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Very nice Template, Good luck with sales :)

Very nice! Cong! But padding can give a little more refreshment .

Bigger paddings you mean ? THanks

An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)
Welcome to Themeforest.

Very nice!! I like it. :)

Thank your for kind words

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Thanks, appreciated

Amazing theme!!

Well thank you :)

Very nice work ! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you mate ! :)

Fantastic work!GLWS :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Very nice & waiting theme born!

Thanks, We will inform about wp release.

Hi! I test your template on iPad Air and on Android Phone (Android 4.3 – Samsung SIII – Chrome) and there is a lot of rendering problems. There is any chance to fix these problems?

We have tested iPads without any problems, what exactly are you referring to ?

Sorry man. I have mistaken your theme with another one. The only thing I miss in iPad is the home image slider.

Oh right, thats intentionaly, thanks

Hi Nice theme!

Future Wordpress version?


thanks for kind words. It will depends on the popularity of HTML version.

Veri nice theme.I am going to purchase it.But i have question to you.How to make slider autoplay?


Yes, you can modify the js to make the slider autoplay – however this is a template, not a theme.


And other question.Where is “Sell your car” page.You know it’s important page.Can you add this page?


Reservation/sell is part of multistep process which can be found


Hi, this theme is truly amazing and totally professional. Is it possible to have it as a wordpress theme?

Hello, currently we dont have any release plan but wp version is in the queue.


Wp themes itself oder especially this theme? Because i love this one and would be an honour for me to be the first to buy :)

Is there any possibility to code a wordpress theme for me on base of this one?

There is a good chance that we will create a Wordpress version, but there its not decided yet, and we dont have any estimation. however Drupal version is already in production and might be out in bit more than one week.



Congratulations template really is very beautiful!

I have a problem, I believe is a problem with javascript (native) of your theme does not work in FireFox the datapicker (in Rental).

Tested on multiple computers before sending the support request.

Await their placement, thanks.

Holdon, so the problem appears only with megamenu option with special characters ? If you erase the ‘popular’ everything is ok ? (Do you need the popular section anyway ? )


After a few hours of very analyze your code could find the bug, but is a Bug!

- PHP Version: File: carat.css

Following correction: #progress .progress-step:hover {text-decoration: none;font-size:1000}

Change of: #progress .progress-step:hover {text-decoration: none;}

But I want to make clear that not why your topic is less important to me.

I can confirm that your feedback has been crucial for me to still Aquira many other topics of your company.

But is a tip: Keep it up, you are Congratulations!

Eh … correct as soon as the download version!

Success for you and your entire staff in this new year 2014!

Oh, thanks, i will check and correct it as soon as possible. regards

Hi, great theme… Wordpress version???? Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Hi, thanks, drupap ok, but pls tell me it has a big difference with WP, can i have an admin pass to see, thanks,

and pls tell me in Html version you have the reservation procudure, is it possible to integrated to drupal. I think this is a very important part of the theme.

BTW great theme! Thanks for creating!

kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Well generic renting process is very complicated to integrate with any platform. We will decide based on requests. So far drupal version will not offer this.

Well there is a big difference between Wordpress and Drupal. Drupal might seem bit more complicated and not so straight forward as Wordpress at first, because it offers much more configuration options.


Thanks pragmaticmates, Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Hello! I can’t click to image in slider

I know good trick!

.filter-wrapper .container width: 300px position: absolute right: 0

and other…

Well there are lot of ways how to approach this, however fixing the width wont play that nice with responsive resolutions.

I’ll show you example later ;-)