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Hi there.

Can you please provide a better documentation for this theme?

I guess every web developer knows how to include a css in a html, providing ONLY this information (how to include a css in an html) CAN NOT be called documentation.

I have serious issues figuring out what is going on in this template. You used bootstrap but not included bootstrap js, any reasons on that? Why do you simulate in script.js tabs and other bootstrap behaviour? Why not use bootstrap directly?

Could you please provide advice on how to eliminate transitions/animations and in general cut out all “flying stuff” and how to make the necesary changes so that this theme can be bootstrap compatible?

The bottom line is that I really dont care about animations, sliders and other stuff…

Can you give me please clear instructions (step 1…10) on how to completely eliminate script.js ?

I just want a CLEAN bootstrap compatible theme that I can use as a customised boostrap theme (I only care about the color scheme), that’s it.


Hello, Please don’t share purchase code on public comments. Regards


please do not share your purchase code in public as others can use it on behalf of your account

as for the remarks you mentioned above it will be hard to provide further guidance because the programmer who did careers html no longer works with us and we can only provide support for fixing bugs especially since there were few questions & requests regarding this template

if you would prefer to switch to a different template then we can provide you with a refund on an e xceptional basis

cheers uou concierge


I’d like to chat with you about purchasing this template for a project of mine. Do you have a Skype contact?

I am happy to pay for installation and customization but I need to ask questions about compatibility.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Damon, thanks for your interests. you can send me contact request on skype “irparvez” thats my username. Thanks Parvez. Cheers UOU

Hi, I have purchased the html template & looks great to be converted to wp. I would ask about: there is a style.css in css file which I’ve pasted in wp theme already, what about other css & there a file called color css. I did before with a simple HTML template & there only a style.css in CSS file so I could copy & paste looks almost fine. Would you advise this? Many thanks.

Hi wendy2255, you can only copy style.css file from template to wordpress style.css file, as far as i know thats not the relevant way to add style.css file. Please contact with any WP developer. Thanks Parvez.

Hi, I copied bootstrap.css & pasted in wordpress, it’s works. a question, for the style.css should I go through each one to convert in php (like header.php, footer.php…)? Many thanks for your quick reply too.

Hi wendy2255, you can paste style.css into wp style.css, you don’t need to convert css file to php, you need to convert HTML file to php. Thanks Parvez

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme, but i am facing issue in payment method. as I have only debit card for payment. please guide how i can get this theme.


thanks for your potential interest in our template, hope you are doing great, sorry for our late reply,

however currently this feature is not available in this template, we will discuss about this feature with our lead developer and may be in the future we will consider this theme with our template.



The template have several big issues when it is opened in Safari [P/code removed]

Login and register pop-out will not open on Safari is there a fix for that?


Hi, vikingbear, i checked the link on safari and its work here. Did you fixed it or you have the same problem? let me know, i’ll get back to you. Thanks Parvez.

Just to confirm it is the FLYOUT box i nthe LOGIN, you click on LOGIN and a BOX flyes out and contact the 2 form fields and a button, we have tried a number of computers (PCs) with Safari and none of them will trigger the flyout? also we can see that quite a number of our visitors when using Safari never login or signup??

How do i install in wordpress?

Hi, i purchased the career theme but did not see any php script to make the some of functions work ( i mean functions like signup, post a job and orders…) why? and what is the solution…... Please i will appreciate swift response..

hi jesufemi, its a static html template. If you need those functionality then you need to buy our wp version of this template. Thanks, Parvez

in case i want to buy the wp version of the template will you remove the price of this html i had already purchased from the price of the wp….. secondly if i want to pay what other channels can i use to make payment other than payypal and the socond option on your site.

Hello we have no control over the licenses or purchases you need to open a ticket with envato and asked them


I’ve just bought the CAREERS – Job Portal & Candidate Database (HTML). I did upload the files into my domain. I need any reference of documentations that help in creating the required databases and other web pages.




I think after purchasing CAREERS – Job Portal & Candidate Database (HTML) and checked its capabilities I changed my mind.

I would like to buy Careers – Job Portal & Candidates WP Theme.

Can you advise how to refund the payment of my first purchase in order to proceed with the WP version.



Ez Zei Mohamed

Hope all is well

you can either open a ticket with envato and asked them if they can replace your license or purchase the wordpress version and let us know after tomorrow so that we can proceed because thenlicense terms will chamge by then by envato

Salamat UOU

I am looking fw to buy a career website can you tell me please if you can provide a demo username and password ?

Hi ilovelife_gdo, may be you are talking about careers wp version. Please check out careers wp themes. Thanks Parvez.

Hello, i cant get help from your support side? I pick Careers from the dropdown, leave all my messages and cant send it: Sorry, that purchase code is for a different Envato product

I bought this one: And now i have no clue what to do with it. Is it a WordPress theme? If yes, cant install it on wordpress as the system says: stylesheet is missing. Or is it a standalone theme which can just be uploaded on my server? I dont get it, please help

Hi cosma4web, its a html template you can’t install as like as wp theme. Our support system is only for wp theme. For html you can ask here if you have any question. you can upload the full template to the server and you should see exactly the same as our demo. Thanks

Hello. I agree with cosma4web. When I upload the full template to the server the system says: stylesheet is missing. And neither the index file is. Some help, please.

Ok, I see. I should have bought Careers – Job Portal & Candidates WP Theme :(

Hello luismar10,
For dynamic site purpose, you need to use Wordpress theme. :)
Regards Shaad

Ok. Thanks. I sended you a private email. I am looking forward to your response.

hi does this have dir and jobs portal as well, with skills filter rankings and vendor management page

Hi plae, sorry for the late reply, please check out our wp version of career. thanks

It is not looking as the template when i make it live.ia there any update i should do for the css?

Hello thank you for your purchase can you please provude us with the link to your site because you are supposed to get exactly what you see in thr demo.