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Very nice design! I am wondering what the best method is to add additional images to the home page slider. ie. the phone will fadeInUp, pause, fadeoutright, new pic fadeInUp, pause, fadeOutRight, new pic fadeInUp etc…

There are a range of animations available, you can use any from :) Just change the classes as required!

Thanks, I can see the various animations. I am just confused on how to play them on a timeline so when one finishes, the next one starts…sorry I know I’m missing something simple.

I see what you mean, in the theme you will see “delay1” “delay2” etc, these are done by 1 second. So for your first thing you want to appear use “delay1” then for the next “delay2” etc. Hope this helps you.

I made a theme almost identical to this for an old client. Very very nice!

Hi I seem to be having issues with getting the contact form to work. I have changed the contact.php file to multiple different email addresses please could you help further? Can i write any emails or do they need to be on the same server?

Also in my code is <form action=”#” id=”form” method=”post” class=”form-inline dbdContact”>

Is this all ok or do i need to change form action? Many Thanks Paul

The only bit you should need to change is the contact.php file, can you please email me your contact.php file (or send me a link to your page) and I’ll take a look!

I have a client interested in this theme, but I was wondering: Do you have any plans on upgrading the theme to use Bootstrap 3?

Not at this time, no – they’ve changed quite a bit in terms of mark up for Bootstrap 3 so it’s not realistic to upgrade it at this time.


I’d like to make the carousel on the about page slide automatically to the next image without touching any buttons at all, like a slideshow. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you!

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to make it auto-slide! Bootstrap’s implementation of it is sketchy at best.

Hi Dash-

I’m trying to get the portfolio page to open a lightbox instead of linking to a portfolio page. Is that possible? I’d like to keep the sorting if possible.


You’d need to modify the WP files to include a lightbox script, then adjust the shortcode in shortcodes.php to add in whatever classes need to be added to the mark-up!

Thanks, I got it fingered out eventually last night. Seems like the solution was to remove the capture.js. Once I did that the lightbox script worked as designed. Thanks for the reply!

Hello, thanks again for this theme. Is it possible to have two sub menus in the top menu bar? (For example under FEATURES, LAYOUT OPTIONS) I tried to put more than one in but the content of the menus block each other.


Can you send me an email with a link to the site please?

Emailed you the link :)

No worries, I’m away all weekend so it’ll likely be Monday before I get a chance to take a look.

i want to have static image and over the same image i want 2 liner text and “know more” button on home page instead of current slider.

can you help me?

Make sure the CSS on the image has max-width: 100%, other than that without seeing it I can’t help!

please give your email id I will provide you link.

Please use the contact form on our profile page :)

I’ve already purchased this version and am currently using it, any possibility of a discount on the WP version?

Afraid not, it’s all controlled by Envato so you’ll have to pay the full price!

Is there anyway to prevent multiple submissions on the contact form? Could you update the javascript perhaps, currently users are clicking on it multiple times and it processes each time. All of the fields are required and I don’t want to add a simple disable function on the button if clicking submit (something like: onclick=”this.disabled=true”) locking them out if they missed any required fields. It would only go into effect if all required fields were submitted.

Let me know and thanks, -Kjup

Unfortunately it’s not something I can look at right now due to personal committments :(

I’m getting lots of 404 errors in my log like this:


Is there a problem on some devices I might not be seeing?  What should I do?


I’ll take a look at this, not quite sure what’s happened to it!

Any update? Can you point me to the right placeholder.js file that I can put on the directory?

I am unfortunately away from the office at the moment and won’t be at my PC until tomorrow, I’ll take a look for you then – please send a messave via our profile page, and I’ll ping you the file across.

Hi Dash,

I was wondering if its possible to make this into a Concrete5 theme? Really like the design and would love to have it but we use C5 as our CMS.




Unfortunately the C5 market just isn’t large enough at the moment for us to convert it across – sorry!

Np, I’ve purchased it and I’ll hand it over to our web team and I’m sure they’ll figure something out :D


i have a question: how to centered client logos in div class clients?

Regards Mark

They should automatically be centered, do you have a link to an example that’s not centered?

Any updated version of this theme? Only bootstrap 2.3