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purchase #100

Thanks guys, this looks great, going to start implementing wordpress right away!

purchase #100

Thanks, bro! Hope you will enjoy it ;)

Having fun with this theme so far!

I was wondering what to adjust to make the nav menu centered (I’ve removed the soc-icons)

Great theme anyway, glad I purchased it!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

The solution is similar to common problem with centering pagination. You can try to make UL that holds menuitems “text-align: center”; and LIs with menu items “float:none; display:inline-block”.

The nivo slider starts automatically? or is it static?

This option might be enabled in JavaScript.

can you answer? and another question, the twitter section works?


This is HTML template for professional use only. There are no PHP (or any other) scripts included.


What is the best way to edit it (add photos, change names in menu etc) ?


As it mentioned in template description Cardamon is for professional use only. You can use any HTML editor you like to build your site upon it.


When I try to write in Russian in the headers (h1, h2…), the browser don’t display text. How do I fix this?

Hello, comrade ;)

You will need to generate a cufon font file that will support cyr. charset and replace standard font-file with it. You can submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will assist you.


Thanks for this beautiful template. The only problem i can not solve is IE7 . The template totally crashes at IE7 . There is a comma in cufon-colors-wave or cufon-colors-classic line 30. I corrected that but there are still errors and the footer is totally broken. I dont care about rounded corners or some transparency issues with IE7 but at least I want to view it without errors. Can you please help? :) I am not sure if the error is script related or html/css related.

Footer problem is solved. Its because of html height:100% in style.css. I changed to height:auto and everything is okay about footer. But still having problem about main navigation. The submenus are hiding under cufon elements or nivo slider. I couldnt fix it with z-index.


We are going to submit an update for Cardamon in the next week. We will pay attention to “overlaping cufon issue”.

Thank you. By the way, giving the #nav element z-index:9999 solves this problem. Remaining problems are the one with navigation (when a first level menu item item has more than 4-5 subitems). And with soc-ico hovers (span is too wide and there is a problem with hover, possibly a display:block issue).

Hi, What it would take to convert this HTML to WP template. I like it so much but would be more easier for me to use it as a wordpress.



WordPress version is on our schedule, but there’s a long way to go, before it will be released.

Join request wilku79. Can you please tell when will this version of the template for WP? This will be my second purchase. Chocolate is great! You are working perfectly!

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback! WordPress version is on our schedule, but there’s a long way to go, before it will be released.

This template is brilliant! Waiting for the WP version :)

Keep up the beautiful work! :)

I just bought this html template but i need to know how install all this template on my ftp… Anybody can help me about it??? I thought it will be a regular wordpress template.

Help me please to fix it!

I’m awfully sorry, but this is not WP theme. This is simply HTML template addressed for professional coders and programmers (as it mentioned in template description).

I really need this theme as a Wordpress theme! Do you have any idea of when it would be out?


We’ve just started with it. But there’s a long way to go: there’s huge number of features and options to implement. And it will not be released until all of them will work perfectly (or close to that). I think we’ll start private beta testing in one and a half month or so.


Do you have russian support ?


Yes. But, please keep in mind that we are not providing ANY customization services or howto’s since this is template for pro use only.

I have some problems, please give me russian support email.

Please, submit a support request via our online HelpDesk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will get back to you ASAP .

Is this template available for wordpress?

at this moment no

Hi Dream-Theme, This template’s going well so far.. Was hoping you could help me create multiple Tab boxes.. I tried making my own using tools.min.js but it conflicted with all the other ace jquery used Any ideas for use with your organictabs one you use? Cheers! (keep up the great work)


Maybe “tools.min.js” is turning jQuery into “noconflict” mode? Anyway can you please give your project address so I can take a look what’s wrong

^found a way of doing this with the Organictabs.. turns out all it needs is
        $(function() {



popped in the top and then the div id “tab” changed to “tab-one” etc (this is probably really obvious to everyone else :) ) Cheers anyway!

Hey Dream-Theme,

Thanks for the awesome template – I’m still learning and this may sound like a silly question but I’ve been trying to get the Nivo Slider to auto-start for a while now with no luck.

Is there a simple solution to resolving this issue? Please help!!



Autoslide is “hard disabled” in “js/jquery.nivo.ext.js”

To enable it, on line 26 change stop: true to stop: false

BTW , in “js/scripts.js” on line 80 you can adjust autoslide interval (in ms): pauseTime: 7000,

Hi Dream-Theme

Is there a way to auto play the jFancyTile option?



I’m afraid there’s no option for that in the original script. But it’s not that hard to do. The simplest way is to repeatedly emulate the click on the “next slide” arrow with certain timeout.

How to make all Front page sideshow with auto play facility.

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