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Hey, I replaced the excerpt part with the content, but it seems the paragraphs are a bit bugged in CSS. Could you check it out? Example: Thanks!

Well they look different. Just check the text on the homepage and the text when you go into the post. They’re different in formatting.

Oh yes, now I see it. Can you send me an email with a WP login? I will take a closer look at this.

Just did

Hi Shorti, love your theme! I would like to add multiple images in a single project and tried inserting the gallery as such, but it seems very basic at the moment after you click on the image thumbnail (if Gallery Settings has Link to Media). If you have Link to Attachments Page, it will display the photo and show in the Sidebar the Back button, but when you press it, it doesn’t return to the Project interface, or the Portfolio Page, but apparently to the home page. How can I change this behaviour? Is it possible for the images (when using Link to Media) to display in kind of a lightbox with next and previous and close options? Or is it possible, when using Link to Attachments Page, to have it show next and previous or correctly to go back to Project? Thanks in advance!

Hello ixfinito,

Can you send me a link to the website so I can take a look at this problem. Email me through my profile.

I changed the main color in theme options to black. Problem is “Submit Comment” button’s become black now. I want black as the main color. But want to change the color of button. How do I do this?

Please email me through my profile and I will help you with this.

Hello, I have a small question is there a way to increase the lines/words that is in the main page posts? On the blog it shows the post title then about two lines from the actual post, how can I increase this a bit to show a bit more of the post on the homepage?

Hello pat231, did you still need help with this?

Love the theme but I need a tweak. I sent you an email.


I want to make it visible to my visitors that theres more on the left bar if they scroll down on that area.I want to add an arrow sign or something similar, how can I do that?

Hello ajantrik13, send me an email with FTP and WP logins and I will add this for you.

Some of my images are coming out off-center when I set them to be featured on posts. This is a good example. Anyone know how to fix something like this?

I found a problem in menu. I sent you an email!

Hey Shorti.

Awesome theme. I’d like to use it for my mix podcast site. Quick question. Can you display a featured image with the audio player? I’d like the show the player and the cover art for the mix at the same time in the main template feed.

– Todd Kelley

Looking nice. Is it possible to change the page so that clicking on an image gets you to individual post rather than opens a photo?

I’ve been trying to get ahold of Shorti for the past few weeks on behalf of my client, who has been using his theme.


Hey, I love the theme, but appear to be having the same problem as a couple of other folk with the portfolio not showing the details of the project. Could you give (or anyone else?) give me an idea how to fix it? I am at a loss…

Here’s the page:

Hey Shorti, this is a beautiful theme, and I really like it, but alas, I too seem to be having issues with the portfolio page. For me, the details load great when I click on a portfolio item, but they do not load for portfolio items that do not fit on the screen when they are all originally displayed. These items are hidden to begin with and they have a cool fade in effect when you scroll down the page. Unfortunately, the portfolio items that fade in like this will not show their details when you click on them. All the others ones that appear initially load just fine. Any help please?

My page is:

Any help would be most appreciated (I’ll give the theme a better rating too).

Hey Shorti,

Same Problem like aaron-gray, The new Appended Items in the Infinte scroll not Work with the Details Function. Only the first 9 Items work correctly and the other not work

My Site:

Can you post a changelog for the current version, 1.3?

Ah yes, I can definitely do that, thanks for the reminder! :)

Hello shorti,

Seems like Left Side bar scroll bar has a bug, it’s supposed to be have a scroll bar when it’s hover, but it doesn’t appear. Tested on all the latest browsers, same issues. Can you please kindly provide us the fix?

Thank you.

Hello nodezground, the theme was actually built to hide the scroll bar. Feel free to send me a WP login via my support page and I will make that show up again. Thanks for purchasing!

Hello Shorti,

Do you mean even when hover? I understand that you used custom scrollbar for the sidebar right? But if the content from the sidebar is very long, it supposed to have a scrollbar when it’s hover right? Otherwise how people will know that there’s more content beneath? Please kindly let me know.

Thank you.


Well, it is difficult to make the scrollbar appear on hover. However, I can make the scrollbar appear permanently.

Send me FTP and I will see if I can come up with a solution for hover.

Thanks, Shorti

Is it possible to move the date in to the post? I’d like to remove the right hand column with the date so my pictures fill the width except for the left hand column.

Is this possible? I really like this theme for an upcoming project, but don’t want that right hand column with the date.

I apologize for not responding sooner. I am currently taking support through my Help contact form: I’d love to help, but please email me with any support questions you have there, I don’t prefer to answer support emails in the comments section, therefore I don’t check here often.

If you have already emailed me, I will be answering your support request soon.


- Shorti

Great design! Next time you can use photos from my project :)

Thanks viktorhanacek!


I’d love to help! Please email me through my support page with any support questions you have there, I don’t prefer to answer support emails in the comments section, therefore I don’t check here often. I will answer your requests as soon as I can!

Thanks for understanding!

- Shorti

Hi Shorti, I love this theme, can you tell me what I need to do to add pagination to the category pages ?