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This is very nice – portfolio is not settling correctly in Firefox.
Can the portfolio support video posts? Good luck

Thanks! Can you send me a screenshot via my profile? Also yes, the portfolio does support videos.

Problem Solved for Firefox

Beautiful work shorti! :) GLWS


Very nice design. Loving that sidebar on the right!

Thanks! :D

Great design, congrats ! Wish you the best with sales :)

Thanks Bedros!

Hi Shorti, Can you share a backend view of the template in WP-Admin? Basically i want to understand how the theme supports the creation of post types. eg: some theme insert their custom forms into the post editing window and some seem to pick up matter from the post content needing it formatted in a particular way.

I’m asking with a view to the new post editing windows in WP 3.6

Hello akhileshsabharwal! So you want to see a screenshot of the post editing window for Portfolio posts? Or the Blog posts? None of posts rely on the content area for special content .. I use custom meta boxes for this, like for example a project url, or video embed, or audio.

Well blog posts.

So when WP 3.6 comes out with its post format inputs we will still need to rely on the custom meta boxes in the theme?

Wow to be honest, I had no idea his was coming in 3.6. I’m sure all authors using post formats in their themes will have to update for this. When this version of WordPress is released, I will make this update for sure.

One of the best wp theme :)

Ah shucks. :)

Clean Work. Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Best of luck!


Great theme and concept!


Awesome work Shorti! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks man! ;)

Awesome work, good luck! :)

Thanks! :)

Interesting functionality. Lookin’ sharp!

Thanks ThemeBeans!

awesome man, gonna buy it for my personal portfolio, just what i need! :)

Excellent! Email me through my profile if you have any questions.

- Shorti

Just STUNNING. Bookmarked.


I just loved your theme. However I am not WP fan. So, only HTML5 version can we get? Any chance?

Hey GncArt! I don’t currently have the HTML5 version available yet. Follow me on ThemeForest and you might see it released in the next month or so.

Thanks for your reply. It will be hard to wait :)

Wow, well I’m glad you like it that much! :) I would be willing to make it more of a priority for a price. Email me and we can discuss price if you are interested in having it made now.

Hey Shorti,

I sent you an email. Need some help with a couple of things and to hire you for some tweaking.


Thanks J.

I will respond on Monday .. I hope you have a great weekend!

For those of you who noticed that the post format settings don’t show on the post editing page in the admin, you can download the new files with the fix here:

Nice work Shorti! Simple and awesome theme. GLWS :)

Thanks MightyThemes! :)

Great theme! Any chance to have a masonry homepage style?

Thank you

Hello Eric05! I don’t currently have plans to add this feature, but I would be willing to for a price. Email if interested.

Another question :

in a gallery, if I insert a portrait format picture, will it be displayed same width as a landscape picture? Not sure to be clear…

Yes, the gallery is completely responsive which makes all the photos the same width, but different heights.