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is it possible to have the sidebar on the left side as well as the right, or even instead of the right?

Also, is there a full page text option?


You can do this with zero efforts if you are familiar with CSS . Dont forgetm that this is HTML template and it is for pro use only ;)

Hello! I am trying to change the color of the H1 in CSS , but I can’t get it to change. Also, there appears to be an opacity applied to the fonts? How may I edit these? I am using the ancient style. Thanks!

Ah ha! I found cufon-colors-ancient.js ;-) Still trying to find what controls transparency in right column.


Transparency is controlled by css statements: “background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.2);” – 0.2 is transparency.

And it is described in css customize files, like “css/customize-origami.css”“

Also struggling to make the nivo slider autoplay: please let me know how: dj@robcrouch.com

found answer on previous page, thanks…

Any chance of getting image caption/text to be visible below image inside the slider near the bottom of the home page? I think the related classes are .list-carousel or .carofredsel. More like in gallery but still able to slide.


I’m afraid i didn’t get your question. Images in bottom slider have captions: http://cardamon.dream-theme.com/html/demo/index.html

I would like the caption or text visible below the images in the slider on page-load – without hovering.


ah, I’m afraid this is beyond the scope of template support. sorry :(

You can consider hiring a freelancer to help you with this customization


I don’t know if you have made an update since the 1st of february (when I bought cardamon) but I found a bug in ‘portfolio(full-3col-notext).html’. In the slider you should replace all the

   <a class="photo" href="">
    <img alt="" src="../images/298x172-1.jpg" width="298" height="172" /></a> <a class="like"><span>15</span></a>


   <a class="photo highslide" href="../images/large/8.jpg" onclick="return hs.expand(this, galleryOptions)">
      <img alt="" src="../images/298x172.jpg" width="298" height="172" /></a> <a class="like"><span><i />11</span></a>

that is the code in the ‘textwidget-photo’ if you want it to work correctly when changing from

to <list-full-third> in particular in IE9 .

Apart from that, great work, thanks.



Thanks for feedback. We will investigate this.

Hi Dream-Theme

In the page “portfolio(3col-notext).html” can you show me an example of how you can make each image point to a unique folder showing different images on click. Presently I am pointing the first image on the page to a folder containing 25 images but after the first popup image is displayed it defaults to the demo images supplied. How do you make each image point to different folders?


If I understand you correctly, you need to refer to HighSlideJS documentation – there you will find information about creating multiple sideshows on single page.

do you have a n update or an minify version to make the page with teh j-query back groung move ment load faster? loading seems slow


This template designed for pro use. So we can not minify any code: people need to customise it.

There are tons of “minifying” services on the web. So it’s not an issue.

Hello. I have tried for hours adjusting the script but cannot get the Nivo slider to start automatically. I have seen other posts on this forum about the topic, and your reply is that it should have that feature. Can you please be more specific and explain exactly how to make the Nivo slider start automatically? Most sliders are not meant to stay static on the first slide.


If you don’t mind I will quote myself (probably you have not noticed this):

Autoslide is “hard disabled” in “js/jquery.nivo.ext.js” To enable it, on line 26 change stop: true to stop: false
BTW , in “js/scripts.js” on line 80 you can adjust autoslide interval (in ms): pauseTime: 7000,

Got it, thank you.

Can you tell me how to delete the search bar at the top and its auto-show and auto hide function. I cant find the appropriate code in the javascripts or the css. Thanks in advance, and what great template you have made :).

well, why don’t you just delete the ”.search-f” div from the html? :)

I was curious to know the fonts you used before I buy as I really like them and would like to install them before buying.

hi…super Theme… how can i get the the complete widget/aside section from the right side to left side?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, you can change places of content and sidebar in HTML . Also you can chage CSS : float: left – for sidebar and float: right for content (this also may require paddings/margin adjustment, but this solution is more preferable in terms of SEO as content always goes before widgets)

Can this template be edited in Dreamweaver or is it depended on WordPress?

Hi, this template is kinda complicated for DW visual editor :)

...I want a WordPress version of this template…!!! Booouhhhouuu! :crying:

working. we hope to release it in the end of this month


R8D Purchased

love the theme,

1 question though, is it posible to make the parallax images show one by one with a delay and possibly slide in to the frame?

eg: i would like the 2 back images to load on page load and then 2 seconds later have the next image slide in from the top of the page followed by the 4th image 3 seconds after that.


Hi, thanks for feedback!

it’s possible but requires considerable amount of JavaScript customization. You can research the jparallax documentation webdev.stephband.info/jparallax/ or consider hiring a freelancer to help you.

Thinking about purchasing this today..only thing I’m wondering about before I do is the parallax background of the Origami theme.

Was the theme setup with 2 or 3 background images in layers? What I would want to do is create a different parallax background using different images, and obviously I would need to create a new “shadow” image for the shadow layer sitting under the origami top layer.

Is that how it was done? Multiple images? It seems in that case that it would be easy to customize. What do you think? I am good with HTML /CSS, but I dont think I’ll even need it. Just need new images made.

I see that the theme uses level0, level1, etc to create the parallax effect. Easy! I may purchase, thank you.

I’d like to keep the colors of the Classic theme but use the Origami parallax background..

Would the best solution for me be buying this theme, using the Origami theme, and editing the colors?

or would it be easy to start with the Classic theme and implement the parallax background instead?

The reason I ask is because the Origami theme is really dark. I would prefer a light or White background and then change the font and headers. If I use the Classic theme, I don’t have to change the font or colors, only the background :)


You can start with Origami. It’s a piece of cake if you are somewhat familiar with CSS and Photoshop ;)

I have a WP blog integrated into the HTML version of Cardamon with “Ancient” theme – using a customized header, navigation and footer. I could use the WP version as soon as possible so the blog post/comment styling matches what was proposed in the Cardamon html theme. I purchased Black Sakura today, hoping I chop it up and make it work, but the coding related to the style switcher makes things much too confusing for me :-( When will Cardamon be available in WP? Thank you!

Yes. we are working really hard 6+ days a week to release it in the end of April. I think in 10 days (if you want) you can submit a request via our help desk http://support.dream-theme.com/ to participate in b-testing. By that time blog will work perfectly.

Hello, Autoslide is “hard disabled” in “js/jquery.nivo.ext.js” To enable it, on line 26 change stop: true to stop: false BTW , in “js/scripts.js” on line 80 you can adjust autoslide interval (in ms): pauseTime: 7000,

Yes, but unfortunately this makes the widget_slider also slide automatically. How can we make the main slider automatic without starting the widget slider?

Thank you for your help.