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Perfect work. Wordpress please:)

Very Nice …

Please Wordpress :)

Excellent! When is the WP version expected?

wow one of the best..

W.o.w. Beautiful!

Fantastic, no wait awesome! ThemeCatcher Likes :)

always magnificent…

Just awesome!

Outstanding work – definate bookmark!

WOOOOOOOW I love this themes :inlove: (wordpress please) :inlove:

Tremendous work! I love it ;)

Beautiful theme, congratulation for such a great work! I’d love to buy this theme but taking a deep look at this, I can see that the different slide shows doesn’t rotate automatically; is there a way to make it slide automatically?


Thanks so much for feedback!

Most sliders HAVE autoslide option.

Awesome. Just a flawless template. Has everything I’m looking for in an HTML template. A definite buy.

Do the animated transitions work well with IE?


This template oriented to be used in modern browsers (including IE9 ). It uses HTML5 tags, power of CSS3 transitions and other features that are falling back nicely in old IE8 . E.g. there will be no rounded corners in widgets backgrounds, many fade animations will degradate to hide/show; overal performance will be not that imprasive as in up to date browsers. So I strongly recommend you to test template in older IE (if it is critical for you) before purchasing.

Sorry typos – posted from iPad

well done willin’ to buy this template on WP ;)

Yeah another loud shout for a WP Version.

If the WP version was to be released, would it be ecommerce ?

...Hi, simply magnificent…Great work…!

...3 questions please…

- By default the blog is not working right, how can I activate this feature…?

- Are you planing on making a WordPress vernon of this template…?

- If so, when can we expect it…?

...Thanks for the feedback…



Since this is HTML template there are no .php (or any other) scripts to power blog. Cardamon is only a foundation to create CMS -powered sites on it.

Other 2 questions will be answered a little bit later ;)

very nice, but this is not a “template responive” I’ve tried and it does not work =(


We are not fans of hypertrophied responsiveness as we see it in many TF items tooday. It’s a one-day-trand. Some smart responsiveness will be implemented in WP version.


Nice work ! Plan to buy it. One question : is vimeo video integration provided ?


Thanks for feedback. This is HTML Template so you can embed any Video you like.