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Really nice work and attention to detail. GLWS!

I wouldn’t normally comment, but I have to say this design is totally perfect! – Thank you! :-)

Thank you! We are glad you felt like you should comment. Please give the theme a rating if you wouldn’t mind, it will help us a lot.

Let us know if you need anything.

How do i do that please?

If you hover over your username in the top right, followed by downloads you’ll then see a list of your purchases. You can then give it a star rating out of 5 :)

i love it . thank you ,

awesome work! Good luck :)

I love this theme, it’s very nice.

I’m trying to decide if I can make it work as design for my IT support company but i’m not too sure.

Either way I think it’s a really good job.

I’m sure it can! Thanks for the kind words :)

Amazing. I am creating something similar to this for my own personal site this makes me want to just buy this and save myself some time but ehhh.

Haha nice, we’re glad you like it!

Neat, elegant touches. Congrats!

nice work, good luck!


Just wondering if you provide the sample data for uploading?


Ignore this, thought it was a wordpress theme.

No worries, there will be a Wordpress version in the near future though so keep an eye out :)

The WordPress version is now out if you’d like to take a look.

Hi I have a query. I have bought this template and it works perfectly in Chrome and Safari but in IE the ‘CAPTURE’logo becomes enlarged. is there anyway to prevent this. Many thanks Guys

The update is now pending in the queue, however I’ve also emailed you the updated ZIP so you don’t have to wait.

Got it! Tested it! and it works perfectly. Thank you! RATED YOU 5 Stars!

No worries, and thanks for the rating :)

How long does it last for wordpress version??

Do you mean when will the WP version be released?

If so we’re aiming for around the end of July :)

WordPress version is now available if you’d like to check it out.

How do you update the contact form to send to a certain e-mail address?

It’s covered in the documentation, but you can change it in _assets/ajax/contact.php. The docs cover it in more detail, and explain what to do :)

Really enjoying this theme, fantastic work. I’m having some difficulty getting my Tweets to show. I followed your instructions and received the information from the Twitter dev page, plugged them into twitter.php, but it says “There was a problem loading Tweets at this time.” Any ideas or common mistakes people like me make? do I need to change all instances of “username” in twitter.js and twitter.php to my twitter name ? THank you again!


Could you please send me a link across?

I’ll take a look and see if I can work out what’s going on :)


If you prefer, you can email a link to info[at]!


@Ashley, Thank you, I really appreciate it, I’ll email you now.


I have searched and searched, but where on the css is the command to change the colour for the portfolio boxes? What a great theme!!!!!

Hey – that line I sent across doesn’t exist in the CSS at the moment so just add it in :)

As for the Twitter, can you email me a link to the site to info[at] and I’ll take a look!


thanks this theme and support is first rate!!

No worries, if you haven’t already we’d really appreciate it if you rated the item :)


This really is a splendid theme.

How can I edit the fontawesome icons on the homepage? I need to tweak the icons a little and can’t find them in the assets folder anywhere.


UPDATE: please ignore my comment above. I looked through the fontawesome icons archive and found perfectly suitable icons to use. Thanks!

No worries, glad you’re enjoying it and sorted your issue :)

If you haven’t already we’d greatly appreciate if you rated our theme!

I already rated the theme. 5 stars all the way! Great work guys.

Do you have any recommendations as to how I can activate the search feature? It looks great, I just need to make it functional.


You can try Google Site Search, but I’ve not tried it recently… May need some tweaking!

Rather foolishly I’ve downloaded this thinking it was a Wordpress theme and now I’m stuck with a site I can’t do anything with. Is the wordpress version imminent?

It is indeed! It should be available next week :)

WordPress version is now out if you’re interested.

Do you have an ETA for the Wordpress version?

It should be this week, if not next week. There’s a couple of issues we’re working through at the moment :)

WordPress version is now out, feel free to check it out if you’d like.

What is required on the server for the contact form to function (sendmail, etc….)

Just PHP’s native mail() function :)

Is the WP version coming this week?

Yes, it will be here soon. It’s in the queue right now waiting to be approved. I’ll let you know when it is ready.

It is now available, feel free to check it out.