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Well done with this theme, I really like it. I just wish it had Asides, and more importantly: I wish the sidebar wasn’t so very wide!! Is there a way to easily modify this without breaking the responsiveness?

plus, styling isn’t that good when i paragraphs since it isn’t instantly obvious the string of text is a link.

Hello sticktoplans!

So you want more HTML5 tags in the theme?

Yes, I can modify the theme to have any size sidebar you want.

You want more distinct styling for the inline links in a paragraph? I can do this.

Hey Shorti,

I sent you over another email. Would appreciate the help.


Hello flawsb4perfection! I will reply today as soon as I can.

Does it support woo commerce ?

Hello mbabol! The theme was not built to display correct styling of pages and elements for WooCommerce. I am available for a price to do this for you if you are interested.

Pre-sale question if I may:

Is the number of galleries unlimited? I can’ really tell from the demo. This theme would be an ideal solution for a magazine I want to launch. Multiple galleries or portfolio pages are a must. Thanks in advance for your response.

Hello enochsvision!

Each blog post is limited to 1 gallery with an unlimited amount of images. As for the portfolio pages, I can make it so you can create unlimited amount of portfolio pages that display specific projects within a category.

I hope this helps! - Shorti

Yes, that did help. Also, I’m impressed that you answered my question less than five minutes after I asked it! I’m going to go ahead and purchase the theme now. Please get back to me about details of enabling the features you mentioned. If it’s just a line or two of PHP or a CSS change I think I can do that myself if it’s explained to me first. Otherwise, let me know what’s required, cost, etc. Thanks again.

Thanks for purchasing! Feel free to email me and I will reply back with details needed.

Hi. Loving the look of the theme, but having just bought and installed it, for some reason, I am unable to get content to show on my pages? Am I missing something glaringly obvious?

Hello inetseo! Can you send me a link to the website and a WP login so I can take a look? Thanks!

Hey Shorti,

I sent you an email, please let me know if you received it.


Hello J.! Yes I did receive your email. I will respond on Monday as I have a really busy weekend ahead of me.

Thanks for your patience, I look forward to helping you out next week!

- Shorti

Hello Shorti! I’ve got the same problem that Mr. inetseo had… I am unable to get content to show on my pages. Any Ideas? Enrico

Thanks for sending me FTP via email, I have fixed the problem.


Can this theme support a graphic logo? If so what are the best/max dimensions in pixels.

Thank you. Michael.

Oh ok, yes you can absolutely upload your own logo in the Theme Options panel.

Excellent. What size can I use?

You can use any size you want, but I recommend nothing smaller than 100px and no bigger than 250px in width.

Can this theme support code plugins? By that I mean, I want to add a plugin that will display PHP/Python/etc code since I am a developer. It looks great but I want to make sure. Thank you for the reply.

Hello esilvas! Yes, any code plugins should work. I would try this one for starters:

If it doesn’t work, I can go in and make it work. :)

I’ve just purchased and installed this theme, and whenever I try to make a post as a gallery, I get this piece of error code. Any idea what the problem might be, and how to fix it? Screenshot:

Hello crystalchain! Yes, I know exactly what the problem is. You need to install this plugin to specify the images that you want to display and in what order:

Hi Shorti,

Killer theme. Loving it.

I can’t get the select in the top right corner for the mobile navigation view to populate. Anything I need to know about?

Cheers, James

Hello James! Can you send me a link to the site? I will take a look at this. Thanks for purchasing! :) – thanks

Hey James, sorry for the wait. Did you create a menu under “Appearance > Themes” and then set that as the Main Menu? I think that’s what the problem is here.

Hey Shorti,

I just sent you another email. I know you are very busy just letting you know.

Thanks! I am responding to it right now .. nice lengthy email .. very detailed. :)

Thanks I tried to make it easy to understand lol

Hello Shorti. Good work with this theme. Two questions: How can I resize the sidebar? How can I add a ‘read more’ button/link at the end of each post snipet?


Hello benonemarcos! It requires slight modification to the theme to do both of these. Since these are simple customizations, feel free to send me FTP or WP login and I will crank those out for you.

Thanks! - Shorti


Thanks for this awesome theme. I have one question : how can I resize the sidebar to have a 320px fixed width without breaking the responsiveness? Thanks


Hello Laetitia! I can do this for you. Send me FTP via email and I will make this change.

If I purchase this item, can I edit it like a normal HTML/CSS document within Adobe dreamweaver, and then use as a normal website to host elsewhere? without problems? So not using word press at all.

Hello joshd96! The theme only works using WordPress. I plan to make the HTML5 template sometime next month.

Hey Shorti, Check your emails lol

Getting to them now, finally after being sick. ;)

Captain, my captain…

Hi Shorti,

Looking to buy and wondered if the theme colours can be changed as part of “theme options”?

Many thanks,


Hello and congrats for the fantastic theme :)

I want to ask you if there’s an easy way to integrate different types of Google Web Fonts :)


Hello lyubcho! WordPress requires that you “enqueue” fonts. I added fonts this way in the functions.php file starting on line 210. You first need to register the font and then enqueue it:

wp_register_style( 'si_droidsans', '', array(), '', 'all' );
wp_enqueue_style( 'si_droidsans' );

If you would like me to do this for you, I would be more than happy do to so! :)

Sorry for the second consecutive comment, but i forgot to ask you about the background. Is there a way to remove the blur effect that the theme puts to the image :? You can see here:

No problem at all lyubcho!

You can change the opacity (visibility) of the background image by opening the style.css file and changing the “opacity” property of ”#control #c_bg”.

Also, looks like your pages aren’t showing content .. I can fix this for you if you send me WP login.

Thanks! - Shorti