, etc. It would be great!


Thank you for new idea , i will update in coming soon. ;)

A blog list and a blog post detail would be really very usefull! :)

Hi Zicedemo,

How can I change the Left Sidebar Menu width ?


I want to give the same width as the right menu which is 350px

Hi, poseso

Yes, you can change left menu width form scss,

1. go to scss/inc folder

2. open file _variables.scss (see line 178) ,you can see $menu-left-size : 250px;

3. change and save.

4. converter style.scss to .css

Thank you. ;)

Hey Zicedemo,

Waiting in anticipation for your next creation….

...any clues as to when this might be??



Hi, i will update next version in coming soon. ;)

Hello, buy this template and perfect, just passing me a special detail in my local tests on the label with id = “header” not the green border of 5 pixels is shown, sorry I’m bad Latin translations.

more doubt, where the color will change to a circular progress bar around the user’s avatar? ;)


In header border color, you can set css is
#header {

and color avatar progress , it color can chang from data-color


<span class="easy-chart avatar-chart" data-color="#f00" data-percent="69" data-track-color="rgba(255,255,255,0.1)" data-line-width="5" data-size="118">

I hope it help you.

Thank you. ;)

Thank you. ;)