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Good one, have a good sales ;)

Thanks Akay :)

Perfect sir, hayirli sales (:

Thank you, sagolasin :)

The slider is working correctly. I have entered 4 URLs to images through the theme options area in the admin panel. My 4 images then appear and slide correctly on the frontend however the slider then shows a 5 broken image. I only referenced 4 images in the theme settings so i am not sure why a 5th image would be served up as if it were broken. Any suggestions?

Hi can you please send me a mail trough my profile page with your admin panel user and password. This way I can help quicker :)

Where do I place FAVICON .ICO? I have tried in the theme root and IMAGES but neither seem to populate. Love the theme!!!

I used “Shockingly Simple Favicon” and that did it. Still, an answer might help others, too. Thanks.

Great template peex! very happy with it, just one question:

I uploaded on godaddy hosting, and everything looks good- except it is saying on my admin page that the theme is broken, and I can’t seem to resolve this issue. Everything looks good, but the functionality, i.e the jquery isn’t working. I checked the upload files, and the style sheet and script is there. Any ideas on what I should do??

Thanks, _ j

Please upload only carbon-wp folder to your server. Not the whole folder that you downloaded.

BigWeezy619: I had the same problem and went crazy for days trying to sort it out. It ends up that I had an extra return at the bottom of my list of links. Essentially a blank line. So the script took that and made an empty slider image. From the last character of your last image description there can be NO extra spaces or returns. Go to the end, and mash the delete key until you are certain there aren’t any additional characters.

I’m preparing an update for this matter right now. This way empty will be lines automatically ignored :)

Thanks Peex- it worked great. Only now, Im getting:” Mac OSX _ stylesheet is missing”. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything, but how would I fix this?

I didn’t see anything wrong on PC. Can you send a screenshot to me?

Hey peex, here is the screen shot I am getting at the bottom of the wp admin appearance screen:

“ shot 2010-02-14 at 9.54.10 AM.png”

all apologizes peex. try this one instead:

Can you email me with your WordPress admin panel username and password. Also i need your FTP account to check what is wrong :)

The problem is not caused by my theme. It looks like there is an empty folder in your “wp-content/themes” folder. It’s not a big deal. There will be no conflicts or anything. Just an empty folder :)

Hi , contact form does not work. i submit the message and i cant recibe, in carbon options my email its ok

Hi, sorry about the late response. Can you contact me from my profile page and send me the login details of your site.

Hi! I have got problem with the portfolio part. I couldn’t post more than 10 items. Could please help me?

Hi, send me a mail from my profile page with your website’s login details. This way I can see what is wrong. Thanks.

Sent you an email but still waiting a reply – I can’t seem to get photos to show in the portfolio beyond what the default template had, after I replaced them. Category is set, large and small custom fields have valid image paths in them. Please help – working on this for a client.

Same problem as mikepanic – can’t get more photos loaded beyond what the examples are… Please help.

Hi Peex,

Do you have a recommendation for changing the order that pages sections show up in the navigation and on the page?

Seems to be sorting by page id and I’m reluctant to edit the ids in my database unless you have some ideas about how to do that safely.

Hi Peex,

Actually, I found I could get the page order I wanted by deleting pages and then adding them again in the order I wanted (so that works OK for now) though being able to use Wordpress’ native page ordering would be more ideal (if there is a lot of content).

However, I discovered I don’t have a clear way to keep sub-pages and other pages that I don’t want in the navigation or in sections from showing up.

The “Exclude Pages From Navigation” plug-in doesn’t work with this theme.

Can you help me with a method to exclude pages? I need to set up part of my site in way that won’t work with a pure one page theme. So I need to modify the menu and use a separate template for the other pages (all of which I can do my self). I’m just not sure how to keep those other pages from showing up in the one page template. Thanks,


Here’s a quick tip for anyone having the problem where you cant get more than 10 photos to show up in the portfolio section. Photos are set up as Posts and Wordpress’ default for number of posts is 10.

In the Wordpress Dashboard, go to Settings>Reading> and set “Blog pages show at most” to a number higher than you think you will need for this one page theme (like 300). I found this tip in the readme of another one page theme (Locus, here at Themeforest).

I figured out how to get the navigation buttons to be compatible with native Wordpress sort order (set under Page Attributes in the Page editor) and work with the “Exclude Pages” plug-in.

I edit the navigation code in header.php, changing this (can’t get the php code to display right so fix these: < is the left arrow, > is the right arrow):
&lt;?php global $wpdb;
$posts = $wpdb?&gt;get_results("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status='publish' AND post_type='page'");
foreach($posts as $post)
<li><a href="&lt;?php echo '#page-' . $post->ID ?&gt;">&lt;?php echo $post?&gt;post_title; ?&gt;</a></li>
&lt;?php }} ?&gt;

to this:

<?php $pages = get_pages('sort_column=menu_order');
foreach($pages as $page)
<li><a href="<?php echo '#page-' . $page->ID ?>" class="menuitem"><?php echo $page?>post_title; ?></a></li>
<?php }} ?>


How do you remove the slider section and keep the template still intact on your page?

Is there a limit to the number of “pages” you can have in this theme? I have adjusted the navigation css to include 2 rows of links, but I can only get the first row of links to actual work – and there are 11 of them. The next row; none of them work.

Any ideas?

Here’s the URL :


Hi, can you send me an email with your login details?