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Hello. I just purchased your template. Do you also have a wordpress version? Thanks.



working on it :)

How soon will you be releasing the WP version?

Cant wait to snap it up!

Well, there’s still much work to do: theme options, shortcodes, testing, manual. But I’d say that 2/3 of it is ready ;)

Still awaiting beta test if possible. I have a site running with your html version and WP blog integrated into the site. Now, I would like to apply the styles to the blog area that were presented in the html version – make sense? :-) Thanks!

Hi, have you submitted a ticket via our help-desk? If yes, what its ID is?

Yes. It is #844434 Please advise. Thank you.


Nastya, will contact you in couple of hours.

Can’t wait to see the Wordpress version! when it comes out? :)

Hey , awesome theme! very excited about release os WP version. Been tweaking the code for a month or so , and theres one thing i havent been able to do. which is trying to get videos to load instead of pictures with photo highslide . is there an easy way of doing this? thanks in advance


Right on the HighSlide homepage you will find an example of youtube video (YouTube w/fade effect) ;)

...Hi there, hope all is great on your side…

...I know you probably don’t want to ear about it but I have to ask…

...Any date for the release of the WP version pleeeeease…! ;-)



...Ok, I get your point and agree to a certain level…Are you selling your themes exclusively on Theme Forest or can we buy them from somewhere else…?

...If so, my question remains, when do you think we can see a WP version of this theme…

...Thanks for the feedback and good luck…



...Sorry to say that but I disagree, look at this page : http://themeforest.net/category/all?utf8=?&sort_by=sales_count&categories=all&page=1

...These are the best sellers here at TF and they all are WP website…

...Anyway, thanks for the update…


Oh, sorry! I was answering via Author Dashboard (comments to different items are mixed in it) and thought that this is the question to another item of ours: http://themeforest.net/item/depth-html-fullscreen-ajax-portfolio/2346211

We are planning to release Cardamon WP in 2-3 weeks.

the codaSlider autoSlide not working. How to fix that?


May I have example of init code, please?

Hi, how to start a classic theme also need to make Jfancytile style slider automatically?

I can not see your buyers badge… also your profile shows “0” purchases. Sorry, we can not provide you any support.

Hello, I am using the photostack slideshow and I wish to start upon page-load. How may I accomplish this? I am using default names for the slideshow divs and classes. I tried adding the following to the document <head> but it does not work: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('#ps-albums').photostack({ speed : 600, autoplay : true // start a slideshow automatically }); }); </script>

Please advise. Thank you!

I’m afraid it can not be looped:( You can try to emulate “back” arrow click, after it will play all slides…

oh, wait! you can “detach” slides from start of the slider and “append” them to end

I understand what you are saying, but I am afraid I don’t know how to code it :-( Possible to provide example?

i cant find video galeri sample.wp version is have.can you add it this theme.video galeri.


These are absolutely different templates with different functionality – there are no video gallery in HTML version. However Highslide JS allows you to embed video seamlessly. Please refer to its examples and docs.

I imported the xml but is different from the current pages of your site. You can generate a new xml?

You can quote the code on this page? http://cardamon.dream-theme.com/wp/spa/?page_id=2460


First of all I can not see your buyers badge :D

Second – images on theme demo are copyrighted and not distributed with theme.

BTW most themes on ThemeForest are using copyrighted images for demos and if authors are giving away this demo content – they are braking copyright laws. And buyers who import it – do the same (though not intentionally).

oh. you’ve posted your question in “Cardamon – Multipurpose HTML Template” (not WP version) – that’s the reason why there’s no buyer’s badge. sorry.

Hi! How can I remove the border in the images inside the pages? i looked in css and couldnt find anything, thanks! http://imgur.com/pvxfX


The easiest way is to set their opacity to “0”. It can be done via “Theme Options > Backgrounds” on the “content area” tab you’ll find the “Widgets/shortcodes background” box; on the “Footer” tab you will see the “Background in footer widgets” box.

If you are familiar with CSS and want some in-depth customization, you can use “FireBug” (fireFox plugin) – it will help to define which styles should be changed and where.

Very good looking theme, I’m going to purchase it soon. Hope it will work great.

hi, i want to buy this htm? theme. does contact form and footer contact form work?

I’m afraid, NO

but it does not work on preview? ok.


I thought you are commenting to WP version of this theme (I’m answering via author dashboard where comments to different themes are mixed and it’s easy to get confused).

HTML version has no PHP included to power it.

If you already purchased do not download it – submit a request to Envato support – you’ll get a refund

hmm, i did not purchased yet. no problem. some html themes has contact forms and they work. i liked this site :( can you do something fot this contact form in html?


really nice file, I love it.

Just one thing, now that its on my server, (great as it is) it seems to take a really long time to load, especially the first time.

The visitor is left looking at a blank page for at least 20 seconds before anything appears. Is there anything that can be done to help it?

I’ve changed the files to PHP , just so that I could use ‘include’ tags to take care of things like the header and footer without having to edit them multiple times. I know this isnt the problem, because the original files also took a long time to load.

Really appreciate any help Thanks!


There are couple of very simple steps for page load optimization (these ust be performed for CSS and JavaScript files):

1) minimizing files

2) gathering minimized code in single file

3) link your js file just before the closing “body” tag.

these simple steps will decrease page load time significantly. Also check if your images are optimized for WEB . Please google for more details.

Hi, Please can you tell me how do I set in motion the photo stack slider in this version? http://cardamon.dream-theme.com/html/demo/classic/index-2.html



you can simply trigger clicks on next button via setInterval function