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I can’t apply the “filterable” atribute to portfolio shortcode. Doesn’t work.

Thank you.

I don’t think it should affect it, but try removing the space between the comma and the next category so it reads like Veterinario,Adiestramiento.

Ok, done it but not found :(. I download and upload the shorcode.php file but not found. Thanks.

Can help me please?.

Thank you.


We’ve been using your Capture theme since 2013 (latest version). Do you have any plans to update it? The hosting provider says they’ve identified a vulnerability in the theme.


We weren’t planning to, no. What’s the vulnerability?

This came from the hosting provider via the client. Have not been able to get specifics, but will pass them on if I do. Removed the ajax contact plugin in case that was it.

I’m having trouble changing the blue ‘accent’ color. I changed the header color and callout section color, but there’s still a blue outline around the search box, and a blue line below the content block right below the slider. See it here (see how it clashes with the new color?): http://scfom.org/


For the blue border, you’ll need to use the CSS selector #three {border-bottom: none;}.

For the search, you’ll need .searchtop {border: none;}

There are some other blue bits, so just in case…

.callout-btn {background: none;} for the callout button


I am trying to use contact form 7 with this theme but I am having some trouble with the radio buttons. There seems to be a problem with the span elements and I believe there may be a conflict with the Ajax Contact plugin.

Is there any way you could help me with this?


Ok so I’m not too sure if it is being caused by the Ajax Plugin but it is definitely being caused by the theme. I have tried disabling all plugins and even performed a fresh install of the theme yet the problem still remains. The only way to fix it is to change the them completely.

That’s a bit strange, seeing as nothing we’ve added would affect the plugin… what version of the plugin are you using?

Everything is up to date.

How I can translate this theme?



You’ll need to use the WPML plugin which this theme supports: http://wpml.org/.

hello i would like to know how can i activate the layered slider in my CAPTURE wordpress theme?

Thanks for your time.

You should be able to setup the sliders in the LayerSlider section and then assign them to a page.

Hi. I’ve installed your Capture theme’ imported Xml file, actived main menu but its not shows like the demo.


What do i need to it working corectly.


It looks like a configuration problem to be honest, as even on the blog page the links don’t work from the titles. I’d check your permalink settings, and your .htaccess is correct as a first point.

Thanks! It was configuration. It’s solved.. While the twitter widget is asigned at footer. I placed my user but its not working. Not important

What plugin would you recommend to recreate a Wordpress multilanguage?

And how do I add share button?

Excuseme i’m newbie

Thank you much

The theme supports WPML (https://wpml.org/) which is good for multi-lingual themes. As for a share button, there’s likely a ton of free ones for you to use at https://wordpress.org/plugins/.

We are having a problem with the header in Safari. The problem happens when the sticky header feature is enabled and a user scrolls to the page bottom, then back up to the top. When this happens, the logo and search box get clipped. This only happens in the Safari browser. I can send screenshots if needed. Thanks.

Hi, please send an email via our contact form on our profile page and we’ll take a look for you.

Hello, I have 2 qestions.

First: Is ist possible to install the Demo version? And if is possibl, how can i do this? Second: How can I install the WPML Plugin? Which is the correct Plugin name?

best regards Andreas

Sorry for the late reply, been away! Yes there is demo content provided in the download, please see the docs for how to do this.

Secondly, WPML is a premium plugin which you can purchase from the WPML website.


Thank you for this great theme. I just bough it.

But im having a few bugs. one of them is :

Whenever im trying to add one more(than those three included) testimonials, an error appear on my home page

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/neilsond/public_html/webmecanik.ca/wp-content/themes/capturewp/functions.php on line 241

Can you help me with this ? regards

Do you still support this theme? The Google Plus sharing icon is a broken link throughout the theme.

Hi, I have two questions.

1. Does CAPTURE have inbuilt style classes for hiding content on mobile and on desktop (such as ”.mobile-hide”)?

2. The background images which move/scroll as you go down the page seem to wok on IE but not on Chrome – how can I make them work on chrome?

3. The ‘Responsive’ tab in Azure Page Builder has options to hide content blocks based on the size of the device, but they don’t work with your template. I’ve tried all different configurations, and it won’t turn any content off.


Hey :)

I have a problem with the portfolio page. It only shows the items of the first category, but I habe several categories to show. I already tried without space, comma, reupload the shortcode.php. Nothing helped.

Can you help me? It is pretty important for my project