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very clean template… good job

Your best theme so far, really nice! :)

Thank you all for the wonderful comments :D

Love the thumbs!

Thanks mate!

nice design XD

Glad you like it!

This is a great theme! I think you should make a WP-version! Guaranteed sales!

Thank you. I plan to release a wp version but still have some wp knowledge to learn. But I’ll be working on it. :D

Hi there Henry – I bought Capture yesterday – if possible could you please point me in the direction of some help to get the contact form running.

Sure shoot me an email Explaining what’s the issue :D

Thanks for all your help Henry – you are a wizard. The template and contact form all worked beautifully- there’s lots to like about Capture and your other themes too … Thanks, I’ll be back

the preview isn’t working

2 months later and still no preview

3 months later and still no preview

Preview still not working and now the domain is for sale